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Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / LFOUFO
« on: July 07, 2014, 09:28:50 AM »
Greetings. I wanted to spread the word that I have a new album out. LFOUFO. My first full length album since Sleek Nucleus!


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Shortcircuit
« on: September 30, 2013, 07:50:41 PM »
About a year ago I was searching for a sampler that had good interpolation. I like to sample one string sound and then play chords with it. I don't like to multisample! I was thinking of one of those Roland hardware samplers that came out right before computers took over. I can't remember the name but it basically stretched a sample across the keyboard. After I looked at those a bit closer they're basically door stops. Recently I stumbled across a vst sampler called Shortcircuit. They must not have made any money of it as it's available for free. I think this is one of the most musical samplers I've ever come across. I'm not sure what process they use but samples smoothly transition across the keyboard. Plus, they have some very nice modulation options including step sequencers for LFO's. The filters are great also.

Worth looking into but be aware some newer programs won't play it. I'm running it in XP on Ableton and it's very stable. You have to downsample to 16 bit before it will see your samples. Took me a few days to figure that part out!



I am pleased to announce FORMATION, my first in a series of smaller track count releases. FORMATION is 4 signature electronic tracks which carry on the vibe of Sleek Nucleus with an infusion of classic sonic textures from earlier albums like Outfolding or Zo Pilots.

FORMATION is a name your price download. This simply means you set your own price on checkout. A suggested price of $3.00 U.S. will continue to support my future releases.

If you are interested in reviewing FORMATION or adding to your radio playlist, simply enter 0 on checkout. Your download is on me!

Thank you for your continued support!


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Nice Spring Reverb
« on: December 29, 2011, 11:49:11 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I'm on this guitar pedal binge. I came across this really nice build your own pedal site. The kits are complete and really simple with very little experience needed. I just finished this reverb and it sounds really great. Super old school spring quality. Very warm with a true spring sound.

I have 3 more coming.  5 knob compressor, analog delay, and lazy sprocket.

I thought I would post the link in case any of you are looking for pedals and don't mind building the kits.


Computers, Internet and Technology / Social Website Burnout
« on: May 30, 2011, 09:34:16 PM »
In the last few weeks I've been feeling like It's getting harder and harder to stay up-to-date with all the things your "suppose" to do to do as a musician to promote your music. I have been looking at some companies that offer packages that allow you to easily maintain a web presence but also offer ways to disperse your news to other sites like facebook. One of these sites is called GUGUCHU.COM. Reverbnation is another.  These sites allow you to create stores, presskits, mailing lists, rss news feeds that go out to your social network sites etc. etc.  Some of them charge a monthly fee which I guess would be ok if it would make managing everything easier. However, on closer look most of them don't seem quite right for me. Perhaps they're better fit for new singer songwriter type musicians etc.

Has anyone here seen anything online that is like GUGUCHU but more appropriate for electronic musicians? Meaning, I don't want another social network site. I want something that can serve as the central brain for my music, news, cd sales and promotion.

This is what's became of me:

Tunecore html
Facebook - finally broke down and made a page...

Other sites people tell me I need to have

Kind of getting ridiculous.  ?? :) How are we as artists suppose to manage all this and still write music? Maybe I need to get an Kramerica Intern.

I'm excited to announce that my latest album Sleek Nucleus is just about ready for release. I'm working towards a June 1st digipack release followed closely by itunes and emusic. The cd is done but I'm waiting for the graphic design work to finish up.  I'll update this page when it's available but in the mean time I have posted the track We. Are. Signals as a youtube video on my site along with a form to add your email if your interested in receiving a mailing when the album is available.


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Mini Synth Recommendation
« on: March 12, 2011, 11:34:46 AM »
Hi Everyone. For a few years now I've been using my Dave Smith Evolver as a way to compose or sketch music outside my studio. I usually take it with me everywhere and find composing via the matrix and sequencer to work perfectly to my style of writing.  When you pull the evolver out at the airport and put on some big headphones you get a lot of stares. People can not figure out what it is.  :)  Problem is that I've had it since it came out and I'm tiring of it a bit and looking for something new.  I can't find a single synth out there that works in relatively the same way. meaning, the ability to disconnect, make music and reconnect. Everything else either is too big, or is either a synth but no sequencer or visa versa or is uninteresting to me sound wise.  I'm sort of interested in the IPAD thinking I could buy one nice synth and use it just for that. However, things like the ipad lack focus for me because they're full of so many "other" things.  Also connecting an ipad to the computer is a pain with itunes. My ipod touch takes 3 hours to update. I am starting to hate it. 

