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That is usually the case  with ambient music  beautiful  artwork and photo and Mediocre music

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Cosmic ground 2
« on: July 21, 2015, 06:20:26 PM »

New cosmic ground record I must say really  good.
Very high level and hypnotizing sequencers

Start with this song

Best song on the album hypnotizing and meditative sequencers in the highest level.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Modal Electronics 008
« on: July 20, 2015, 09:37:11 AM »
A handsome beast and I do like black (though I prefer wheels to a joystick and resent that my Novation controller uses a stick).

I just read a verry long thread yesterday on a modular group I'm on initiated by a member's purchase of a Schmidt - which would be another dream analog synth costing 20,000 dollars or Euros or whatever. Of course some people had to pipe in and state they could probably make the same sounds on their Volcas.  ;D

The Schmidt  is amazing too..I made a thread about it some time ago.. but yeah..dunno what the price is for that.

I think the modal will come in a white version also similiar looking to the Modal 002 synth

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Steve Roach Etheric Imprints
« on: July 19, 2015, 08:57:31 PM »
Personally I like the 2 last track best... The first track is ok.. track number 2 is not good..even though the fucked up and detuned and disharmonic atmosphere can be interesting.. but it is not done so well in this track.. and does not fit on the album..

Track number 3 Holding Light is the best on the album it has the most emotional content.

Otherwise I agree.. I like that he tries out different things..

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Modal Electronics 008
« on: July 19, 2015, 08:48:20 PM »
This is the real fucking deal... this analogue synth seem to be the ultimate atleast when it comes to pure sonics.. and can probably beat all synths old oberheims and prophet..

There is one catch however.. the price is beyond this fucking world.. so yeah..

medley of the RED album

The red album is their most solid album.   Try to get it.  Eager to hear what you think about it

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Solid State Logic Duendo Plugin Sale
« on: June 15, 2015, 05:58:54 PM »
Their X-comp is very good for ambient music trust when I say it.

Thanks for this.  Love bks!  About four latest Manikin discs I still need to buy.  They are on bandcamp now.

Glad to see some Berlin school fans on this forum!
Which album do you like most with them ?

For me it is still Schönwalder that is the driving force in this trioAs I stated before Broekhuis take little bit too much space..
I would prefer if they used sequened drums and precussion..but I guess he is mainly there cause it is probably a lot of job to program sequencer for percussion.

Anyway  I like all projects with Schönwalder.  I think he should use the Waldorf synths more, his best records are made with it IMO.

I have heard the first song in form a sample snippet on youtube before.. That bassline iand sequencer n the first song "Green One"  have such enormous potential to be the the ultimate berlin school song, I think the other stuff and pads and other synth songs did not give the bassline and sequenver full potential.   I also think they would need one more synth memeber, cause it feels like schönwalder and keller are little bit too busy finding new sounds and instead of focusing on the pads., I wish "Green One" was more pad driven..  The pianos are not good at all I think,...Regarding the percussion I think, they take to much space in the music, in their album "RED" I think they would a good balance between the percussion and synths. Anway in this stile of music I prefer sequencer based percussion. All their music is totally improvised.. I think they shoud re record it.. keep the seequencer part but re-record it..we will probably hear them play better version of this Live in one of their more "better" days


New album finally available.
The Berlin school is still being kept a much due this trio.
I love this artwork.

Mario Schönwalder

I am surprised no one has noticed the porn sample at the very end of the track :)

New album.. first one since 2012.. very good

Mike (and the moderators) have adopted a very liberal approach here to banning. There have been very few bans and those were undertaken were done so for very good reasons. It takes a lot to get banned here.

On a related note, When posts are disrespectful in tone or downright rude and / or peppered with swearing (which isn't very clever), it becomes easy not to show any interest in them.
I understand there can be problems with language regarding people for whom English isn't their mother tongue, but bleating about using subtle wordplay and the like to make 'subliminal attacks' is frankly rubbish. It's very rare when someone has a go at someone without being provoked.

This forum has been around for years before I joined (about 9 years ago), I think it has real value and I'd like to see it carrying on into the future. For god's sake, there aren't many places where we can talk about the things that we do, without boring the life out of our wives/partners/friends/family/pets etc !

What I mean is, people are getting away with personal attacks using mindgames, sarcasm, irony, but which can have the same provoked effect on the person it is directed at.  So far I have not seen any one getting banned for this reason. Only if you use direct language.

I still think it is hard for the moderators to do there job and being objective when they are friends with too many..If they receive complaints they will not do anything because they are friends etc etc. Ideally a moderator should not be friend with every one but also have a certain personality  who are allergic to people mean to each other and stamping on each other.

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: May 13, 2015, 04:10:24 PM »
Loren Nerell - Taksu

"People are banned too easily?"

I think you'd have a hard time supporting that. This forum has been around for over 15 years and we've only banned a few people, ever, and those bans occurred after numerous warnings, and after the members continued to ignore the warnings and do the same things they had been warned not to do.

