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M. Griffin - The Pulse Meditations

Artist: M. Griffin
Title: The Pulse Meditations
Hypnos Secret Sounds (hss05)

2007. Hypnos founder Mike Griffin works with a different set of tools, creating deep, hypnotic ambient recordings entirely from electronically treated bass guitar.

Track listing with MP3 sample clips:
1. Warm Submersion
2. Thoughts From Another
3. Pulse Meditation 1
4. Pulse Meditation 2
5. Pulse Meditation 3
6. Speaking From the Dream

Purchase direct for $9.99


"Mike Griffin has suddenly become quite prolific, this being his third release in the past year. The first two were minimal almost to the point of becoming little more than white noise, although very interesting and artistic white noise. This time, while the minimalist approach to ambient is still there, instead of synths Griffin has been experimenting with bass guitar, processed in a variety of unusual ways. The title of the disc, not to mention the sounds on the first track, “Warm Submersion,” quickly give an impression of what to expect. It is definitely all about the pulsing. Mike suggests low-volume playback, which I endorse as well. Otherwise, your neighbors and your dog, not to mention the bass response of your speakers, may complain a little, particularly on this first track. Even then, this is my least favorite track, too heavy on the pulsing; the rest of the disc holds up much better. After 16 minutes of bass drone experiments on “Thoughts From Another,” the excellent 3-part “Pulse Meditation” suite forms the centerpiece, over 40 minutes of deep bass rumblings and ambient wanderings. Changes are extremely slow and subtle, but the end result is intriguing and worthy of your investigation. Recommended."
--Reviewed by Phil Derby, Electroambientspace.com


"Heralding a return to (almost) business as usual, Hypnos label founder Mike Griffin has released his new CD entitled The Pulse Meditations, which consists entirely of electronically treated bass guitar. It's a gorgeous piece of work...

Thinking Man's Top Ten, 2006 (#3)."
--g.a.b., Music for Thinking blog