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:D  Hi to all Eno lovers (I'm guessing there's a few here).
The BBC have been making some great music based programmes and here's another that is destined to be essential viewing. The fabulous TV series Arena has made a one hour special about one of my all-time musical heroes, the one and only Brian Eno. Sorry this is late notice, but it's first showing on BBC4, Friday 22nd Jan at 21.00, although it will be repeated. Here's a quote:
"Eno has given Arena unprecedented access to observe him working in his studio and talking with friends and colleagues. The master of reinvention engages with fellow influential minds, including Richard Dawkins, Malcolm Gladwell, David Whittaker and Steve Lillywhite, in a series of conversations on science, art, systems analysis, producing and cybernetics."

Here's a link to the info:

And here's a link to the BBC blog about it:

As if that wasn't enough, right after it at 22.00 is another one hour show called Brian Eno: Hits, Classics and Tracks, where Paul Morley talks about some of Eno's hit tracks, either as musician or producer.
Here's the link for that one:

And here's the tracklist for that show to whet your appetite (OK, you might not like them all, but there's some real classics here!):
Roxy Music Virginia Plain
Roxy Music Ladytron
Roxy Music Grey Lagoons
Nico The End
David Bowie Heroes
David Bowie Boys Keep Swinging
Ultravox My Sex
Devo Jocko Homo
Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime
Brian Eno & David Byrne The Jezebel Spirit
U2 With or Without You
Passengers Miss Sarajevo
Coldplay Viva La Vida
David Byrne Life is Long

Also, if you missed it first time around, right afterwards they're repeating The Roxy Music Story yet again at 23.00.
Here's the link for that one:

If you miss any of these shows they'll all be repeated at some point, so keep your eyes open, and as usual they'll also be available on the BBCiPlayer for a while:

The BBC are spoiling us!
Sonic   ;)

 :D To all who may be interested,
At long last I have a pre-master version of a new track on Soundclick, so here's some details to whet your appetite.

'Lost Children of Electroland' uses only very cheap instruments normally associated with children, plus vocals (all laced liberally with effects of course). It's a simple little ditty and listening on headphones is probably best unless you have great computer monitors.

In order of appearance, instruments used are:
two kids toy Xylophones (metal and plastic pull-along type with wheels), two old wooden school Tambourines (missing their skins), Electronic Percussion (from the tacky built-in rhythm machine of a tiny child's PortaSound), plastic toy Clarina (from Poland), Descant Recorder (standard school type but nice wood, not plastic), plus a Stylophone (yes, the very thing once made famous by the great Rolf Harris!).

Here's the usual linkage to the track which is at the top of my music page:

 8) Thanks for reading and feel free to expose yourself by saying a few words about my latest offering, if you want to that is. I hope you enjoy this in one way or another, as it's had a rather overdrawn conception, to say the least !!!.

Sonic  :)

Everything and Nothing / Artistic Expression with Original PhotoMontage
« on: December 22, 2008, 05:31:14 PM »
:D  Hi to all,
I've created some abstract images (from my own original photography) to go with my music and you can view them on my profile page if you wish to:

Scroll down quickly to the slide-show. You can stop the slide-show moving if you want to, by just clicking on an image within it, or wait until the end and play again.

 8) Please feel free to give me your thoughts.

Hope you enjoy the art from my inner space, folks!
Sonic   ;)

:) Hi once more to all.
I've recently put a new track on Soundclick, so here's some hopefully interesting info about my latest creative doodling.

It's titled 'Escape To Your Dreams Until Morning' and is intended as a musical meditation with a little bit of an edge to it. Once again I decided to abandon the guitars and synths and instead I've used a variety of quite unusual all-acoustic instruments, recorded using a reasonable quality microphone, while being processed with painstakenly chosen, sympathetic effects to enhance the atmosphere.

Instruments used in order of appearance are:
Tibetan Tingsha's, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Copper Goatbell Tri-cluster (from Sweden), Layered Choral Voices, Hammered 12-string Box Zither, Spoken Voice, Magic Mushroom Woodflute (hand carved by flute maker Blue Deer Spirit) and, last but not least, the Cello (after which, the Tibetan and Swedish hand percussion elements then re-appear at the end).

