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M Griffin - Sounds are Hidden Inside Objects

Artist: M. Griffin
Title: Sounds Are Hidden Inside Objects
Hypnos Secret Sounds (hss01)

The first release on the new Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint, and the first solo music released by Hypnos founder Mike Griffin since Sudden Dark which was recorded in 1996.

The deep and smooth drone minimalism of Sounds are Hidden Inside Objects will please those listeners who enjoy the glacial, psychoactive drift ambient and space music of Oophoi, Steve Roach, or Lustmord. Perhaps the closest comparison to previous Hypnos releases would be Oophoi's Athlit or Griffin's collaboration with A Produce, Altara. These four long tracks are designed to relax the listener while altering the mental state -- sort of like a sensory deprivation tank without all that salt water!

Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
01 iyon aaz
02 ido ereme
03 ixe om
04 inye adieme

Purchase direct for $9.99


"Mike Griffin kicks off his Hypnos Secret Sounds sublabel, featuring limited CDR pressings of 200 or 300 copies, with his own release. Sounds Are Hidden Inside Objects features four lengthy dark textural pieces of first-rate drones and other atmospherics. Though it has been years since his last solo release Sudden Dark, Griffin seems to pick up very much where he left off. This stark ambient music conjures up images of wind-swept desolate planets or a lonely sojourn into the outer reaches of space. "Iyon Aaz" is filled with metallic resonant drones and deep swirling echoes of sound. Melody is neither implied nor intended. "Ido Ereme" delves deeper still into hazy sonic reverberations. Low rumbles are ideal for testing your stereo system, experiencing the music by vibration instead of by ear. "Ixe Om" combines the metallic quality of the first track with the deep expansiveness of the second. The result is a not so distant cousin to Steve Roach's The Magnificent Void. Last up is "Inye Adieme," easily the brightest of the bunch. Ethereal soothing tones fade in, and although restless underpinnings remain, the mood is just a touch more relaxed throughout. It is safe to say, however, that the new age label will never apply here. And that is a very good thing."
--© 2005 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space


"For any fan of Oophoi or Thomas Koner- Look no further. I'm totally Blissed-Blessed to have the newest recording by Michael Griffin. This is Atmospheric and Drifting EM of the highest order. Sounds Are Hidden Inside Objects takes you to the far reaches of space-- and then even further. Highly recommended!"
--Reviewed by TImmy45 on www.discogs.com


"An awesome sound... very deep and very sensitive."
--Jim Brenholts on the Hypnos Forum


"Very dark-themed drones and minimal. One of the first things that came to mind when listening to this was deep dark void of space. Hollow, and lonely... good dark room nighttime mood music. I likey!"
--Numina on the Hypnos Forum


"I like it! It's got great atmospherics, and the little jangle of melody that arises from the mix (hidden inside objects, as it were) really works. Good job. Triumphant return. Highly recommended for those who have not gotten one yet."
--Gurdonark on the Hypnos Forum