Good to know the number is not higher at least.. I just wish every one could be friends. Personal attack or cyber bullying and subliminal humiliation is something we do not need here. I know any other music forum I am on they do not tolerate subliminal personal attack/humiliation either, as long if the person who it is directed at report the post because he felt uncomfortable they usually delete the post. I wish it was more like this here too... so we all know what the threshold are and that you cant get away with the subliminal stuff.. which is just as nasty..
If we know the threshold is very high and none tolerance I think it would be a nicer climate in general on the forum.  In this case people should be better to report when they feel offended. so the post can be deleted (does not need to result in a warning if its not too harsh)

I am still think Ipad are still little bit too much like toys yet... But if you connect for instance an exteranl interface like RME BABBYFACE PRO then maybe you can do serious stuff with it...

What I would consider to use an IPAD for is mostly as a control surface to send midi data to trigger stuff.. or control volume
For this it is good...

Any way I have grown up with windows and I doubt I will buy an apple product in the next 10 years, android alternatives is not as good for audio this is fact..and I also think IPADs are too expensive.. I also do not like people who think IPADs is all you need these days for web browsing and doing office stuff,  I am still way more productive in front of the computer, and I still want a big monitor.  I realize what touch surfaces are good for but I also realize what they are not good for. Personally I think tablets are overrated,   I use a Huawei Mate 7 phone a 6 inch phatblet because of the size of the screen I have less desire to invest in a tablet also. Sometimes I would like a tablet to watch documentaries when I am out of the apartment though..

some kind of polarity is healthy for the discussions but yeah personal attacks should not be tolerated.
But lively discussions is interesting so polarity is good..
But I think people are maybe banned to easy.. It is mainly to make less "work" for moderators.

On most other forums they will just delete the posts.. it is kind of normal
A lot of forum have a warning system, maybe you can get ten warnings..

Anyway I do not really give a fuck to be honest, it is not like I spend much time here any more.
And yes regarding personal attacks, there is also people that give personal attacks but in a more subliminal form but with the exact same effect as the more superficial personal attacks,  and that is allowed on the forum so I would suggest using this method instead if you do not want to be banned if you still  have desire to give personal attacks.  So yes you can still insult people if you do it in a more clever way, should this be allowed too ? I personally do not think so.
The moderators are friend with every one on the forum, what I mean with every one is the top posters and ambient artists , so if they receive a complain from any new members for instance the moderators will not be objective,  so it is also important which you are friends with on this forum.

As I said I do not care any more do what you want, personally I think it is interesting with some kind of polarity on the forum that people think different creates interesting discussion as long as it does not contain on personal attacks or subliminal humiliation. 


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Ambient music and Mastering
« on: May 13, 2015, 11:53:00 AM »

Using a set of monitors that complete each other is a good idea I agree.
I have heard "Avantone MixCubes" is a good choice for secondary monitor.
They are not ment to blow you away but if it sound goods on them they will translate good on most systems.

Also In general doing reserach on which monitors that does translate best is also a good
idea. Genelecs for instance they do not translate well to other sound system, while it sound good
on them it might sound dull and boring on other speakers.

using analysing tools is good to see problematic frequencies that you might not here.

Hey Extasis,

Yes the avantones seem a good choice for a ''second opinion'' regarding a mix..

I've read and discovered in person exactly the opposite regarding the Genelecs they translate superbly and sound good at the same time, especially the ones that use the ''SAM'' system that fix the room acoustics with a probe for calibration to the listeners position. Maybe your information is outdated? They are very, very serious about room acoustics and the way their systems integrate, a thing other companies don't care..And since I can't hire an expert in acoustic treatment to fix my rented house reflections, options are scarce don't you think?

I know gearslutz bash Genelec and maybe it's where you got that info, but I've listened to some recent models and I was blown away...

For people with limitations regarding, little, or no room treatment, they look like the best option available, what is the purpose of buying a 4k monitors if your room is a shit and all you have is third party calibration options not tailored to your specific speakers?

I was going to chime in as well, but you beat me to it. Genelec are great speakers. They do have more of a modern studio monitor sound than some others, but actually they kind of invented/defined that sound. There is a reason why Genelec are some of the most ubiquitous speakers around. In fact most true profession high end rooms I have been in around the US use Genelecs.

Also I concur that Avantones are great 2nd or 3rd option mix checkers.

I have heard Genelecs and they sound very flat and bulky they sound anything but 3D.
My Trident HG3 is of course better but they have the wideness, the height and the depth.
I would define the charterer of the Genelecs  I have tried as "plastic".
I have not tried any of their more expensive speakers, but Genelec are most associated with there
mid range speakers.

There is a few major reason why Genelecs are popular.

1. Good Price to sound ratio. 
2. People buy them because of there popularity, they see they are in every project studio out there and for that reason I do not need
to do that reserach I just buy what every one else have and trust their collective "opinion".
3.  Genelecs did get popular a lot because of there included room calibration tools that was kind of unique at the time.
4. Also studios want to find the ultimate reference point,  and since every one use Genelec it is easier to find the reference point if using the speakers.  Just as every one did use the AKG 240  headphones series before.. studios tend to copy a lot of what other studios use...

Before I was building my studio and looking around for monitors  I had almost before done any research at all myself decided I should by genelec, i thought there must be a reason why they are so popular and why they are in every project and a lot of other studios.
After doing some research I did quickly find out there is a lot of better choices out there the Genelec.
The fact that they are so well known give them extra promotion and advertising also, I strongly think a lot of people choose genelec just because of pure lazyness really. So yeah I did never end up with the Genelecs luckily , I am very happy for that.
However I would not mind some Genelec monitors in future as a third monitor.

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