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Foundry is a partner of Hypnos Recordings.

In 2001, Hypnos decided to partner with The Foundry, a small underground electronic/experimental label based in Berkeley. The Foundry had started a few years earlier, and released several excellent and strange compact discs, but we felt a partnership would allow The Foundry to reach a bit wider, while giving Hypnos the opportunity to be involved in the release of some wonderful sound art.


Initial releases:

FOU.11 - Seofon - Zero Point: lessons in being nothing
(with Vidna Obmana, Steve Roach, Stephen Kent, Robert Rich,Not Drowning and Thermal)

FOU.12 - Dean Santomieri - The Boy Beneath the Sea

FOU.13 - eM - All the Stars Burning Bright

FOU.14 - Mollusk - Accretions

The first release Zero Point will no doubt be of great interest to Hypnos listeners, being as it is a sort of "multi-collaboration" between Seofon and a number of very strong and yet diverse artists. We anticipate this one having a lot of interest and appeal for just about anybody who might be reading this news page!

The second release The Boy Beneath the Sea is a collage of deep ambient soundscapes mixed with spoken word "storytelling" elements -- magnetic, engrossing and listenable.

The third release All the Stars Burning Bright is wonderfully strange, deep-space sonic experimentation by The Foundry's Michael Bentley under the name eM. This will have a lot of appeal for fans of weird deep stuff like Viridian Sun or Lustmord.

The last of the four is Accretions by Mollusk, a strongly uncompromising work of experimental digitalism and ultra-processing. Those interested in the experimental works of the 12k or Touch labels will find Mollusk to be among the most interesting recent work in the so-called "microsound" genre.