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Now Playing / Re: Long Term Listening - your ambient classics
« on: January 08, 2010, 08:40:20 PM »
steve roach - structures from silence - there are many roach albums I am incredibly attached to, but if I was forced to choose of the most beautiful records I've ever heard.
stars of the lid - refinement, tired sounds - massive slabs (triple vinyl!) of intricate drone.  I've listened to these numerous times and never gotten fatigued (okay, only when under the covers!).  I listen to refinement frequently when I'm out on the job.   
aphex twin - 2 - needs no explanation.  this album was my personal bombshell, first ambient album I'd heard and still more engaging than most of the other stuff I've ever heard since. 
constance demby - sunborne, sanctum sanctuorum - sunborne is an incredible flowing piece of music, very celebratory and unique.  her voice is lovely.  sanctum is a little cheesy with the gregorian voices and the "hallelujah's," but it works to transport me to an incredibly peaceful place. 
eno - music for airports - minimal ambient at it's finest, in my opinion.  played this more than anything in college.  still love it almost as much as my pillow. 
kevin drumm - imperial distortion - the aphex twin 2 of the new century?  maybe. 
budd - serpent (in quicksilver) - something peculiar about this one that begs repeated listens from me.  a number of different moods to the tracks that somehow work together.   
windy and carl - consciousness - they sculpted something incredible out of those guitars for this one!  rejuvenates me every time I hear it. 
aloof proof - piano text - crystal clear beauty. 
vidna obmana - river of appearance - I didn't like this one at first.  I thought it sounded a little forced and melodramatic, perhaps a little new age in a bad way?  Over time (and listening to it at work helped) It's grown to be an indispensable piece of music.  Couldn't live without this one now. 
milieu - beyond the sea lie the stars - thank you brian grainger (spelling?) and infraction for this one
mwvm - rotations - kind of came out of nowhere, bought it and instantly loved it.  put out another!
lustmord - place where the black stars hang - needs no explanation, great stuff
sans serif - tones for lamonte - still in love with this ethereal, thin metallic drone work
tim hecker - harmony in ultraviolet - a woolly mammoth crushing my brain!  let's listen again, shall we?
rosy parlane - jessamine - this had been blowing me away, but I haven't listened to it in a while.  Still, I'll call it a classic just for the hype, because I feel that way right now...
christopher bissonnette - in between words - quite bonded with this one right now and ready to hear whatever comes out of his speakers from now on. 

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Steve Roach News
« on: August 27, 2009, 04:20:17 PM »
I've been listening to Dynamic Stillness a little more lately.  I'm coming around to it.  Don't know if my lack of complete engagement with it is my fault or his yet, but I'm willing to give the album plenty of time to grow with me.  It's pretty dense. 

The problem I have (as many others do) is "Birth of Still Places."  It's just a massive hurdle on the album to overcome right out of the gate.  At this point I'm thinking it would have been better off suited at the end of the first or maybe somewhere on the second disc.  Just not used to something so extreme right at the beginning of an album like that. 

I'm hoping I get used to it and that it will be one of the attractions of the record.

big fan of "rotations" here.  the new tracks sound great, too! 

let us know when you're close to completion

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Re: Now reading
« on: July 31, 2009, 11:45:24 AM »

This really was one of the most interesting and inspiring books I've read in a long time, and made me question a lot of our assumptions about physical limitations

This book looks really fascinating, I'll check it out, thanks!  I don't run any more, but I do walk all day long on my job (through rain and snow, etc). 

I went home for a visit and took a few children's books off the shelves.  Charlotte's Web, Wind in the Willows, and Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  Putting them by my bedside for night time reading. 

Also reading "The Four Noble Truths" by Geshe Tashi Tsering

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Steve Roach News
« on: June 17, 2009, 03:43:47 PM »
I've been so busy in my life I've barely even started to digest "Dynamic Stillness."  May hold off on purchasing for a bit.

I didn't enjoy Song For Lost Blossoms very much, in fact it had bored me after a couple of listens and I subsequently shelved it.

After reading this thread I'm making a point to give it another chance, possibly this evening. 

