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I was wondering if it would be ok to post a link to an e-bay auction, we're selling a bulk of ambient/drone cds that I thought would be of interest to the people around here. Not one of these -sell a rare item 20 times its original price- auctions, just trying to reduce our stock so as to finance some upcoming releases. I tried searching but I didn't find anything relevant. Thanks.   


Greetings, and hallo to the dwellers of this fine forum... we are a new-founded label which is residing in Athens, Greece, and we are for the most part focused on the exploration of the ambient aesthetic, although not at all unsympathetic to other forms of music, from drone to folk or metal. Our first four releases in limited cd-r runs, but with pro-packaging and designing will be available shortly within June, and we are currently looking for distribution deals. Any interested labels, media (webzines, etc) or distributors may contact us for wholesale prices, trades, promos, collaboration or just to ask something at You can visit us at at the moment (a real site will be up soon). We'd like to take this opportunity to make a small presentation of the albums which are featured in our first series of releases.


Few individuals have mastered the art of soundscaping to a similar degree to the Estonian ambient artist Margus Mets, aka Sempervirens. His, largely unreleased, output of 6 full length albums and numerous other uncompiled material has been an exemplary effort to create soundworlds where boundaries are only set by the imagination of the artist, and where field recordings, deep drones, distant transmissions of some classical music broadcast, or even acoustic guitar breakdowns are found under precise multi-layering , flowing seemlessly as if they were never separate in the first place. "Dirge Of The Dying Year" uncovers eight realms filled with unfettered beauty and pure thought, eight worlds stretching out as the eight fatal directions of the compass, all engulfed under an insatiable fog. Somewhere between Biosphere's "Substrata", Northaunt's "Barren Land" and the early recordings of Brian Eno, "Dirge..." is the last and most mature recording of the Sempervirens catalogue, and a promise to far greater things in the future.

Ltd. jewelcase edition of 250 copies. Artwork has been compiled by the works of eight graphic artists, each one making an image/painting inspired by one of the eight songs of the album.


Mr. Derek Schultz aka Night of Procer Veneficus has been composing hallucinogenic odes to otherwordly entities, foggy swamps, far away constellations and ash covered mountains since 2004, having unleashed a large catalogue of recordings featuring his unique brand of either black metal, acoustic or organic ambience. We are extremely proud to bring out to light an unreleased and obscured gem from 2005 in our first series of releases. "Saltwater and Glassmoon" is about the depths of the sea, and its sounds illustrate a drowned orchestra performing large, adagio movements from within the deep, dark ocean. According to the words of the man himself, "Deep and slow December ambience; kelp forest orchestral reveries filled to the brim with rich Pacific longing. Midnight moonlight music for crystalline blue air and silver oceanic melodies waning into sleep, slipping softly over the continental shelf into the enveloping refuge of abyssal silence". 

Ltd. edition of 200 copies in cardboard sleeve packaging.


Dystert Vilse is like a sudden massive outburst of light and sound in front of your eyes, coming out from an individual detained into silence for a whole eternity, blinding your senses without mercy. The second album of this swedish one man outfit encompasses the quintessence of black metal music stripped to its core and without the tedious intermissions of drums and bass, instead utilizing a multitude of electric guitars in a style reminiscent of masterpiecies such as Ulver's "Nattens Madrigal", although in a manner more similar to how a classical composer uses his orchestra, unleashing a wall of sound full of rich dynamics which leads into overwhelming climaxes. From the catharctic sounds of "Isolation" and the tortured "Om Hosten" to the grand 18 min opus "Hope", Dystert Vilse is an album that describes the willpower to break the chains that bind human souls to apathy, and an absolute cry of agony, freedom and detachment. It's an album about all human suffering, the grand enigma of existance, and the Trancendent Light no mind can conceive. Listen at your own risk.

Ltd. edition of 300 copies in digipack. Artwork by Philippe Sainte-Laudy and Semitone Labs.


Two experimental black metal one-man bands venturing into new and unknown fields: this split is a collaboration far different from your typical "let's throw some left-outs from our previous records, make a intro or two and off to the printing plant" mentality, instead being a concept split album which should be heard as one, rather than two albums on the same cd. It is a journey from the surface of the sea to the very depths of the ocean, and then back towards the surface again. Each musician undertakes one part of the journey; two compositions over 30 minutes, featuring actual underwater recordings, aquatic drones, unique instruments (from a mandolin to a duduk) and even melodic post rockish moments. There is a continual flow of movement to the music, as the listener, embodied within this audial environment, descents and ascends through the ocean, towards a deepest point that seems to bear a particular significance: but is it the goal, or the journey itself that matters more?

Ltd. jewelcase edition of 200 copies. Artwork by Sperber Illustrationen and Fursy Teyssier.

You may also wish to have a look at our small mailorder here. (for preorders)

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