I wanted a very human feel to this, so with this in mind the Zither was played straight through in one take and the flute was improvised free-form, and also recorded in one take.

Here's the link to my music page if you'd like to give it a spin now that you've read these details:

I've also created a new image (from my own original photography) to go with the track. You can see a larger version if you jump to my member profile page and scroll down quickly to the slide-show (you can stop the slide-show moving if you want to, by just clicking on an image).

8) Thanks for reading this far and please feel free to give me your thoughts.

Hope you enjoy the sounds from my inner space, folks!
Garden  ;)

Everything and Nothing / How do I change my log-in name?
« on: December 18, 2008, 07:10:41 PM »
Hi, I'd like to change my log-in name to something different, but don't seem to be able to do that within my profile settings.

Is it possible at all? How do I ask an administrator?

Thanks in advance.
Garden  ???

 :) Hi to all you fine folk here,
I've decided to put this older musical offering up on Soundclick. It's called The Eternal Light of Will and was my contribution to the Confessions of Young Moderns tribute to Bill Nelson 3CD set. This was the first track recorded under the name Garden of Surreal Dreams in September 2000, after a number years absence from making music, so although it has a few small gremlins present, it really has a special place in my heart.

Here's a direct link to this track if you'd like to listen:

It's a journey in a way and goes through a number of changes during the almost six minutes duration. The vocals don't come in until over half way (excluding the spoken voice sample near the beginning). For this track I've used 12-string semi acoustic guitar, 6-string electric guitars, digital synthesizer, drum machine, vocals, plus limited hand percussion (home-made shaker & Circulon saucepan lids nice tone man!). Play loud and you'll get a nice surprise when the drum beat eventually kicks in!

Listening back after all these years, the vocals seem a bit too low in the mix, so you might want to check the lyrics to appreciate what's being sung. I may re-record it sometime with better production values, but for now I like to think of it as one of my very slightly rough diamonds.

Thanks for reading and, in advance, for listening.
Hope you can hear the passion that went into this track and please let me know if you enjoy it.
Garden  ;)

 ;) To all dreamers out there,
A few years ago I put together a short piece of sound-art for entry into the Big Art Challenge 2004 competition, run by UK's Channel 5 TV, for a new series. Then in 2005 I also sent it to Sonic Arts Network for possible inclusion on a compilation CD, but the project didn't go ahead as planned. So, I've put it on my Soundclick page to give it a reason for being and was pleasantly surprised when it went to the No.1 spot in Soundclick's 'Electronica>Noise' chart in late Jan '08.

It's called Foetus Dreaming and at the time of its conception I was wondering if babies actually dream while still in the womb. If so, then sounds getting through from the world outside may influence those dreams.

No instruments are used (real or virtual) and all the found-sounds are recorded by mic onto a 4-track. I've purposely mixed and mastered it so that each sound isn't too obvious, and also to lend it a cavernous quality. Has to be heard on headphones really, not only to get into the feeling but also to be able to pick out the very subtle montage of sounds. It's only 2 mins 38 secs long, so you might want to have a bit of fun trying to identify each sound used to build the whole montage.

Here's a direct link to this piece if you'd like to check it out:

Hope you find it stimulating or interesting in some way. If anyone would like to comment on how they feel about this piece and let me know if it does anything for them on any level, then please do.
Garden  :)

 ;D A big hi to you all once again,

This is a dark filmic sonic tapestry called From Nowhere To Here And Back Again on which I used Cymbals, Primal Howls, Saxaphone, Violin, Bamboo Flute, Harmonica and Otherworldly Voices. All instrumentation and voices were improvised and recorded in one take within nature, in a field in Epping Forest (England), with processing and layering taken care of later.

By improvising, with no thought given to structure at the time of playing, it is entirely possible that the mind is open to being influenced by any mischievous passing spirits that might be around and who want to express themselves in some way music from another dimension perhaps. Who knows what other realities are beyond our understanding?

Even though it should be obvious by my instrumentation list, I'd just like to point out that NO synths or samplers were used in the origination, destruction and eventual re-creation of this piece.

