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I made a quick search and couldn't find any reference to this here.  It projects mankind's expansion into the solar system and revolves around a short narration by Carl Sagan.  I believe the original is at Vimeo, but my ancient XP box can't handle hi-res -- I linked to Youtube.


Everything and Nothing / Groove Unltd E-news 754
« on: September 11, 2011, 09:26:40 AM »
Nice mention of Hypnos (and you) in this week's E-news (issue 754) from Groove Unlimited.

Everything and Nothing / Cooking
« on: May 27, 2009, 11:17:48 PM »
Well, I looked all over for those salsa recipes and couldn't find them!

In the meantime, if you have a crock pot, try this.  It's easy, not too spicy, and reasonably healthy.  The only potential drawback is the pickled cauliflower, giardiniera, etc., is pretty high in salt.  I don't know how much is absorbed into the beef, but if you're on a low sodium diet this might not be for you.

Spicy Beef

One three pound beef roast (larger is okay, chuck works well)
One 32 oz. jar of hot pickled cauliflower

Cut the beef into several large pieces.  The "spicy-ness" is a surface phenomenon, so this helps the beef take on the flavor.  I usually cut it into serving sized pieces, bearing in mind that they'll shrink a little during cooking.  I usually try to make them about 10 ounces each.  While cutting the beef discard any large pieces of fat -- fat doesn't do well in the crock pot.

Put the beef in the crock pot.

Pour the liquid from the pickled cauliflower over the beef, turn the crock pot on low, and come back in about 10 hours.  The beef takes on a little of the "hot pepper" flavor of the liquid, but it's not overpowering (my kids like it).  It goes well with a salad, and the pickled cauliflower goes well on the side.

You should be able to find the pickled cauliflower in the pickles section, or possibly in the Italian foods section.  Giardiniera works well, too, but there's more liquid in the cauliflower.  Cento is the big brand name here in the northeast (US).

EDIT:  I should have mentioned that this works well in medium (4 quart) crock pot.

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