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My latest release "Beneath Forever" is now available on Earth Mantra. I couldn't be more pleased to have worked with them and to join their great stable of artists.

Label Notes:
"Peck covers a large swath of ground in this release. Some pieces are bold and direct, standing up proudly and demanding the listener's immediate attention. Others drift lazily along through strange new sound worlds, enticing the listener to melt into the music and setting the imagination free. Others vibrate and coalesce with delightfully interacting pulses of electronica and percussion, never quite falling into the world of Berlin school, always charting a fresh course. Still others simmer darkly, crackling with a barely restrained energy lurking just below the surface. Truly something for everyone here."

If any of you are planning on attending this weekend's Gatherings performance, I will have copies on hand. Those of you familiar with my works will be undoubtedly pleased with this release and feel free to leave comments or feedback. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Audio samples, and download info can all be found here:

And a big thanks to Darrell Burgan for his assitance on this release.

I also agree that it is great to see him covered in the NYT. Also, I agree with Darren about a live Emeralds performance. Caught their set at last year's MoogFest and was left scratching my head asking myself "what's all the hoopla?" They did have a huge draw, but certainly came off as, well, overrated perhaps? Maybe I was just to anxious to catch MATMOS coming on next, which was incredible.

Honestly, I can't say I've ever heard the kid. Sure, I've seen his face plastered everywhere and apparently his hair style has sparked a new trend in the lesbian scene, but other than that, I've got no idea what he sounds like. But what I wonder is... why do people HATE THIS KID? I mean, really, really hate this kid. I say give him a break. I'd say he's whored out by Disney or some other multi million dollar entity and he does what he is told to do (just like a good little boy); just like performers 10-20 years his senior. Did people hate Michael Jackson this much when he was paying his dues? Wait, I can hear you already typing "it's different, he at least had talent." Sure, I'll give you that. MJ was a magnificent performer. But my friends, nothing on the modern pop airwaves is talent. Not even the people in the boothes making the tracks have talent. In fact, it's all piss. JB is another child phenom that will pass in time, slowing him down with Paulstretch will only make him stay around longer. I guess I look at it this way: If my son were to all the sudden blow up and become a world attraction, it would kill me to hear him being ridiculed by adults like this. And why are adults even listening to this? I guess it pops up on your Brittany Spears Pandora station? I'm not saying to support this kid either, but point your ridicule to the entity responsible. I'm sure dep down they are in huge violation of child labor laws. And that would be something to hate on. Until then, set your parental controls on your dish to block Nickelodeon and you should be alright. My two cents.

"The raw material out of which music by Mark Mahoney & Michael Peck is realized is not old cosmic music LPs but the ebb and flow of life. Their CD A LIFE INCANDESCENT (49'29") continues to show Mahoney & Peck as a duo living in sound. On this release they do their best to light up a dark genre that too often suffers from vapid exploration. There is more to their music than spacing-out. Treating the soundfield like a canvas their music demands imaginative interaction and asks the listener to re-align our sensitivity to sound. Through subtle gradations of tone and timbre Mahoney & Peck achieve a surreal dreamlike soundscape. From molecular whispers in the blood to an acceleration of energy, the eight pieces on A
LIFE INCANDESCENT move the mechanisms of the mind to embrace the enormity of which we all are a part. Drones, resonant sweeps, slow evocative solos, swirling digital chaos over thick analogue foundations all characterize the sonic components of this work. The rhythmic parts are equally original with clear arpeggiations skipping skyward or grainy percussion loops stretched and tweaked. But it is the freedom expressed on A LIFE INCANDESCENT that is most compelling - and Mahoney & Peck use their improvisational skills to move easily between a number of moods and atmospheres. From an inward stillness to euphoric revelations and all in between, this audio experience is not so much about their lives as it is about the labyrinthine journey of all creative lives."
-Chuck van Zyl

Please tune in to this week's broadcast of STAR'S END for music from the CD A LIFE INCANDESCENT by the duo Mark Mahoney & Michael Peck.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / New Release from Mahoney and Peck
« on: June 16, 2010, 07:47:59 PM »

Waiting World Records is proud to announce the latest release from Mark Mahoney and M. Peck.
“A Life Incandescent” is the follow up to 2007’s Starfest release, praised by Star’s End host Chuck van Zyl  as stating “… relating to tone and mood they achieve an electronic sound that is remarkable - both in its approach and in the way it is perceived at the listening stage.” This latest release is in no way less impressive as they continue to explore new ground outside of the traditional ambient mindset and the track “The Alchemy of Infinites” was featured on the June 13 playlist of Star’s End and was also featured on Galactic Travels Top 20 in March 2010.