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Jon Jenkins -- Flow
« on: June 10, 2009, 01:28:44 PM »
I'll definitely be taking "Treasure" and "Beyond City Light" for a ride soon!

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Jon Jenkins -- Flow
« on: June 09, 2009, 05:14:23 PM »
I came across this enjoyable disc perusing Amazon. Here's a track from it:

The album does have a gentle flow to it and sounds quite beautiful.  Kind of a brighter daytime ambient.  Maybe I would compare it to Obmana's River of Appearance in overall tone?  I haven't had it long enough to decide, but it is uplifting quite like that one.   

Anyone else ever give this, or his other work, a chance?

You may enjoy this recent interview with them, as I did.  Talks about the album and specific songs in depth.  I was curious about how they made the "creaking" sound at the 7min point in "Aghartha" and it turns out to be a bunch of Cello's!  Go figure.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: June 02, 2009, 07:34:03 PM »
This new release called "Pillowdiver" off 12k.  What a Mark Nelson (of Labradford) solo record might sound like.  Loads of reverbed guitar. 

Completely with you on this one, 9dragons.  I'd sampled their music but was never drawn in enough to pronounce any attachment to their sound.  Just kind of bored me and pushed me away at the same time. 

This album, however, is a completely different story to me.  Maybe it's the variations and changes in the songs.  But I really like it. 

The vocalist sounds exactly like "The Emperor"  in Star Wars!  haha beware guys, it's a little cringe worthy on the first track.  But if you can get past that, just after the middle of the track the sound evolution becomes completely incredible.

Just ordered the Aglaia/Alio Die recording

Now Playing / Re: Best of 2008
« on: January 02, 2009, 08:51:05 PM »
fantastic mix so far undershadow

I now know I need the Paul Bradley and Fabio Orsi  ;D

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Kevin Drumm - Imperial Distortion
« on: January 02, 2009, 04:30:46 AM »
those look like some good recommendations ferngerms, I'll check them out

and I agree about having the time to listen to it all without distractions.  Especially since the dynamics of the sound change very suddenly.  if you are doing something else it's easy to forget there's an album on when the volume drops precipitously. 

I noticed that I enjoyed it a lot more when played loud on my speakers, opposed to my headphones.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Kevin Drumm - Imperial Distortion
« on: January 01, 2009, 12:14:47 PM »
I don't know if this has been discussed around here but I think Kevin Drumm's latest release would be appreciated by some people here.  After spending a lot of time with it I've concluded that it is nothing short of incredible.   

Better known in noise circles, he has put together two discs of subliminal feedback drone.  Very immersive and strange, approaching the ambient genre from a skewed perspective.  Challenging the music itself. 

here's a review of it up on mapsadaisacal

previews on boomkat

cool, I'll get on this

Now Playing / Re: Best of 2008
« on: December 25, 2008, 07:19:00 PM »
1. Sun Kil Moon - April
2. Weezer - Red Album
3. Christopher Bissonnette - In Between Words
4. Sans Serif - Tones For LaMonte
5. Kevin Drumm - Imperial Distortion
6. Eluder - The Most Beautiful Blue
7. Black Dog - Radio Scarecrow
8. Steve Roach - A Deeper Silence
9. M83 - Saturdays = Youth
10. Move D. and Benjamin Brunn - Songs from the Beehive
11. Matmos - Supreme Balloon
12. Portishead - Third
13. Windy and Carl - Songs for the Broken Hearted
14. Emeralds - Solar Bridge

Thank you, I'm going to try my best to not think about it because it is largely out of my control.  There are people much worse off than me.     

Give it another chance droneon.  I for one am really enjoying this one.  I also get the vibe of escape from it Undershadow and it doesn't feel too gloomy.  More peaceful than anything else.

Anyway, good album infraction and thank you eluder

At the P.O. that I work at, my Postmaster has told us he will be cutting 4,000 hours next year.

One route (the shared/auxilliary one) will be dismantled and dissolved into the carriers routes.  That means more work in less time for people, and very little of the overtime people depend on. 

I don't have a route yet and am at the bottom of seniority so I am terribly worried about my security.  They love me there, but when push comes to shove companies will turn their back on you.  I'll just have to take it one day at time. 

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