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Greetings Hypnotics,

It's been awhile since I've posted here.  I do pop in from time to time to catch up with threads and see what you folks are discussing. This time, I've got a bit of news to share including two new Numina CD releases that are now shipping.

The latest Numina solo album, "Through the Gate to Nowhere", is a Limited Edition, Hand-numbered, Factory-pressed CD (real CD) in coordination with the Relaxed Machinery label. Recorded over the past two years, "Through the Gate to Nowhere" may be the deepest Numina release to date.

Video sampler of "Through the Gate to Nowhere":

"Through the Gate to Nowhere" :: $12.99 USD (+ Shipping) ~ Factory-pressed CD ::
Click the PayPal Link here to purchase:

Also available at Bandcamp:

iTunes, and other major download sites in the next few months.

Bandcamp fans! There is a Numina page on Bandcamp now with a full catalog of titles available! "Through the Gate to Nowhere" went live on Bandcamp on the Spring Equinox.

Also on Bandcamp is the Symbiotic Spaces V2?.?0 [40?-?Track EXPANDED EDITION] release. A 40-track download -or- a 40-track download + the original 20-track CD option.

A note about "Through the Gate to Nowhere":

"Through the Gate to Nowhere" is the culmination of material recorded over a two year timeframe at my studio in Colorado. The sound design and recording of this album was a repeated process of coming into the soundworld of the music and then leaving it to sit for awhile, sometimes months apart. The result is a collection of music that was built upon a wide range of experiences and introspective moments recorded over the course of an unusually long span of time. Ultimately, "Through the Gate to Nowhere" is a sonic journey influenced by many events and emotion. Near the end of the project I felt the music lent itself to the mysteries of nature. I have long been inspired by the lush green landscape of Europe and England and as I was nearing the final days of recording the album I had the fortune to be presented with photographs from the Wasdale Lake District, an area located in Cumbria England, for use as the artwork. These images were the inspiration for the final touches on the recording, the track titles, and are the perfect visual for the artwork of the CD package.


Out now for a couple weeks is my collaboration with Zero Ohms and the album "Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds" on the Spotted Peccary Label.

"Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds" :: $11.99 USD (+ Shipping) ~ Factory-ressed CD ~ This price is only for a limited time.
Click the PayPal Link here to purchase:


2-CD Discount Package for "Through the Gate to Nowhere"  + "Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds":

$20.00 USD (+ Shipping) ~ Factory-pressed CDs. Limited time offer!

Click the PayPal Link here to purchase:


This Friday, March 27th, at 5:00 p.m. PST, SomaFM will be broadcasting a virtual CD Release party for both of these new albums on their Drone Zone channel so take a listen at:

During the SomaFM broadcast, myself and Richard Roberts of Zero Ohms will be engaging in a live chat session in the Relaxed Machinery chat room.  If you're interested in joining us then please register with Relaxed Machinery and join us in the chat room at:


For any of you who are users of the Access TI series of synthesizers, I produced a patch bank titled "Dreamzone Textures". As some of you know, I have released several loop libraries for the SONY ACID Loop Libraries in the past. I have also been working on professional sound design patches for synthesizers. The Access Virus TI project is my first set that I created. This sound bank can be purchased directly from my website at:

Dreamzone Textures promo video here:


Keep up with the latest Numina news via the Numinamusic page on Facebook at:

Don't hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions or issues with ordering.

As always, thank you for your support.

All the best,


Important links:


Hello Hypnosians.  I'm sorry I don't post here as often as I should, but I do pop in and catch up on posts from others.  Wanted to make a note of some of the goings on with what is happening in Numinaworld.  If you haven't yet, please "like" the Numina FaceBook page.  It's where you will find the most up to date information.

The following is the latest news post from today (12/10/13):

Numina News:

1. has a new website layout and store front! Now, you can choose to digitally download most titles and all hard copy purchases include an instant download! Check it out here:

2. Attention Access Virus TI users! I have been working on a patch bank for the Virus TI synthesizer. The patch bank will consist of (a minimum of) 100 patches, all designed from the ground up, the majority consisting of deep evolving organic and spacey ambient sounds. I'm a little more than half way done with the patch bank at this point. I hope to wrap this up in the next few weeks. Planned to be available as a downloadable product from my web store and eBay.

