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« on: March 14, 2012, 09:37:01 AM »

Just a walk through an average Dutch forest:

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During the recording process we regularly visited sacred sites and ancient burial mounts. Places where the dead in antiquity were allowed to safely transition to other realms. This album is about transition too but while still being very much alive.

Instruments used: bamboo flutes, singing bowls, Kontakt, Absynth, Prism, Sculpture, Spacedrone, Metaphysical, Zebra and of course a lot of fieldrecordings.

 Listen to the entire album:  Our website:

The Path of the Mystic

For all darkly inclined ambient spooks, here's a trip through a Dutch forest
wearing nothing put pajamas and strange sunglasses:

When you jump there's no turning back
The sixth and final chapter of a sonic book has been finished. For those of you who like Rich, O÷phoi, False Mirror and Roach, this might be your astral cup of tea.
Listen to the entire album on
Available as a download only.

Hi there,
I've just discovered this forum. My name is Eelke van Hoof (artist name Apollonius) and I'm a musician from The Netherlands. I'm making deep ambient music with my soulmate Wasili Papadopoulos (artist name 33 Tetragammon) and so far we've released 5 albums together and 1 solo album by me. We are both fans of O÷phoi, Robert Rich, lustmord and Steve Roach. I'm very curious what you guys would think of our music and any comments are welcome whether they are 'positive' or 'negative'; we're still learning and are especially interested in knowing what the effect of our music is on people's body, mind and soul. Here is our latest release. It's a download only (we also made two cd's). Thanks beforehand for taking the time to listen. Cheers from The Lowlands, EvH.

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