Over the past five years Mahoney and Peck have released three full length albums that have gained attention both in the U.S. as well as overseas. Each of the members have also released solo efforts such as Peck’s highly acclaimed release Glacial on Gears of Sand and Mahoney’s stellar album Beyond the Vaulting Sky released on Waiting World Records in 2009. The two share common musical interests and have similar influences that are undeniable when listening to both their solo and collaborative efforts. However, one will quickly notice that these influences are merely that, and not in anyway binding to their output; mimick and traditional have never been apart of their musical vocabularies.

A.L.I. is certainly an album one can be compelled to listen to over and over again. The tracks included on this album were debuted at their 2008 Gatherings and Star’s End performances as well as a live performance from recorded also in 2008. It is also worth noting that fellow musician and friend Chuck van Zyl lent his beautiful infrared imagery for the album which compliments the audio perfectly.

For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact: waitingworldrecords (at) Or to purchase your copy please visit

Link to listen to or download the track A Division of Souls

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Adobe Audition coming to Mac OSX?
« on: June 09, 2010, 11:43:03 AM »
I too am a fan of Adobe Audition (been using it since it was Cool Edit Pro) and Wavelab. Audition is just so simple and quick and since I do a lot of restoration from other mediums, I've often found their built in plugins quite efficient for cleaning up old tape hiss etc. And having the immediate access to a multi-track environment really speeds up my workflow.

I haven't upgraded my version of Wavelab since v.4.0, and quite frankly don't see the need as I basically use it to host other plugins for a mastering environment. All my editing is done in Audition. Both have always been rock solid and are both staples in my home studio.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Robert Rich Tour Blog
« on: June 08, 2010, 09:44:01 PM »
a fellow sitting next to his laptop smoking cigarettes as his Reason sequence played unaided.
Mark, I could have sworn he pressed the space bar at least once! And maybe that was a Marlboro Midi Controller? Beta version of course.

It was nice to have met and I hope that you've made it home safe and were able to navigate yourself away from the storms ripping through Tennessee on up. It was a pleasure being able to catch your set as well as your percussion backing for Earthgirl.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: hibernate recordings
« on: February 03, 2010, 10:57:35 AM »
I really appreciate the artwork on these releases, reminds me of the experimedia cover art which i too find wonderful. Great job, and great sounds as well.

Tom Waits
...pretty much everything Mike Patton has been involved in/with.

Thanks for including Mark's release in your current issue.
Mark Mahoney has nicely carved out a unique niche for himself in the ambient genre.
I totally agree. We are currently in the post production phase of the next Mahoney and Peck release which thus far is my fave to date that we have collaborated on. Thanks again!


Thanks Jez! I thought the entire day was full of great performances/music that spanned the entire EM spectrum. Always fun to be apart of something like that. Here's to 2010 my friend(s) ;)

Below is the link to last night's set from the NYE 2009, 24 hour streaming concert/festival broadcast on Thanks to Howard, Shane, Jan, and all the others that pulled this off.

This 20+ minute long form piece is titled "Where Men Can't Live... Gods Fare No Better" an unofficial audio companion to Pulitzer Prize winner Cormac McCarthy's novel The Road. This audio reflection leaves a slug trail of depraved audio carnage. Minimal. Encompassing. Vivid and Eloquent. Enjoy!