I want a portable synth with a sequencer.  Here's a few things I've been looking at:

OP1 synth seams really nice but they're continuously sold out. Anyone know anyone at Teenage Engineering?

Tetra from Dave Smith. I like this one but it doesn't have the programming ability that the evolver has.

Blofeld - If this had 8 sequencer knobs on it I would buy it today. But, alas, it looks terrible to program outside the studio.

German synths - I can't remember the name but their are these little german synths that look like the evolver but they seem to be more tb303 clone kind of things.

Korg MS20 on a Nintendo.  A few years ago someone gave me an ms20 cartridge for the nintendo. However, I don't have a Nintendo! Plus, no midi means I can't move it over to Ableton.

I know there must be something out there. I was hoping you guys might know of a little dedicated synth that I can fit in my backpack!


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Beta Test Drum Machine for Ableton Live 8
« on: January 22, 2010, 09:55:04 PM »

I'm looking for a few beta testers who would be interesting in spending a half hour checking out a drum machine I've built/designed for Live 8. There's just a few questions I'll have for you and you get to keep the drum machine (which includes almost 1000 drum sounds).  Mike's on the list but I would love to have 5 or 6 people give it a good look.

Please email me through the forum. Total time required is probably 30 - 40 minutes.


Live 8
mac or pc

Now Playing / Downpipe
« on: January 16, 2010, 10:03:58 PM »
My opinion would be that this track is one of the best dance tracks ever written:

Sounds like LA at 3am in a Maserati......


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Punch - ERM
« on: January 14, 2010, 09:58:01 PM »
Hi! Quite a few years ago I made a sample cd called Punch-ERM. I was curious if anyone on the forum has this? I sort of think there may have a been a few of you I gave the wav files to. I have one old cd with this collection on it and non of my computers will read it! If you do have the wav files mind contacting me offline?


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Morning Ramblings....
« on: December 06, 2009, 10:46:44 AM »
A few weeks ago, I downloaded Max for Live that included a new step sequencer. I thought that instead of going through the slow task of tuning my analog sequencers I could now do it inside the program shooting all midi out to my miditocv converter and then on to my modular. This would allow me to save the sequence at least in some form to use later if I needed. Then, I got the bright idea that with my newly built computer, I could give up on hardware effects, run the analog outs of the modular back into live through effects all in real time. So, midi out to analogs and back in for processing. It actually works fine. However, It took me a week to wonder why I was having a hard as hell time trying to come up with anything interesting. Everything sounded flat and stiff. No character. I realized this morning that something is really lost along the way. I think it's the lameness of midi combined with the laziness of auto sync'd effects. It created a linear rhythmic quality to the sequences that made everything flat. I especially noticed the lack of character a step sequencer has when it's steps are tied to common scale notes. With an analog sequencer, you're never quite in tune no matter how hard you try and that's something you just can't achieve with 127 midi steps. It's impossible. As for the effects issue. The real issue is auto sync'ing everything combined with the small lag time of processing the audio coming it.  I could go on but I have a sequencer running with the same pattern and I'm going to go crazy soon.

Everything and Nothing / Skateboard contest need help!
« on: October 28, 2009, 09:06:27 PM »
Need your help. Brendan Dooley, the graphic designer who designed the cd packages for Villa Galaxia and Metacollage, is in a skateboard illustration contest. He's very close to winning and I'm hoping that some of you who enjoyed his cover work would run over to this page and pull a vote for him. He says if he gets 30 Hypnos votes he'll design my next cd cover!

His board is called Hung Up by Brendan Dooley.

You don't have to log in or anything. Just click the upper corner of his image and you're done! 

Ambient and Skateboards is just like chocolate and peanut butter so let's show some support!


Hi Everyone, I'm hoping a few of you can give me some advice. This morning my computer went down. The biggest drag is that I didn't back up what I think was the first song of my next album after trashing 15 or so other songs. UG. OK, so my real question is that I need a new cpu and there's so much stuff out there I have no idea where to start. So, anyone have any advice using this criteria?

