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I'm with Mike G.  I have the latest model Panasonic, the PT-AE8000U. The image is stunning. I have no cable, so I just watch movies with an Oppo 105 Blu-ray player.  The sound and picture on that unit matches the projector. And the system does 3D. Watching a 3D movie, you are in an alternate reality. I find that when I watch a movie, I am never temped to get up and adjust this, or tweek that. I hit play and I am gone. I watched The Wizard of Oz in 3D the other night and it was surreal. A film that I have known and loved forever, now I am seeing in an all new way. Same with movies like The Searchers and Titanic in 3D. I have a Stewart 92" screen. That was about as big as I could go for the distance back I sit, any bigger and I would get a headache. Even still, some movies, like Cloverfield make me nauseous. Those films are rare though. If I had a bigger place, I would definitely go with a bigger screen. I don't see it as a draw back that I need a dark room, as I would not want to watch a movie any other way. I'm so glad I got this projection system instead of a conventional TV. It makes watching a movie at home, and event. And concert films are amazing. I have a National Geographic Universe Blu-ray that I like to put on and listen to other music to. That is a different experience. I have friends over often, but some of them come over just for the popcorn, as I figured out how to make amazing popcorn.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Constance Demby
« on: January 13, 2014, 04:24:36 PM »
Constance with her Space Bass ...

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Constance Demby
« on: January 12, 2014, 08:58:19 PM »
I too have been in love with Constance Demby's music. I picked up on Novus Magnificat when it was first released. I remember sending a letter to Hearts of Space gushing about Novus. In more recent years, Constance moved to the L.A. Area and I was lucky enough to catch her intimate shows in her own home. Working in aerospace I have experience in metal working, at the shows I saw that she was in need of some work on her Space Bass and I fixed it for her. While talking with her, she pulled out a box of letter and came up with that letter I sent to Hearts of Space some 25 years earlier. Oh, how embarrassing! What a fun and funny women. So talented on the key board. You gotta love her.

As far as I am concerned, nothing comes close to Novus Magnificat, but another one that comes near, for me, is Robert Foxx's The Fire and the Rose.  I highly recommend that. It has recently been re-mastered and re-released. It sounds amazing.

I find Mike Van Portfleet's Beyond the Horizon Line exceptional too.

I would like to add another thumbs for both "Zeitlos" and "Revelation". Two more release that carry on the deep ambient that el culto is known for. My favorite time to listen to music is as I go to sleep at night. These fit that purpose. I've been listening to them back to back for a few weeks and I am still discovering them. I always look forward to the next el culto release.     

I hope that lessons are learned and that Mathias can be forgiven. It would be a great loss if not.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Matt Borghi
« on: January 12, 2014, 04:11:13 PM »
I come here to discover new music, and I believe many others do to. So ...

Well, I wanted let Matt know how much I have been enjoying his music, and I thought the best place to do it would be on this forum. For me, Matt has become one of those few artists whose music I buy without previewing. I love everything he has done and I want to support him. Several of his albums, including Huronic Minor, The Phantom Light, and Ghost Ship on a Black Sea, portray the mystery of the Great Lakes. I grew up in Michigan myself and can appreciate the allure of those lakes. Standing on the shore, they might as well be oceans. Matt has captured, in is those recordings, the melancholy and haunted past of life of those lakes. For me, track one of Ghost Ship on a Black Sea, drips with rust and sadness, so much so that I have to be prepared to hear it. It's for quiet reflective evenings and moves me into a deep place every time. His last two recordings are an unusual pairing with sax player Michael Teager. Does sax and ambient work? Oh yeah. Like a score to a modern film noir. Matt and Michael explore other mysteries of empty city-scapes in shadow and loneliness. "Awaken the Electric Air" was recorded live on Star's End, but it sounds as good as a studio recording, and no audience noise. 

Samples can be heard on ...

I hope someone discovers Matt Borghi and enjoys him as I have.

Thanks Matt.

I have my ticket for the 9pm Immersion Concert and the reception afterwards.  I am coming from Simi Valley.  I'd like to ride in with someone as I don't like driving to downtown.  Anybody heading to the show from that direction I can pool with?  I'd be willing to pay for gas and fight off zombies.  Hopefully they won't come out until after we leave.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Hawkwind
« on: June 24, 2008, 07:00:34 PM »
Ah yes, Hawkwind, I have been listening to them since The Space Ritual Album came out. I saw them in concert many times back in Detroit. Once they played two weekends in a row. I had to go to both shows. Their music was my soundtrack for cruising the boulevards at night in my race car. I still enjoy their music to this day, even through their many changes. I am always checking Amazon for anything new. I see there is a new release of Space Ritual for playing on a DVD player. I wish they would have stayed together in their original lineup, that was when they were at their best.

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