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Title: New Release From Hollan Holmes: Phase Shift
Post by: hhh on March 21, 2013, 08:58:02 PM
Hey everyone,
I've just released my latest CD, Phase Shift.

The creation of the music for Phase Shift was an emotional experience, so each of these sonic passages are held dear by me. I was inspired by the fact that mankind, after thousands of years, has achieved remarkable technical prowess, from learning to use simple tools to exploring the outer reaches of our solar system and even landing members of our species on a foreign planet, the Moon, while at the same time and all along the way, carrying out unspeakable atrocities on one another, driven by a seemingly insatiable lust for power, control and wealth. We have written stunningly beautiful symphonies while we have killed millions in countless wars. We have painted breathtaking paintings while we have destroyed our own environment. We shift from good to evil, from Godly to Godless, from focused to lost. I'm frustrated and fascinated by our seeming inability to abandon our dark side. How is it that society can follow a tiny group of tyrants and allow, even aid in, the massacre of millions of innocent people in the name of some religious, social or political ideal? For all the intelligence we collectively possess, why do we keep abandoning the ancient wisdom in favor of deeply flawed behavior, knowing we cannot grow as a species if we continue down this path?
This is but a taste of what inspired this album. It is a contemplative look into the human psyche, touching on what is possible if we can simply live a life controlled by love and creativity, instead of fear and hate. It is a message of hope that we can shift from what is clearly becoming an incredibly dark phase in the human journey to a phase where we truly learn from our past and move to a higher spiritual and intellectual plane. A tall order, indeed.

Phase Shift was recorded using Reason 6.0 and was composed using all newly created sounds crafted from scratch. This will mark my final album created solely within Reason, as I move forward in my use of additional tools and techniques. This album also contains my first explorations into more long-form style arrangements, but I managed to include several shorter compositions, allowing for an easier listen for those less inclined to strap in for the longer rides. There's something for every space fan in this one.

A Precarious Trajectory was named for the incredible accuracy required for the Apollo missions to navigate back to Earth and the requirements necessary to calculate a very specific trajectory at the time of final return burn. Deviations of even one degree could have indeed proven to be life threatening.

The Road To Perdition is about how, if we continue down our dark path of fear, greed, hatred and control, we will surely learn what it means to have Hell on Earth. We've been here many times, with terrible consequences every time. With technology increasingly being used against the people of Earth, a new dark age (an absence of enough love to find our way back) could last through an incredibly long expanse of time. This time we may not be able to save us from ourselves.

Lost Memories is about how we, as a whole, continue to ignore our own history and the precious lessons that should never be forgotten. We are surely doomed to repeat these mistakes if we make no effort to learn from mistakes past or simply choose not to heed the wisdom.

Morphogenesis, technically speaking, is the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. Intellectually, however, I'm fond of the idea that mankind's collective psyche can take the intelligent, emotional and spiritual shape of something far greater than what is currently demonstrated.

Phase Shift, the final and longest composition on the album, is a celebration of the possibility that we can shift from who we are now into who we could be. It starts, of course, with the individual. Ghandi said to be the change you want to see in the world. This has been my mantra for over a decade. It is a constant challenge, but a worthy endeavor.

It is my sincere hope that I've created something here that is uplifting, thought-provoking and, at least, interesting to your ears. While I create all my music for me first, I derive a deep and spiritually rewarding joy when I share it with others. To each of you who honor me by supporting my musical endeavors through your purchases, I offer you my humble thanks and I hope that I've made the world somehow a little better place to be.

Phase Shift can be purchased from iTunes, amazonDotCom and CD Baby, via my web site at hollanholmesmusic.com (http://hollanholmesmusic.com)

Sound samples can be heard there or the songs can be heard in their entirety at Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/adistantlight/sets/phase-shift (https://soundcloud.com/adistantlight/sets/phase-shift)

Many thanks to all of you,

Hollan Holmes