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hyp1701 M. Griffin - Sudden Dark
$8.99 $8.99
    Total: $8.99
It is no longer necessary to sign up for an account to use our store. You may create an account if you wish to have your name and contact information stored on our server, but we DO NOT retain customer payment method information, which will need to be entered each time.

The Hypnos Online Store uses Secure Sockets Layer technology to ensure that your order information is safe, which is particularly important when transmitting credit card information over the internet.
When you're ready to order, you'll notice that the web site address in your browser window changes from the usual "http://www..." address, to "https://www..." instead. The "s" means you're connected to a secure server, and the information you send us cannot be intercepted by unscrupulous enemies of good music! Your order information is stored on the secure server, not sent to us via email (which is a method used by many Online Commerce companies, but which negates the benefit of the secure server, since email is the least secure internet protocol going). We receive notification that an order has been placed, and log into our password-secured server to retrieve your order information.

We haven't changed rates in the last decade, but due to significant rate hikes from US Postal Service, our rates (see below) went up Jan 27, 2013.

Hypnos uses US Mail to ship all orders, foreign and domestic. Please note that 90% of the time it costs much more to ship your order than you are charged in shipping fees. Shipping fees with Hypnos are flat rate within North America, which we feel to be a nice benefit for our customers who want to order lots of CDs.

Outside North America, shipping charges are "split rate." Orders of 1-3 CDs are one flat rate, and orders of 4 or more CDs are charged a higher flat rate. We think this is the next best thing to flat rate shipping. It will help Hypnos to avoid losing its shirt on foreign order shipping, and for the most part we'll still be charging you less to ship your CDs than it actually costs us to mail them.

US shipping $4.00 per order, flat rate
Canadian shipping $6.00 per order, flat rate
Europe/UK shipping: 1-3 CDs $10.00 per order, 4+ CDs $18.00 per order
Japan/Australia/NZ shipping: 1-3 CDs $11.00 per order, 4+ CDs $19.00 per order

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