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: CDR prices too high
« on: November 27, 2009, 12:03:55 PM »
If it weren't for CD-R there is  A LOT of music in my collection that would have never seen the light of day.. meaning it may never have been released. So, with that in mind, I think it's a viable format. And I do agree that a downloaded album with no artwork should be priced much lower, no figure or amount just lower. And from a small label outlook, it makes sense to do small runs of 50-100 on CD-R rather than commiting to the higher price of CD. Luckily, those numbers have changed and it is now much more affordable to do CD vs. CD-R. I've also noticed some people (labels, radio, review sites) approach CD-R with a very elitist attitude as if the quality of the music is sub par. Their loss in my opinion.

Just a reminder that this event starts tomorrow. Among myself, Mark Mahoney, Modulator ESP, Shane Morris and a slew of others from around the globe will be streaming their performances.
I hope you take a moment to tune in.

Thanks for including me John, sounds like a great lineup.

Thanks to Matt Howarth of Sonic Curiosity for this review.

MARK MAHONEY: Beyond the Vaulting Sky (CD on Waiting World Records)
This release from 2009 offers 58 minutes of ambient electronic music.

"Brooding atmospherics are seasoned by delicate electronic waves that lend the sky music an expansive milieu.

As an ambient foundation unfurls, pleasant electronics sigh and ripple with languid definition. Lavish hissing sweeps cascade through the mix. Deep tones resonate in tandem with high-end pitches, establishing a congenial counterbalance of effects. Flutish keyboards mingle with mechanized rainfall, evoking a winsome nostalgia for unexplored realms.

The presence of grittier enhancements introduce favorable substance to the ethereal flow. Glitchy chitterings, hints of percussive pitterings, sparkling diodes, gurgling chords--all of which provide the tuneage with delightful density. Mahoney has an alluring tendency to balance softness with body, resulting in an appealing robust sound that remains fragile and peaceful.

In some tracks, sounds are utilized in a percussive manner, bolstering the gently streaming melodies with rhythmic motivation. The tempos are amiable and mild, coaxing a moderate degree of animation to the ambience.

While these compositions are generally ambient in nature, the presence of more substantial embellishments elevate the music to contemporary status. The harmonic definition often exhibits enticing melodic traces, giving the music's contemplative character an entertaining spirit."

This release can be purchased at CD Baby.

Hello everyone. Below is a link to my set that I performed during last weekend's Summer Solstice streaming concert on and
This 30 minute set is all new material that I've been working on and hope that you will take a moment to listen to and enjoy.

Here is a link to the concert flyer/schedule of all the artists that participated.

Mark Mahoney
Beyond the Vaulting Sky
Waiting World Records 005

On "Beyond the Vaulting Sky" Mark Mahoney reveals a compelling collection of post-ambient brilliance. Rather than planting both feet firmly in a dark, foreboding sonic atmosphere he straddles both sides of the fence and traverses fluidly through the entire ambient spectrum, weaving multiple genres to create a dreamlike, yet distinct and unique sound.

May 02, 2009 09:00 PM CDT (UTC-5)Be sure to catch Zen Caffeine on Saturday May 2, when your host David Herpich will be doing a world premiere of Mark's new release Beyond the Vaulting Sky. This is the first time you will hear this new album anywhere so don't miss it. Tune in!

Mark's tracks Voices Within the Solar Stream and Starfish were aired on last week's edition of Star's End and great feedback has been returned by those that caught the show. Mark will also be performing at the 2nd annual City Skies Festival in Atlanta, Ga. along with Tony Gerber, Paul Vnuk Jr., and Richard Devine to name a few.

Track Previews:


Thanks for your support.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Waiting World Records
« on: May 01, 2009, 10:18:16 AM »
Hello everyone. I recently launched my label: Waiting World Records, an imprint/label for my solo works, projects as well as a home for other artists I've collaborated with. Here at WWR we are committed to providing high-quality music at an affordable price. We are a multi-genre label focusing primarily on electronic, experimental, post-everything music with the independent and forward thinking musician in mind. Each release is professionally packaged in jewel case with full color artwork. Short run releases will feature special packaging options for the true audiophile in all of us. Most releases will also be available as Digital Downloads for those of us watching our carbon footprints. I hope that you all will support this endeavor. Our website is still under development, for now go to for current releases and info.

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