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Everything and Nothing / Union
« on: July 20, 2014, 11:19:41 AM »
Any one here in AFM?  Any thoughts or experiences.

Everything and Nothing / Happy July 19!
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:41:53 PM »
Didn't know how else to subject this.  I haven't been around in ages.  Working in a nursing home has consumed me.  Cut off the tip of my thumb a week ago, but I'm ok.  Just not playing guitar much right now.  Oenyaw album #36 is complete.  I figured out I have broken my 200 hours of music recorded mark.
Still alive and well!

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Oenyaw: Volume #32
« on: September 22, 2013, 07:30:40 AM »
Waiting for the Mortician
(...or someone like him)
Open Night at the Vogon Poetry Club

01-Megabrantis Cluster
02-The Beating and Clubing Is Part Of The Dance
03-Coctails, Anyone?
04-Time To Fold Your Towel
05-Visions Swam Sickeningly Through His Nauseated Brain
06-Turn Me On, Dead Man
07-Interstellular Distances Will Not Fit Into The Human Imagination
08-So This Is It, We're Going To Die
09-Oh, Those Santraginean Fish

This may be the closest example of an Oenyaw "tribute" album yet.  I have stated that my favorite Beatles track is "Revolution #9", my inspiration in literature is Douglas Adams, and the only comedy I consider worth listening is The Firesign Theater.  The dual title is my homage to all the dual titled Bullwinkle episodes.    The idea comes from a memory of walking into an amusing open night night at a local bar in Tallahassee.   A bunch of drunks let loose from the rehab and put on a stage. A few of the tracks are many short tracks mixed together, a couple are typical Oenyaw, and one is a speach by Fearless Leader.

All tracks assembled by Oenyaw
Copyright 2013 David Wayne Higgins, CDM/CFPP

4 will give you a general idea.  I've done an album entitled "WAR!"  I'll write more when I have the courage. :-X

My son is still at it.  He's gotten to this point.
The first album, "Leave That World Behind" is now up.  When you click it on, it will play in your media player.

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / really cheap set of dvds
« on: March 07, 2012, 01:46:48 PM »
I got a $10 set of 50 movies, the Sci-fi invasion set.  The reason was that "Galaxina" and "The Brother From Another Planet" were in the set.  "The Brother From Another Planet" is one of the best sci-fi flicks ever.  Very low budget, but great.


I earlier mention this one under another name.  When my wife heard it, she said it sounded more like Edgar Allen Poe than William Blake.  The title changed.  I think it is more apt for what I did.  I recorded this thing in August when my wife was in Alaska.  Let's just say the recordings were inspired under a slight influence of Jameson whiskey. :P

Everything and Nothing / Am I back?
« on: March 05, 2012, 03:29:07 PM »
I put this on the blog today.  First thing I've written in months.


Once again, I have been a victim of the dreaded condition.  After a two month bout, I think I am finally over it.  The odd thing is that when you deal with vertigo for an extended period of time, there is a bit of uncertainty that follows.  Am I really over it, or am I still dizzy?  I really hate it.  I kept telling myself that it wasn't that bad this time, but every time I though it was gone, I would lean over in a direction that would get everything going and everything would get going and I would be stumbling around for a few days.  This time, when I went to the ENT, I was thinking "Oh, it's not really that bad" even though I was walking down the hallway feeling like the wals were at an angle, the ceiling thinner that the floor.  I lied down with the doctor holding my head and I was on a roller coaster.  It's interesting when the feeling hits, and the little chrystals start moving through the inner ear canals like a high speed subway, I instantly, and instinctively try to go into a fetal position.  All in all, I'm much better now."

Also, my homelife has changed from living with an elderly person to caring for an elderly person.  It's been a roller coaster of a year.  Needless to say, extreme happiness knowing that a short vacation trip to Boston to see The Dropkick Murphys and The Barber of Seville is a week away.

Listening: Podcasts, Mixes, and Music Sample Clips / Another Oenyaw album
« on: January 23, 2012, 02:53:45 PM »
My son, the software guy, did a new podcast page for me.  He had troubles with the previous site, so he changed the location.  He put up the newest album (number 22).  is the location.

