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Title: ONE THOUSAND PULSES PHILADELPHIA Micro-fest / Saturday, March 24
Post by: Anodize DB on March 08, 2012, 08:31:10 PM
micro-fest of electronic music & otherwise


6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

4014 Walnut St
Philadelphia PA 19104


http://otp.ticketleap.com/onethousandpulses (http://otp.ticketleap.com/onethousandpulses)

201-316-5403 / thousandpulses@verizon.net

One Thousand Pulses (OTP) is the Northeast's premier series of festivals for electronic and experimental music. Showcasing artists whose sounds span the spectrum of electronic genres, styles, and motifs, OTP hosts semi-regular events in venues throughout the region to broaden the outreach of such artists and their audiences alike.

OTP's Philadelphia debut event mixes established veterans with vibrant newcomers, all of whom sing the body electric by blurring genre and texture, color and grain, light and sound.

> GROUPTHINK work up vast drones of machinic elegance buttressed by windswept atmospheres and the odd rhythmic pulse. A duo comprised of Darren Bergstein (iPhone synths, laptop, found objects, wayward percussives, voice) and Edward Yuhas (guitar, loops and processing, iPhone synths), Groupthink improvise with wild abandon, yielding, thanks to their various iPhemera, ambience with teeth, as found on their debut CD, Of Microcosmic Origins (Periphery).
• www.groupthinksounds.com (http://www.groupthinksounds.com) / www.otperiphery.com (http://www.otperiphery.com)

> Gregory Kyryluk, aka ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT, embraces ambient, “new age”, and the classic 1970s German style known as Berlin School. Kyryluk is not only influenced by the masters (Eno, Roach, et al), his love of the natural landscape around him provides just as much imaginative gristle for the aural mill. He is, in fact, a true original; whether recording as AWM, Open Canvas, or as part of the duo Thought Guild, Kyryluk manages to transcend the historical baggage and clichés of his European EM colleagues. He recently issued the final Thought Guild disc on his own Harmonic Resonance Recordings imprint, as well as his ambient techdub debut under the alias Within Reason on the Periphery label. Kyryluk’s appearance at OTP will mark his return to live performing after 10+ years.
• www.hrresonance.blogspot.com (http://www.hrresonance.blogspot.com) / www.otperiphery.com (http://www.otperiphery.com)

> PETER BIEDERMANN has been playing guitar, composing, and performing live since 1977, both solo and in his bands PING and White Light. Skillful as he is on his trusty acoustic, Biedermann hardly restricts himself to genre: he effortlessly combines both analog and digital techniques to create electroacoustic soundscapes similar to those founded by the likes of Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, and David Torn. Biedermann’s principles carry him across numerous disciplines, whether as part of the psychoacoustic trio Serious Fun or solo where he’s currently forging new strains of guitar-processed ambient. It is this recontextualizing of the guitar into regions familiar yet adjunct that provides the artistic motivation for Biedermann’s continually reinvented persona.
• www.peterbiedermann.com (http://www.peterbiedermann.com)

> Philadelphia electronic musician Steve Bowman, aka THIN AIR, is a long-time performer and mainstay of the local electronic music community. His is what he terms a “radical spacemusic with a jam-band sensibility”, combining sounds that range from ambient and dreamy to experimental swathes of raucous noise. Bowman counts among his many influences the works of Morton Subotnick, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Ligeti. However, what separates Bowman’s sonic creations from the rest of the EM pack is that he first and foremost composes, albeit via keyboards controlling an array of delays, arpeggiators. effects, and loopers. Bowman filters his sensibilities through 50 years of listening, a degree in Music from Harvard, and 20 years of playing spacemusic with guitarist Art Cohen in the duo Delicate Monster.
• www.thinairmusic.com (http://www.thinairmusic.com)

> Guitarist TIM MOTZER and trombonist JA DEANE are masters of their respective instruments, yet they share a mutual fascination with electronica and experimentalism. Motzer’s made circuits dance either solo or in tandem with Jaki Liebezeit, Ursula Rucker, Markus Reuter, Burnt Friedmann, and many others. He owns and operates the eclectic 1k Recordings, which features everything from his superb IDM project Fractured Reverb Underground to his Base3 downtown fusion-funk outfit. Motzer's versatility and interests know no bounds, as both his eclectic label catalog and live performances demonstrates. Trombonist and sonic provocateur Deane’s pedigree is no less impressive: he's worked with Jon Hassell on the seminal Power Spot album, and performed with such luminaries on the avant-jazz scenes as John Zorn, Butch Morris, and Wayne Horvitz. Motzer and Deane’s new collaborative debut as a duo in The March Project should be nothing short of extraordinary.
• www.1krecordings.com (http://www.1krecordings.com) / www.jadeane.com (http://www.jadeane.com)
Title: Re: ONE THOUSAND PULSES PHILADELPHIA Micro-fest / Saturday, March 24
Post by: Anodize DB on March 22, 2012, 07:28:18 AM
Just two more days until OTP Philadelphia. Advance tickets are only $7 ($10 @ the door) & can be purchased directly via the link below. An evening of warm, immersive, provocative electronica awaits...We hope to see you there!

Ticket purchase: http://otp.ticketleap.com/onethousandpulses/ (http://otp.ticketleap.com/onethousandpulses/)