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I love A Produce. I remember hearing a few tracks of his on Hearts of Space and my favorite track of his was The Golden Needle....absolutely awesome pedal steel guitar. Looooove it.  8) he was awesome and very talented. God Bless him for his work and talent

Hello all, i came across this forum via and the link posted in the untimely death of A Produce. After reading the forum and thread about his death and seeing the amount of ambient music composers I like and admire and listen to reguarly (Numina, Jeff Pearce, Ma Ja Le, etc) here, i knew i had to join. I am an avid listener of Stephen Hills Hearts of Space and first heard those artists on his show and have admired them since. I am also a huge fan of several Spotted Peccary artists as well. I am studying broadcast communications at University of Toledo and hope to become a broadcast meteorologist one day and that signifies my username. Any other questions? Just let me know. Thanks


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