Definitely best listened to on headphones in a low-lit room, as loud as is comfortable, to hear the subtle shifting frequencies that make up the wash of sound. Check it out on my Soundclick page at this direct track link:

I must say that I was over the moon when this track made it to the No.1 spot in Soundclick's 'Electronica>Experimental Sounds' chart in early November '07.

Many thanks for your time, all you good folk, and please feel free to share your thoughts with me.
Garden  ;)

 ;D Hi to all dreaming dancers,

A fairly up-tempo track called Moments Merge In Time that was created using multi-layered electrickery guitar atmospherics over solid multi-overlaid purposely offset deep drum machine rhythms, with a couple of twists to keep you on your toes. For those who feel like hearing ambience with rhythm. You can dance or dream (or maybe both!).

If you'd like to hear it then please check out this direct track link:

Thanks for reading and Please give me your thoughts if you'd like to.
Garden  8)

 :) Hi All,

This is an instrumental piece called 'Solace Found in Summer Fields'. This version is totally acoustic and recorded live in one take, with absolutely no studio trickery or effects, as it was written and recorded especially for an 'Unplugged' challenge.

Played on a slightly detuned early 1900's Blankenstein overstrung upright Piano and best listened to on headphones or very good speakers to hear the deeper chords and natural string reverberation (captured using 3 mics).

Here's a direct link:

Hope you like it.  Please give me your thoughts if you'd like to.
Garden  ;)

 :) Hi to all.

I recorded this song in a little bit of a rush, especially for a project with a deadline and I must admit that a few oddities crept in. I'll probably re-visit it one day, but for now I think it has enough atmosphere to offer to you in it's slightly flawed and fragile form. It's better to listen on headphones at a reasonable volume, as there are subtleties in the background that may not be very noticeable on computer speakers (unless they're good).

It's on the more experimental side of things and for this track I decided to put aside the guitars and synths, and instead used only Vocals, Violin, Arpa Magica, Electronic Treatments and Looped Heartbeat Skindrum.

The title of the track is 'Love Will Not Die When My Heart Stops Beating'. Here's a direct link:

Thanks for your time and hope you enjoy the sounds. Please give me your thoughts if you'd like to.
Garden  ;)

 :) Hi to all you film buffs out there,
A short while ago, the film 'Beowulf' was released in super-duper 3D (although I didn't actually see it!) and it got me thinking that if the 3D effect was as good as they say, then how long would it be until all films are made in 3D. Well apparently, big changes are coming in movies and it's all really kicking off this year.
In the January 9th edition of the UK's Independent newspaper, Rebecca Armstrong reports on upcoming 3D films, which include:

U2 3D an IMAX (large format) film about the rock group U2.

Journey to the Center of the Earth an adaptation of the book by Jules Verne.

Final Destination 4 a continuation of the horror series.

Coraline an animated based on Neil Gaiman's novella.

Monsters VS Aliens a Dreamworks 1950s-style sci-fi adventure.

Avatar   a sci-fi blockbuster from "Titanic" director James Cameron.

Also, and maybe best of all, from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson (who directed the Lord of the Rings films), comes a trilogy of Tintin.

Follow this link for the whole article:

I personally can't wait for it all to really get going properly, but I'm particularly looking forward to Tintin.
Garden  8)

Glad to see the Hypnos forum back in action and slowly building up again. I saw it suggested that we post some of the messages that we'd originally put on before the old forum was lost. So, below is my previous introductory message that was in this part of the forum before it disappeared into the ether! :

 :) Hi to everyone who visits, and runs, this site.
 8) I was recently alerted to this site forum and it looks like a great place, so I've decided to register and I'll try to add some interesting posts in the future, as well as adding my own thoughts to other's posts if I feel that I've got something worthwhile to say. I'm into all sorts of music genres and styles, with ambient, atmospheric and electronic/experimental being big favourites.

I've been in bands and made quite a lot of various styles of music myself over the years, but have also had years of abstinence during certain periods for various reasons. If anyone's interested to find out more about me and listen to some of my current music, then you may wish to visit my Soundclick page link at the bottom of this message, where there is an interview of sorts and some free downloads that may, or may not, be to your taste.

Anyway, that's all for now and I look forward to visiting when I can.

Over and out for now,
Garden  ;)

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