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Today marks the release of a new G. Zarapanecko album, currently in digital format only at For the first few weeks, the album will be completely free - if you like it, please consider donating a few dollars. And look for a self-made "music video" in the next week or two.

Little Black Dots on the Air is the third release from G. Zarapanecko. In addition to previous elements of modern composition, ambient and improvised music, the new full length employs ideas from drone, noise and jazz, reflecting the experience of recent live performances: ( or ). Tying the ideas together is a deeply paranoid atmosphere driving all manner of the composing, structuring and performing of each layer of the album.

The album follows the course of a loosely structured narrative about small scale astronomical events within the earth's atmosphere, compromising the earth's relationship with the sun. In space, the planet stretches orbit and axis, dead weight in the solar system, while on the surface, faint singularities recondition human beings like so much circutry. But this is not a concept album, merely a reaction.

Find the first two G. Zarapanecko albums and other free material at My influences include artists ranging from COIL and Ulver, the droning dreamscapes of Velvet Cacoon's ambient material, composers such as Steve Reich, Alice Coltrane, Ennio Morricone, and Bernard Herrmann, and certain noise artists local to Connecticut where I am currently based.

I hope you enjoy, and I'm thick skinned so tell me if you don't.

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