A Round Trip, version 1
The Party Car
This will get us an R-rating for sure
Animitronic Conductors
Closely Watched
Suspense, like picking the right color
A Round Trip, version 2

"A Round Trip" is a train ride, as wall as a psychedlic play on words.  The title track, "A Round Trip", is presented in two versions.  I have never done this before, and probably never do it again.  It's just that I remixed it and couldn't decide which one to use.  So I thought, it the usual 6 hour album, so why not put both versions on it.  You know, the bonus track remix sort of thing.  Version 1 is slightly longer than version 2, and I feel I got a few batang-batang-tang-tang-tang echoes in there quite nicely.  (The entire thing is electric guitar, BTW.)  "The Party Car" is a retreat into a party atmosphere where you don't know what to expect. Combination percussion software and sequencer.  Admittingly a cheaply done track while ... partying.  "This will get us an R-rating for sure" is a another percussion software track, accompanying a mechanical device.  Not nearly as assaulting as the previous track.  "Animitronic Conductors" is a playing-around-with-the-sequencer track, as is "Suspense, like picking the right color".  Getting carried with a toy, I know, but I have been quite busy lately as well as I had to replace my recording device for the guitar.  "Closely Watched" is the focal point of the album.  Slightly over 2 hours long, it is the most "Oenyaw" thing about the album.  Dreamy,  atmospheric, all electric guitar.



Free listening
"Throwing Rocks At The Sun"


Sweet Dreams.

BTW:  I've been away for a while.  Work load increase (getting ready for once every two year audit), trip to Baltimore (watched the Orioles beat the Red Sox, last game of the season), sick dog (Ringo has been battleing skin infections), cat murdered by dog from across the street, and now they want me to get an endoscopy and a colonoscopy at the same gig.  What a rush, it's no wonder I have developed a stuttering problem.  Oh, well, could be worse.

Have a good one! 8)

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Another Oenyaw
« on: June 29, 2011, 08:58:46 AM »
This months free-for-listening album is "A Party Of One at the Restaurant at the end of the Universe." 
It is 5 hours and 41 minutes long, and has 16 tracks.

01-Ganesha       3:10
02-3am Cab Ride From The Airport to the Hotel   30:45
03-Belvedere       7:43
04-Lysergic Martini      22:43
05-The Pumpkin Girl      6:15
06-On A Distant Shore      10:47
07-Idyll Idol Idle Ideal     29:49
08-Land Of The Elephants     18:40
09-Deadalus       34:45
10-Initiation of Mithras     8:55
11-Underneath The Overpass     11:33
12-The Dreams Of The Innocent     49:11
13-Left For Dead On The Subway Tracks    19:43
14-Vanilla Shake      20:41
15-112807 (Live From The Lighthouse Keepers Convention)  61:25
16-Mei Fu Flies a Phoenix To Feihong    5:27

Explinations are found on my new blog page

This one even had a review by Dene

Drop by for a listen.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / "Songs of Praise and Torture"
« on: May 23, 2011, 06:57:45 AM »
New update on Oenyaw's Public Radio site.

"Songs of Praise and Torture"
Track Listing: 01: Invocation 12:53
02: Basillica Neptuni 43:36
03: An Ever Bubbling Fountain of Resplendence 49:44
04: John's Cage 19:19
05: Indian Summer 14:55
06: The Big Blue Dream 51:30
07: Mid-evil Mantra 21:59
08: It was a dark and stormy night... 14:10
09: An Evening In The Lion's Den 1:10:46
10: Sunrise On North Field 33:09 Total Time 5:31:09

The plan now is to feature an MP3 album on the site for free listening each month.
Tune in and enjoy your day.

Now Playing / "Rescuing Andromeda"
« on: May 02, 2011, 09:34:53 AM »
My son is really gettin into it.  He put up the entire album.

The album is 5 hrs and 50 minutes in length.  It contains 
Live From The Cafe Annapurna 61:41 (actual live performace from April 2009)
A Beautiful Tattoo 45:50
Let's Go For A Swim 60:07
Those Little Men In The Ceiling Tiles Never Stop Working 60:26
The Web Construction Kit 66:59
Rescuing Andromeda 55:29 

Have a listen.  Fall alseep with it on.  Sweet dreams.

Now Playing / Oenyaw Public Radio
« on: March 22, 2011, 03:20:25 PM »
My son is working on a website for me.  It's still in construction, but have a listen.

Everything and Nothing / Happy thoughts
« on: December 22, 2010, 09:49:25 AM »
I sure am glad I live in Florida.

C'mon.  Spread the happiness.  Share and Enjoy.

Everything and Nothing / New Dog Story
« on: December 09, 2010, 08:50:11 AM »
Here begins the story. I went to the shelter in Monticello, FL yesterday and met an adorable dog. She looks like a small Newfoundland. She, and her 3 siblings, were found in a box on the side of the road a year ago. All her brothers and sisters were adopted, she has a droopy eye and is still at the shelter. She is extremely shy and is afraid to leave her surroundings, her "universe": the animal shelter. She was ok with me and I was able to pet her, but all she wanted to do while on a leash with me was go back to a pen, and any pen would do. Friendly with all other animals. In short, this will need work.

