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Sorry for the late reply. I thought I had turned on notifications for new replies, but I guess not  ;)

During the Chill-Out Music Experience workshop, each group (3 to 5 people) can decide what type of ambient / chill-out music they want to create and produce. So if the group decides to make a dark ambient production, even while not being in Scandinavia, they can go ahead and work play towards that.

By the way, this is also a nice opportunity to bring you up to speed on the Chill-Out Music Experience, which is coming up soon now, starting at September 27th. Every participant receives a FREE 4-day ticket to the Space Mountain Festival which is held straight after the Chill-Out Music Experience workshop and is organized by Martin "Youth" Glover. The festival creates a connection with the pulse of nature through the mystery and beauty of music, literature, film & art, by interactive studio sessions, live music by some of the best Chillout & Ambient DJ’s, a divers range of cultural events, film screenings, workshops, and so on.

Read more about the festival here:

Information about the Chill-Out Music Experience workshop can be found here:

You can also check out our blogs which cover several topics, from chill-out music production to Youth's role in chill-out / ambient music:

If you have any questions, shoot!  :)


Good day everyone!

I'm new here and want to tell you about a unique 10-day chill-out music production workshop in Andalusia, Spain: The Chill-Out Music Experience.

Our press release says it best:

Sound University Europe offers a unique 10-day workshop for chill-out music enthusiasts to make a chill-out/ambient music production in Logic Pro. You get to work with legendary producer Martin “Youth” Glover in his Space Mountain Studios where we will finalise our music productions.

This all takes place in an epic chill-out environment in Andalusia, Spain from September 27th until October 8th 2019.

Martin “Youth” Glover is a highly respected and experienced music producer. He is able to produce almost any musical style and worked for a wide range of artists including the Orb, the Verve, Crowded House and U2. He also has a special talent for and interest in producing chill-out/ambient music, considering the several chill-out/ambient/downtempo labels he setup like Liquid Sound Design, Painted Word and Suriya Recordings featuring releases of artists like The Irresistible Force, DF Tram and Roger Eno.

More information can be found on

Straight after the Chill-Out Music Experience, the Space Mountain Festival takes place, which is also organised by Martin Glover. You can even win a free ticket for the 4-day festival. Details are on our website, so go ahead and have a look  :)

For questions, you can email me at


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