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Ambient Alchemy showcases all original works by me. The podcast feed makes that more clear. You're right, I really should embellish the web site with more information.

I've posted some new sounds to the Ambient Alchemy Podcast website - Passing The Moon.

Thanks for listening!




Playable directly from the website or subscribe to the podcast. This is the start of a space travel series that I will be working on over time.

Thanks for listening!


My name is Jim Young. I'm 58 years old and live in the town of Ashland, Oregon. By day I'm a DBA and data warehouse specialist. By night and weekends, time permitting, I dabble in creating ambient/abstract music. I publish (if you can call it that) my works via my web site Ambient Alchemy, and through the Ambient Alchemy podcast, which is accessible through iTunes, FeedBurner or directly through the RSS feed.

I've been a listener and appreciator of ambient music for many years. I think my first introduction to the genre was Tangerine Dream, later the works of Jonn Serrie , Michael Stearns, Ray Lynch. These days I listen to a steady diet of Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Erik Wollo and also enjoy the more dark edgy stuff like Sky Burial. I'm a huge fan of the Space Music podcast, TC puts on a great show. I was a regular listener to HOS and Echos, until, sadly, our local NPR station dropped those programs in favor of pretty much endless jazz.

I stumbled across this forum while looking for an online community that was centered around ambient music and its composition. It looks like I've found the right place!

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