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Hi everyone,

We released our debut ambient / electronic / misc. album today:

Siperia - Black Magic, White Noise

Siperia is a collective project with an emphasis towards ambient / dark ambient / post-something based in Helsinki, Finland. On this release we've also incorporated poems.

Thanks for your time, I'd love to hear your feedback as this is our first release.

Thanks for the feedback!

I whole-heartedly agree with you on the general suggestion of not using everything - learned that lesson through my other projects :) Especially when being new to a genre/technique/method/etc., it definately is important to experiment a lot and pick out the creme of the crop for actual use. However, in this case I do have to consider the fact that the whole (ie. EP) requires a specific kind of song for this slot in order to keep the overall theme/storyline intact. Originally I made three tracks for this slot and chose this one for refining.

More midrange: The lack of mids was a conscious choice, made in order to emphasize the feeling of emptiness/solitude. I think it works nicely as an effect, but after considering your comment I think the current amount of it may indeed be overkill. I think I'll look into adding some midrange action to some sections, possibly a guitar or a simple bassline played higher on the fretboard, or some other non-synth -instrument.

Reverb: This is definately one of the areas on which I need improvement. I'm more accustomed to mixing relatively simple rock tunes (far from a pro), where a master room reverb and some lighter reverbs on f.ex. guitar will do fine, and the positioning/background/foreground can easily be done by panning, stereo imaging and volume control. I'll have to see how adding the midrange tracks changes the overall picture and work out the new reverbs.

Hi everyone,

I've been reading the Hypnos forums for quite some time, but now that I'm taking my first steps into making electronic/ambientish music, I decided to finally create an account.

A friend of mine and I decided to take a break from our regular music endeavours (alt./indie rock) and do something different for a change. We're currently making a small EP with some ambient/postrock/drone -tracks.

I'm still quite new at making electronic music (started this fall), and would love some critique/comments/pointers. Below's a link to one of the tracks (early mix), which is to be placed between a couple of post-rockish tunes.

Tried to go for feelings of cold, silent, deserted, dark. What do you think, any pointers on how I should improve it? (Note: Other tracks will include analog instruments as well.)

Thanks :)

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