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I am glad to introduce my new album Singing Universe. It's an attempt to reflect the diversity and beauty of the Universe through the prism of orchestra. The Stars are smiling to you.

For Modern Classical and Space lovers! I hope you will enjoy :)

Good Day to all! My name is Philipp (also known as Soft Note). I am in love with Ambient and Soundsapes :)
I like to draw music with soud and waveforms to create waste and futuristic soundsapes.

Here you can download my albums in 24 bit Flac for free:

I am trying to create different albums, so if you don't like one - try another. I hope you will find something interesting for yourself.

I recommend next albums:
"You will find yourself in a battlefield where light and darkness meet. Nature vs industrialisation, synthetics vs organic matter, they form a complete sound space full of contrasts and details."
High detailed soundscapes.
This album is for futuristic soundsapes lovers (with lots of details).
"This album is an attempt to combine orchestral music with soundscapes. It can be called psycodelic in some ways. The shape and dynamics of sound worth some special attention as they create otherworld landscapes. All kinds of spectral colours are exercised to piece it together. I hope my work will give free scope to your imagination."
Soft soundsapes where i am using orchestra as core for soundforms. Relaxing and emotional trip before sleep. About nature... about spirits...
"Prepare your space suits! Unknown planets and deep space corners are waiting for new explorers."
Collaboration work with Sinu Spiral. Experimental Electronic space soundsapes.

P.S. From Siberia with love!

Have a nice listening.

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