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My copy arrived at the top of the week. I have to agree with Forrest here, it's a VERY spacey album and has moved into one of my all time favorite Sloan albums. It really reminds me of his earlier "Space Between Beginnings" or "Shoreline of an End" from way back. The production is great and I've been really enjoying this one on headphones or on the big guns in the living room with the sub woofer. Lots of rummbly basses. I'm very curious about the "subliminals" on this album he makes mention of on the liner notes. All in all a great double album from an artist that really doesn't seem to get enough mention. I saw him at the Gatherings this past April and his live set just blew me away. Hopefully that show will see a release at some point. If you haven't heard this album yet, it's a great choice for the coming Fall season.

Been LOVING the new Jason Sloan album "Ending Light." I can't wait to get this album going during the Fall. Wonderful music for that season.
Also been playing the second two album from Ulrich Schnauss, "A Strangely Isolated Place" and "Good Bye"
Pulled out the live Sonic Youth album "Sonic Death Live" the other day from 1985-86. Good stuff. I also downloaded from emusic the second disc of Papa Roach's Emptus. I really like the second track on there a lot "Release." A lot of that track draws on material from the actual album proper, but it's like a good remix. I'm curious about Land Mass now... hopefully it's new material and not recycled Roach. I hate when he does that.


Hi Everyone,

I finally got reregistered since Mike created this new forum. Haven't posted in a while or been here much actually. Seems a little quiet. Maybe everyone's gone for the summer. Anyway, anyone hear Jason's latest yet? I pre-ordered a copy so it should be here soon. It's been a while since Mr. Sloan had a full studio album so I am looking very forward to this double set.  I agree with SIF, the sound samples sound wonderful. I've liked a lot of Jason's recent post "Still" albums, quite a bit, but I'm a sucker for much of his pure space music. Reminds me of William Linton, early Vidna, and GOOD Roach.


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