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Everything and Nothing / Vuvuzelas, anyone?
« on: June 11, 2010, 08:48:30 PM »
So, my girlfriend and I are watching the World Cup and we're both very intrigued by the drone-tastic horns the South African fans use. Together, it sounds like a giant swarm of 'roid-raging bees. Does anyone know of any decent quality recordings of this or any similar instruments?

Many thanks.

2 goes my inaugural mix at the Hypnos forum; be gentle.  I was going for something trippy and surreal with a lot variety, showcasing a fair amount of artists who don't typically make music in the ambient vein.  I'm happier with some transitions than with others, but hopefully, there's nothing too jarring given the diversity of sounds included.  Track times are approximate due to cross-fading.

Hope you enjoy! 

0:00-2:30 - Kenji Kawai - "The Ghost Hunting"
2:31-6:50 - Hive Mind - "Eldritch Breath" (excerpt)
6:51-10:20 - Michael Stearns - "The Little Smoke"
10:21-15:30 - Brannan Lane - "Cavern I - Black Air"
15:31-20:30 - Greg Ellis - "B1-3"
21:01-22:30 - Hans Christian - "Vulkanmusik"
22:31-32:10 - Herbst9 - "The Snake of Saigon"
32:11-34:30 - Tyler Bates - "Road Kill"
34:31-43:30 - Netherworld & Fiorenza Gherardi de Candei - "Lost" (excerpt)
43:31-51:15 - Mathias Grassow & Klaus Wiese & Jim Cole - "Beneath Zero" (excerpt)
51:16-57:00 - Tau Ceti - "Achernar" (excerpt)
57:01-64:00 - Amir Baghiri - "Ice, Fire and Bone"
64:00-69:00 - Steve Roach & Stephen Kent & Kenneth Newby - "Snake Brothers"
69:01-72:20 - Woven Hand - "[Untitled]"
72:21-79:36 - Thom Brennan - "Mist" (excerpt)

Absinthe in the Milk Sea (mix)

Everything and Nothing / Questions re: ambient mixes
« on: January 07, 2009, 06:21:25 PM »
Hope this is the appropriate place; I didn't want to clutter up an actual music subforum with a mere question.  I also apologize if this has been asked and answered already.  I hunted around for a similar thread or some sort of FAQ, but didn't have any luck.

I see a lot of people have put together various ambient mixes and offered them up for download.  This sounds like fun, but I was wondering what the rules governing the process are.  Does permission need to be obtained from each artist first?  Are there any artists who are absolutely off-limits?  Is there a limit to the number of minutes a single artists can take up on a mix?

Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.  Again, if this is common knowledge, I apologize for my n00bery.

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