Jeff Pearce creates uniquely smooth and beautiful ambient sound textures using (and mis-using) only electric guitars.

His seventh solo CD is Bleed on the Hypnos label, which also released Pearce's last three CDs, Daylight Slowly, To the Shores of Heaven, and The Light Beyond. Since Bleed, Jeff has self-released a CDR limited edition, The Summer Solstice.

In 1999 Pearce collaborated with Belgian ambient master Vidna Obmana on True Stories, released on the Mirage label in Canada.

In other non-Hypnos releases, in early 1998, Pearce released his third CD Vestiges (which, while not a Hypnos CD, featured artwork by Hypnos founder Mike Griffin), and contributed to the Vidna Obmana release, Crossing the Trail on Projekt. Prior to that, he released The Hidden Rift in 1996 and Tenderness and Fatality in 1993.

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