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I have heard the album now it is very good I think, roach is manage to come back to older standards around 2005-2007 era, however there is still too much bass frequencies rumble for my taste, maybe it is a cheap way to flirty with the more mainstream dark ambient listeners . I guess it depends on how deep your bass on your speakers go mine  go about 35hz so kind of deep. This bass drone rumble is just an irritating factor and especially for my neighbours since the bass is penetrating the walls much more then the other frequencies  For me the bass is mixed to loud, and there is really no interesting audio information in that spectrum imo the sonic depth is in the upper mid and high range.

Anyway good just feels too short though.. but I guess that is a good got the feeling you wanted more after the last song..

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Shipping to Ukraine
« on: July 20, 2014, 07:41:04 AM »
once again you are posting personal information on the forum,  did you ask for his permission to post his real name ?
not all want the online alias linked to a real name... (I asked a moderator recently to remove mine)

Got the CD yesterday, it's excellent!!!  Confused on the bonus CD though, as the cover lists one track at 74 min. But there are actually TWO tracks on the disc ?.......

Great in all honesty it is nice to see Mr Roach release more studio albums, I think he should put out more I have seen interviews that he could release one per months if he wanted to but he restrict the number to about 5-6 per year...
I hope Steve roach get back to his "confidence" again as an artist, I think he have lost it little bit the last years. I do not think the feedback from his later albums have been so good as before, but I think this new CD shows definitely new found inspiration.  I still wish though I prefer his more lighter albums, the production are darker nowdays less treble more bass, it makes it less deep for me.. Anyway this new album seem to be kind dramlike.. some thing I could drift away to with headphones in bed into inner journeys.  I hope steve roach have found a new spark of inspiration now and will release a more steady flow of albums.  I wish he could experiment some more though.. but I will always keep track on his album his potential is always there and he still among the top ambient artists in my book.

No physical volume knob, what the heck? 2 pieces will create more cumbersomeness...

I do not think you want the DAC section to have a volume control, since its main task is to feed the amp 0 db signal.
if you have a volume knob on the DAC you will just lose bit depth better to let the headphone amp control the volume, always best to control the volume with an analogue parameter.

two pieces will be more cumbersomeness yes, but it will give you more control and better flexibility in terms of choosing the exact dac and will give you more options for sure.. you will end up with a better DAC and a better amp for the money... the best would be to have a combo unit.. but you will end up buying less audio quality for the money.  Anyway the hunt is going on now... the DAC might have been decided..I will look into the options for the headphone amp on to train to gothenburg tomorrow...

I have decided I will most likely try to buy the DAC and Headphone amp seperatly.. more options will emerge then..

if I buy this DAC which seem to get mostly good feedback.. I can buy a bigger external headphone amp to complete it for sure...

it is very small

The beresford dacs - with headphone output - is often highly recommended.

May I say in advance i am not Mr Beresford.... :o

I will look into it... the price was very good...
The form factor... its probably little bit too big to be portable.. enough prefer something slightlight smaller..
it is mainly the "height" that is the problem when having it in my ultrabook bag, the length is less of an problem...
However I would most likely make the beresford to fit in my bag but it would create a huge bulge..

looking forward for this one..seem like he have found some new inspiration. I like the art work too..

The sony is not an option cause you can only drive it by battery and it only last for a couple of hours and you can't charge and listen at the same time..which is very bad.. so I can't basically listen 8 hours in a row..

Since I want an DAC + Headphone amp my options gets little bit narrow..I am still doing research trying to find which to buy...

I wish the Schiit Audio Bifrost DAC had a headphone amp would had been a good option for sure..

well the time and energy is something that I lack of right now.. I hate digging throu thousands of foroum threads to find what I am looking for.. the sony looks nice though!  but seem that not many people on head fi forum  have tried..just one beginner did review it..maybe it is an indication I do not know..  All I know there is a lot of DACs/amps out there right now..  the sony "brand" does not mean anything for me really, it could mean anything from crap to good really.. When I did grow up sony was = quality but as most companies now days they release both good and crap products.

Yeah, the one I posted before didn't had an headphones plug...Indeed it has the burr brown chip like the Dangerous Music Source and other high end gear.

Another company you might want to check is:

Oh ok..  well a headphone output is a must..
Regarding burr brown it is good to have a good DAC chip but it is only one part of the DAC so it does not really say much about the DAC itself more then that the desiner obviously know that most high end gear use Burr Brown.. but this chip only cost a few dollars so.. it is not like it is some super expensive exclusive thing..

I am aware of Fiio, it is the most well known and popular headphone amps and DACs, it is popular for the more consumer market also, so I am gladely trying to look deeper into the market to find these unkown gold corns which people including myself is hard to find...

The sony is for sure an alternative, but I am also sure there is a similar product without the sony logo that is less expensive.. The sony price is ok if the sound is really good and would satisfy my needs more long term..

What about the first you posted?  It had a burr brown chip.

It feels with the Sony I might pay extra just for the Sony logo.. As I said there is do many small dacs and headphone amps like this there is a big ocean of choice of smaller not so well known products..  Takes a lot of time to do the research tof find the best products.  Especially since every one have different options about every product. 


This stand out in the the ocean of other products ? is a really deep jungle this..I find it takes a lot of time and reserach to find the best product.. the sony looks good for the eye atleast I can say that..will look into it..
even though I am sceptical though.. about sony as a brand..

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: July 14, 2014, 01:44:30 PM »

I will send this product back tomorrow... it is simply and over hyped product mainly due its small form factor and aluminium metal finish the sound is very medocire.. and kind of cold.. I did experience my samsung ativ 9 plus ultrabook had warmer sound.. my hunt hon a portable solution will go on though..but for my next dac and headphone amp I will not let the small form factor compromise the sound..

So it is summer.. their is finally sunny weather in Sweden which mean I travel to cities during the weekend to meet people and vaccation etc which gives me a need for good portable sound. I have found this Mini DAC Microstreamer, I have not found one single bad review yet it seem pretty hyped, I wonder if it gets hyped because of the small size or the sound.. anyway.. I decided to buy one for my Samsung Ativ 9 Plus ultrabook and my DT1350 headphones...nice to have good portable sound on the train... but.. it is even small enough to have in your pants pocket with your smartphone, yes it works with android and pc and also mac/ios.  It works with ASIO up to 96K it is not much bigger then a matchbox it has an aluminium body.

The price is not that cheap.. you obliviously pay little bit for the extremely small form factor..
Well anyway I am looking forward to try it the order should arrive in a few days, looking forward to have it on the train to Gothenburg.

Have any one tried it ?

HRT MicroStreamer DAC plus Headphone Amp review by Dale

As the frugal musician that I am, I use Hosa cables.  :-[

I'm even more frugal, I make my own.  ;D  I use Belden cable with Neutrik connectors, it's pretty cheap if you buy a box of cable and cut them to length. Mogami is fine stuff but over priced and over hyped. As for Hosa, I've been hosed by them too many times.  :P :D Actually I haven't been, but I think they are a bit pricey too for what you get.

Mogami is overpriced yes, but for me they feel like a safe card.. when you buy them you bascially do not need to worry about "cables"  they just do their job...

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: July 08, 2014, 11:11:51 AM »
Very good snippet from upcomming BKS albums (Electronic berlin school masters), very addictive sequencer in this one.  I like the subtle organ sound and the bass sequencer too..

BK&S Teaser Repelen 2014

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: July 02, 2014, 12:47:29 PM »
Abstract Spirit - Schizotherica

I paid about 3500 euro for mine...

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