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Title: For the Sci-Fi book lovers
Post by: einstein36 on July 05, 2012, 03:32:47 PM
They arrived many centuries ago, wanting only to help us.

Mark is an average, if not even a little bit nerdy, teenage boy.  He does well in school, does extracurricular activities, has a good relationship with his parents.  Quiet and uneventful was the name of the game when it came to his life.  That was enough for him to be content for now.  That all changed the day that Tonya walked through his classroom door.  The minute he saw her, he knew his life would be different forever.  At the time he had no idea how different it would be.  There was no way he could have ever prepared for the changes that followed her entrance into his content life.

Today, Agent John Atash is filled with questions. What is the mystery of Christie's son Steve? Why are they here?  Why does the Government want to question him?  What is their involvement in all this secrecy? John Atash gets caught up in an immense coverup, but whose coverup is it?
With Chaos surrounding John, he struggles with his emotions.

As all of the satellites rain down back to earth, the great super powers of the world go to war, but is it their war after all?

Video Promo Trailer:

http://www.imagineerrecords.com/Media/Ultimate%20promo.wmv (http://www.imagineerrecords.com/Media/Ultimate%20promo.wmv)

Alien Tears is available in paperback and Hardcover edition at Lulu.com. Also available electronically at Amazon.com 
Title: Re: For the Sci-Fi book lovers
Post by: einstein36 on July 06, 2012, 03:30:13 PM
Sneak Peak at Alien Tears:


A deserted highway near Artesia, NM

The night air is warm as the red, Ford Mustang travels north on route 285 of Artesia, New Mexico with the driver's side window down. Glancing down at the passenger seat filled with a box of papers, the woman gives a small sigh at the thought of the many hours spent getting dispositions, but knows this means good money for later when she and her husband want to buy a house of their own and even start a family. The thought of being a family, even having a kid makes her laugh to herself as she looks back at the road. Thinking of her husband, she probably should let him know that she is going to be late yet again as she glances down at her cell phone sitting in the console in between the seats. Grabbing the cell phone from in between the console, she quickly glances back up at the road before dialing a number into her cell phone.

“Hi, honey. I am just north of Artesia,” she pauses waiting for her husband’s response.  “Yeah, the disposition took longer than I thought and I should be home soon. I love you.” She presses end on the cell phone.

Laying the cell phone down on the passenger seat next to the box of papers, she glances up to the road and then quickly glances down to the radio as she tunes the radio to find another station. Looking up from the radio, she notices a dark triangular shape in front of her vehicle causing her to swerve into a sand bank in the ditch. The force throws the woman forward, hitting the steering wheel causing the sound of the horn to pierce the night air. Gently leaning back; thus stopping the sound of the horn, she touches her cut forehead.  The woman wipes the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand mixed with blood.

“What the hell!”

Looking through the driver’s side window, she sees a large black triangular spaceship hovering an inch over the middle of the highway. The front of it is a triangular nose that flattens out on the bottom all the way to the back of the craft until it makes a sharp forty five degree angle like a triangle then comes straight up vertically. Looking at it from the front, one sees the sharp triangular shaped nose that curves slowly backwards towards the back of the craft and then makes a forty five degree angle downwards towards a vertical flat back that has black exhaust cones behind a silver grill.  Like a zipper is being undone from underneath the craft, a portal opens up; parting down the middle as small black steps that seem to meld with the craft itself lowers downward to the road.  Raising her hands to her eyes as the object emits a bright, white light shining from the open door of the craft; she realizes what is in the road as the glare of the white light emanating from inside the craft illuminates it. As her eyes adjust to the light, she gazes into it and sees a tall, dark figure, her mind finally comprehending of what she is seeing in the middle of the road. She opens her mouth to yell out, but the woman is paralyzed with fear.  She can’t speak or shout, her knuckles turning white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly. Turning to the door of the vehicle, she engages the electronic locks of the car. The tall figure walks toward the car, stopping directly in front of the driver’s side door. The tall figure brings up his hand and points a black square device at the car. The woman flinches as the vehicle door's locks pop up. The woman pushes the electronic lock button, but the locks will not re-engage again. Whimpering, the woman looks around the interior of the car for a weapon as the figure walks closer to the driver's side door and opens it. She starts screaming and tries to climb into the back seat. The figure grabs her arm and sticks her with a small needle as she starts to calm down. The figure reaches out its hand as the woman takes it. Guiding her out of her vehicle, the figure guides her into the spaceship.