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The Heathen Harvest Periodical is searching for a few good writers whom have a solid understanding of minimal and experimental electronic music. If you're into ambient, IDM, rhythmic industrial, electro-acoustic, or other related genres, please feel free to inquire with Sam at

Thank you very much for your support



  Hello everybody, thought I'd post this here as we are looking for folks who have an interest in all forms of Ambient music, as well as other forms of music.

Greetings, denizens and devotees of the underground. Heathen Harvest, the long-established webzine dedicated to all manner of post-industrial music has been resurrected! We are now proud to be operating in a journal format over at our new home

Over the coming months Heathen Harvest will grow to become something even greater, not just in terms of the content we have planned but in the number of harvesters in our ranks. But we need new members of our Wolf Pack to help with the growing amount of yield to be harvested.

If you are interested in joining our collective, three things are important:

- a far-reaching, in-depth knowledge of your chosen music genres.
- the ability to write well: coherently, intelligently, informatively and intriguingly.
- dedication to our cause and the commitment to writing a specific minimum of articles every month.

What's in it for you?

- the chance to write for the most long-established, respected webzine in the post-industrial underground with a devoted, knowledgeable and friendly collective.
- choice of an immense range of promos crossing all genres from classical to folk to metal to gothic to ambient and beyond. Heathen Harvest has a stream of promotional material constantly flowing in; you choose what you reap and what you sow.
- interview any artist of your choice, we will support you every step of the way from initiation of contact to final product.
- writing for HH truly does serve you as well as it does us. Expect to learn a huge amount with regard to your chosen music styles, and be introduced to an extensive crop of artists you never knew existed. The post-industrial underground is a deep and multi-caverned environment to explore.

In order to apply, please get in touch by writing to

We look forward to hearing from you!

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