The plan as of now... We are going to take Ringo to the shelter (and I hope he doesn't get the wrong idea) to meet her. I am going to the shelter every morning before going to work (I may at one point decide to stay and not go to work anyway), possibly feed her in the mornings until she is comfortable with me. This one may take some time. Any advice will be appriciated. I will keep updating this, and will add pictures when she is home with us.

Day 2: I went in in Friday morning. The care taker brought her out to me and gave me some food for her. She was too nervous, so I took her to her pen. I sat inside with her for about 15 minutes, she sat near the fence, wouldn't come to me, but watched me the entier time.

Day 3: My wife and I took Ringo and it was a sucess. Ringo is a friendly dog, and there was no agression between the two at all. I was taking Ringo back to her pen, but since he had never been in such a place, he was quie frightened. So I went back out front, and they brought Gwenie to us. She eventually sat with me, had her head on my lap at one time, was fine with Ringo, overall she did not have a constant desire to getaway. She became comfortable with us. The four of us went for a walk at a nearby park and things went well.

I won't be able to go back until Thursday. I will take an old t-shirt.

Day 4: The break was due to going to Tampa to see Roger do The Wall (incredible, BTW). I went to the shelter Thursday morning. I went into her pen. She wouldn't come to me on her own, but continued to circle around me. There was another dog in the pen, he was all over me. I left a shirt for her to sleep with.

Day 5: Friday. I had to take Ringo to the vet for the day. I asked them to get Gwenie and put her in the pen next to him for the day. All went well. When I picked up Ringo, they brought out Gwenie and she jumped right into the car with us. I brought her home. She spent the night very timid, shy, and slept in the laundry room. Ringo and Won-Li were perfect gentlemen about the whole thing. Sparky (the old orange tabby) was quite curious.

Day 6: Saturday. She has checked out the house on her own. She loves going for walks and does quite well on the leash. AND....... while watching a movie last night, she walked up to me, sat beside me and licked my hand! Mission accomplished!

A week later, Queenie is very happy. She like to play with my hands when I sit my recliner and hang them off the back. She plays with all of our other animals (2 dogs, 2 cats). And she loves to run. She took off this morning and just ran in circles around the yard (we have 2 acres cleared, 3 are forest.)

Everything and Nothing / looking for lyrics
« on: October 08, 2010, 11:42:27 AM »
If anyone here writes lyrics or knows of a good place to find people who do, please let me know.

Everything and Nothing / Sheeba ?-9/18/2010
« on: September 27, 2010, 12:11:47 PM »

Sheeba was rescued in 2006.  She had been abandoned in a mobile home by a bunch of idiots, where the only thing left for her and another dog was a bag of deer corn.  When they were both rescued, they had heart worms, and most of their teeth were broken.  Sheeba survived the heart worms, the other dog didn't.  Sheeba was taken in by a man who was a truck driver, and she spent many happy years travelling in the cab.  As time went on, Sheeb came down with hip dysplasia.  The trucker got married to a woman with two children.  The two children proved to be too much for Sheeba.  Not at the fault of the children, but Sheeba was in constant pain and needed a more relaxed environment.

This is were I came in.  Sheeba was staying at our vet's kennel.  She was too sick to return home, but too well to be put down.  Our vet's assistant asked me if I could provide a "Hospice" situation for Sheeba.  A quite place, with lots of room, and other docile dogs to hang out with.  Sheeba had a difficult time getting around, primarily sitting or lying down, and she only had a few teeth left.  She needed daily medication, and had a regular eating schedule.  I took her in and my dogs were very receptive to Sheeba. 

I had never had a Siberian Huskie before.  They are quite vocal.  When it was time to eat, "BARK!."  If it was four in the morning and she needed to go out, "BARK!"  If you were eating and she wanted you to share "BARK!"  Often more than one bark, and very loud.  The best thing about Sheeba was that every time I would pet her, she would put her head in my hand and give me a big "Oh thank you" look.  She was with us for four months.  Friday night, as the vet had warned me, she laid down and could not get up.  I got her some sedatives so she could sleep through the night, but she continued to whimper until she finally went to sleep around 2am.  The next morning, she was pretty much gone.  Our vet came to our house and put her sleep.

If any one out there reads this and is considering adopting a dog, consider the old and abandoned ones.  No one knew how old Sheeba was, and she instantly accept her new home with us.  The short time we spent was very valuable, and even though she was only with us for a few months, she will be as missed as any other dog or cat we have had.

I just got word on a new Margret Nobel project.  Should be interesting, worth looking into.

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