3. The Deception of Reality is now available for sale through CD Baby:

4. Hypnos Recordings has been working on a new digital download store! Their in-house beta-testing is complete and Hypnos is now looking for public testing and feedback. Help Hypnos get the digital store up and running smoothly! Read more about it here:

5. Work on new Numina music has been slow going as far as actual song production. The whole experience of pouring out my inner thoughts and feelings into music form is never easy for me let alone the actual recording, programming, sound design, mixing, mastering is and always has been a very challenging and personal process. I have a lot of fires burning from different angles, a lot of sound design and atmospheres unlike anything I've created before are emerging. Now, it's mostly a matter of digging deep into the assembly of the new release. Hopefully in the first quarter of 2014. Stay tuned.
It's been a long time, but I have put together, for the time being, two new releases on the Numinamusic Recordings label are now available. These are the first Numina releases in over 3 year.

"Subterranean Landscapes" is a dark-desert ambience style album which is a culmination of material over the past few years inspired by the alien landscapes of the desert southwest and includes guest appearances from the amazing Nathan Younblood and the classic-artist Biff Johnson.

"Dawn of Obscurity"
is a project I started earlier this year and is a lonely dark-ambient long-form piece comprised of 6 distinct indexed tracks which seamlessly blend into each other.

I have a 2-pack order option (both albums for $21 + shipping). Take a listen to some audio and video samples here:

More titles loom on the horizon as a long lull in creativity is becoming a realization. Later this year, a new Hypnos CD, "The Deception of Reality"... stay tuned.

I know Mathew Florianz is a frequent poster here and just wanted to say I found a used copy of his album "Three" the other day and picked it up and am very impressed with it.  very nice work.
With permission from Reverend Rick, I am Forwarding this message I received today.  Sad news for the last day of the year, but felt it
important to pass on as Jerry was a great supporter of ambient music over the years and there's surely many here who are familiar with his broadcast "Astreaux World". - Jesse / Numina

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 10:59:24 -0500
From: Reverend Dr. Rick Woll <>

It is with great sadness that I must relay the message that Astreaux (Jerry Asher) has passed away on December 27, 2008.  This is a sad day for us all who knew him and enjoyed his ambient music station "Astreaux World" on  His station is where I was first introduced to this wonderful musical genre many years ago.  He will be deeply missed.
Here is the obituary:

Gerald E. Asher Jr. ASHER Gerald E. (Jerry "Astreaux") Asher, Jr., age 45, passed on Saturday, December 27, 2008. Beloved son who is survived by his parents Gerald E. Asher, Sr. and Margie Legendre Asher, two sisters April A. Suhre and Christine M. Asher, brother-in-law of Kerry Suhre and loving companion Jane Snyder Fitzpatrick. A gifted internet marketing and e-commerce professional, he developed and hosted an internet radio station ( to share his love for ambient music with fans around the globe. He attended St. Edward the Confessor School, Archbishop Rummel High School '81, UNO and Louisiana Tech. His insightful, witty &
astute sense of humor, love of nature & the outdoors, kindness, generosity and gentle spirit will be greatly missed. Funeral Mass at Leitz-Eagan Funeral Home Chapel, 4747 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, on Wednesday, December 31, 2008 at 11AM. Visitation will begin at 9AM. Interment in Hope Mausoleum. See guest book @ In lieu of flowers, donate to Odyssey House, 2436 Governor Nicholls St., New Orleans, LA 70119.

With Condolences,

Reverend Rick rick
Kraftwerk - Live in Denver, Colorado - 04/23/08 - photos taken from cell phone.

It was a last minute decision for me but I decided to go and support the Kraftwerk show here in Denver last night - being a weeknight and having to get up early I wasn't sure it would be wise, but I figured it is one of those 1-time opportunities, plus tix were only $36 at the door. I thought it would be a fairly low key show. I was surprised by the venue choice - which holds 3,600 - but was sorely mistaken. The show was nearly sold out (but is was a half house with a larger curtain dividing the auditorium, and I estimate somewhere around 1,200 people in attendance. Wow!) The band played all the hits and the sound was amazing as were the visuals... the crowd was diverse - including emo kids, old timers, ravers, synth nerds, and goths. The goth kids decided to start dancing in the open area behind the curtain.

Very glad I went, well worth it to see these guys - the godfathers of synthpop!
Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Gear: Studio shots
December 24, 2007, 11:32:32 AM
In the spirit of gear talk, let's post some studio pics for oggling purposes, eh?  Yes, all of you, do it... do it... The Mysterium as of late 2007: