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Everything and Nothing / Re: Sad News
« on: October 19, 2009, 05:14:10 PM »
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm sitting here with our Dad, reading your tributes; we knew Jim was part of the community, but we had no idea how deeply he was ingrained. We are deeply moved.

Tomorrow, before we leave for the viewing, I am going to print out this topic and share it with Jim's family and friends. It is important to know how much he meant to his friends.

This is Jim's father. I didn't know him the same way you did. When we were younger, I managed him on the baseball teams. I taught him to drive. We went on vacations. I made him cut the grass. I was at both his weddings. He was my son. I will miss him.

Everything and Nothing / Re: Sad News
« on: October 18, 2009, 01:46:26 PM »
Thank you, everyone. It appears Jim had a heart attack last night while typing on the computer. Dad called him and talked to him around 6PM, and I called him at 9PM, just to say hello and that I was thinking of him, but he didn't answer; he must have been gone by then. Linda came home later and found him slumped on the floor.

Without question, Jim was fortunate to experience the love of his grandchildren; they idolized him, and he loved them so, so dearly. They will miss him so much. He leaves a hole in all our lives, but especially in theirs. They were lucky as well, to have a grandfather who loved them so unconditionally.

When Jim and I were growing up, in the mid 60s and early 70s, we used to share and argue about music; I listened to Beatles and Stones, he listened to Yes and ELP. Our tastes criss-crossed somewhat; we both listened to King Crimson. When the punk and new wave scene hit, we both loved just about everything, but he was still supplementing his Clash and PIL records with Gentle Giant, and Fripp and Eno  and Music for Airports. We went to see Elvis Costello and Blondie and Patty Smith, but we also saw The League of Gentlemen (awesome show, encore was a 30 minute version of Steve Winwood's "Walking in the Wind" that started off as free form noodling, evolved into the theme, soared into the heavens, degenerated into shapelessness and petered out). In the late '80s Jim started listening to instrumental music exclusively; in addition to electronic and ambient music, he also loved classical music, symphonic music. As in everything he did, there was no halfway; he would have 5 different versions of the same symphony, preferring each at different times for different reasons. He really had a discerning ear, and a beautiful way of expressing it. We didn't always agree on what we liked, but I could read what he wrote and hear what he heard and understand.

We both grew up as Pittsburgh Pirates fans; fans as in, fanatics, and even when we were at odds with each other (as brothers often are), we found common ground in our Buccos. We went to hundreds of games together, and we made the Pirates' 100th anniversary yearbook. This is my favorite picture of us together, back in our hell-raising days, 1979. That's Jim, front and center, and me behind Willie's hand. We had us some times.

Everything and Nothing / Sad News
« on: October 17, 2009, 10:58:03 PM »
This is Jim Brenholts's brother Tom; I have some sad news.

Our Jim (Rigel Orionis) passed away this evening. I saw that there was an earlier post about his health; thank you all for caring so much.

I don't have any details yet, the news is less than an hour old. It is hard now; everyone's cyber life is just as large and just as real as their personal life, and you were his friends, too, whether you met him or only "met" him. If you knew him, know that Jim was very passionate about you. Jim cared. Jim's wife Linda and I have no idea how large Jim's reach is on the internet. I'm hoping that this is a start in letting everyone know the sad news.

Music was a huge part of Jim's life, since we were little kids sharing the same room. His discovery of and subsequent immersion in the world of electronic and ambient music was truly part of who Jim was, and will forever be part of him as long as he is in our hearts and minds. This wasn't something he did; it is something he was.

Check the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's website for obituary news; we are still in shock, and that is the best way to find out any details about services.

edited to add,

If there is anywhere else that people need to know, please share the news. It is unfamiliar ground, how to communicate with a loved one's online life.

Tom Brenholts

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