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Rapoon & Birds Of Tin - Monomyth
Rapoon & Birds Of Tin - Monomyth Quantity in Basket: None
Code: man16
Price: $5.99
Manifold says:
It's exciting when you play a record like this for the first time and realize that you're going to get exactly what you had hoped for. This becomes wonderfully clear by the start of the second track of Monomyth; the driving percussions of Rapoon are woven perfectly with the light, intropective drifts of Birds Of Tin. All the little adornments, touches and unexpected moments are in place, here and there, signposting your journey into a work that stays interesting and even changes, listen after listen. Monomyth manages to sound both tribal and futuristic all at once. A flight over haunted, surreal byways, unfigurable landscapes, the joining point of all spiritual elements and ideas. Those elements become expanded, magnified into something greater than just another Rapoon or Birds Of Tin disc. This record is what all collaborations try to achieve; the best techniques of two artists, melded into something beyond either. Tracks like 'Lost, Probably' and 'Cast The First Stone' get into these heavy grooves that just shatter any ability the listener has to focus elsewhere. These are the best parts of things like Rapoon's 'Kirghiz Light' or 'Dream Circle', but limned with the glowing depth of Birds Of Tin's dense, drifting waves and flows. Like lava poured out onto the air, these elements shift and move and compete for space, much like the hallucination sequence in the movie 'Altered States', or the final trip in '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Nearing the end of this disc, the listener senses an aspect of drastic change and personal elevation. Things are different, and Monomyth has told the story behind that.

1 Gravida 7:49
2 Holla's Fountain 11:12
3 A Frequent Returning 5:39
4 Lost, Probably 6:52
5 Fetch 15:10
6 Multiform 4:40
7 Cast The First Stone 16:50

Design [Other Design] Oates*, Manifold (5), Storey*, VM Harrigan*
Painting [Watercolor Painting] Nathan Oates

Total time: 68:15
Monomyth - A Collaborative Work by Rapoon and Birds Of Teen
. Original Recordings made between December 2001 and March 2002.
Published 2004 by Manifold Records.
All material copyright Robin Storey and Brooke Oates.
Where there is doubt, there is freedom. - Latin Proverb.

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