1. pc os only vist 64 with free windows 7 upgrade would be the best
2. running ableton and a bunch of vsts
3. must have firewire for my tascam
4. must have a digital out on the video card for a 24" dell screen
5. under $700 if possible
6 must be able to handle one sati drive as I need to try and pull some stuff off the old drives

I'd prefer to not build one from scratch as that's what I did the first time and it's been a lemon. Anyone have any luck with the Dell XPS 630? This is the one I've been looking at online. Anyone just purchase something they can recommend?

I'm really confused by all the chips and dual this and quad that.

Thanks so much,


Just a note that Metacollage is now available for purchase. I have a page set up with sound files, videos, photos etc:

Some professional photos have been taken of the album case. I think they're needed so you can get a good feeling as to the quality of the case. I won't have them up until tomorrow night. For those of you who prefer to purchase through Hypnos, I am in the process of sending a batch of them to Mike in the next day or two.  This album is also available on Itunes and Amazon. It will be available on Emusic any day now.

Thank you,

review from Chuck van Zyl (Star's End)
Most music is all about pairing notes. Electronic Music is all about pairing sounds. Saul Stokes is an artist who lives in sound. His album Metacollage (49'40") resides among his more Ambient and textural works. Made up of eight quietly complex brain churners, the music on this CD sounds as if electricity were expressing itself as music. Unique tones, ranging from the experimental to the pastoral, are arranged and combined into a most original music. Chimes ring under a digital cloud while raw waveforms are gently twisted, filtered and subdued into fascinating and ever-changing timbres. Jittery beeps slow into lovely melody as a cyber-lullaby forms amidst dulcet synth tones and echo feedback. The overall effect remains in the listening background, yet every now and then a piece does call attention to itself. There is something wondrous about the way this music is produced. While experimenting with his imagination Saul Stokes reveals himself in his work.

Hi Everyone, I'm pleased to announce the following concert date in Philadelphia.  In Addition, my next album, Metacollage, will be available for purchase the night of the concert. I'll try and have some sound clips posted early next month.

Saul Stokes w/Jason Sloan live at
The Gatherings Concert Series
Saturday 18 April 2009 at 8:00pm at
St. Mary's Hamilton Village
3916 Locust Walk in Philadelphia, PA

Saul Stokes live on
STAR'S END Ambient Radio - 04.19.09 Broadcasting 1 to 6am
88.5FM WXPN Philadelphia

Now Playing / Empire of the Sun
« on: February 26, 2009, 11:49:27 AM »
Anyone closet Empire of the Sun fans? I really enjoy the sci fi novel look and the music is great. The youtube video is pretty fun also. I was curious, Deepspace, are these guys popular in Australia?

My kids LOVE this tune.


Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / What do you think of this?
« on: February 22, 2009, 04:55:38 PM »
A video of sky lanterns set to some of my music. I think the results are pretty interesting!


Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Music Widget
« on: December 27, 2008, 10:36:30 AM »
Hi Everyone, I've replaced my old radio page with a new "viral" widget. it contains over 1 hour of music spanning 13 years. This widget also includes unreleased material and a new 5 minute Echoes Radio audio blog about Villa Galaxia. Best of all, because itís a viral widget, you can place it on your personal Facebook or Blog page, send it to friends as an email, or download it onto your mac dashboard or vista desktop. Pass it around!

Thanks so much,

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Pete Drake
« on: November 18, 2008, 09:37:36 PM »
What a great song! And, the talk box is such a cool design. Nothing better then a silver box, one handle, and a mouth tube.

I mean, really, the whole thing is so eccentric. It's totally out of it's time.

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Spore Video Game
« on: September 09, 2008, 03:44:08 PM »
Hi Everyone, any gamers here who've been playing the game Spore?

About 2 years ago, I got a chance to work on the sound development for this game. I worked for about a month coming up with some initial concepts for them. Then, Mr. Brian Eno decided to come in and take the job right out of my hands. :)  Well, I just received an email from Spore telling me that my original sketches made it into the final game. So, if any of you are playing Spore, I'm happy to tell you that the background music in the "sporepedia" element of the game, is not Brian Eno, as many will assume, but is one of the original long form compositions I composed for the game!


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