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Title: new tracks at caul.org
Post by: caul on September 13, 2009, 06:19:08 PM

I have 5 new tracks posted at http://caul.org.

I hope you enjoy them.



Title: Re: new tracks at caul.org
Post by: Jeff Sampson on October 06, 2009, 07:12:49 PM
I wasn't familiar with Caul music beforehand, and info is rather hard (for me, at least) to dig out of the web. I've no idea which of the tracks on that page are the most recent five but, in general, I like 'em all.

My favorites are Mirare (love the unleashed awe(?) angst(?) that comes in near 1:20), Aglaia (the bass line and the drawn out tones are perfect together, and I consider any instrumental to be good if I start improvising a vocal melody the first time I hear it), and Aery (I imagined myself standing on a nighttime hilltop with swirls of benevolent turbulence for company).

I was especially taken with the control and emotion in the long tones throughout. And I liked the "rock" feel some of the tracks have. Nicely done.

Is that an actual acoustic bass in Fulgent?
Title: Re: new tracks at caul.org
Post by: caul on October 08, 2009, 05:39:53 PM

thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated! I'm glad you enjoyed the music. I have a total of 8 tracks up now, which is the whole of the new CD. You can listen online for free and I will also be making available digital downloads as well as a CD with a 7x7 color book of photos. I thought of looking for a label for this one but I'm not sure who would be interested and I've self released a few things, so I thought I'd do it again.

if you want to hear some of the other music I've released (I've been doing caul since 1994), you can listen to most of it here:  http://www.last.fm/music/Caul

It's not real bass on "fulgent," it comes courtesy of Kontakt.

The rock feel is kind of weird for caul, I haven't tried putting that in the mix up until this point. I tried getting some jazz into things as well, again something new for me.

thanks again!