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Available at the Hypnos store with mp3 previews:

Fourteen distinct soundtracks for an imagined cinema.

'Rapid Ear Movement' the third release by Ray Carl Daye, is a diverse collection of electronic/ambient instrumentals. The compositions range from the energetic, sequence-driven minimalism of Endless Departure and Dervish Moon to the radiant, melodic riff of Aqua Lit. Other notable tracks include the glittering soundtrack-inspired Elusian Spring and cinematic atmosphere of The Illuminated Earth.

Ray Carl Daye has been writing and recording ambient/electronic music since 2006. His first album 'Spectral Navigator', released on Magnatune in 2008 was chosen by Galactic Travels radio as a Top 20 CD of June 2009. His second album 'Echoes From the Aether' released in 2010 was played on the nationally syndicated program Hearts Of Space. His current CD titled 'Rapid Ear Movement' released on Magnatune in 2012 was influenced by minimalists Steve Reich and Philip Glass, as well as Brian Eno.

"Ray Carl Daye displays an impressive talent that Iím quite moved by..."  rik maclean, ping things

"we are absolutely crazy about your music..."  John Buckman, Founder/Owner of Magnatune


Like the Earth's upper atmosphere, the music is pure, floating, weightless, frictionless - both static and slowly evolving.

On his second album, Ray Carl Daye weaves a hypnotic spell of textures and tone. "Echoes From the Aether" is music for an Earth in transition - the echoes being signals of change and aether referring to the Earth's upper atmosphere.

1. Echoes From the Aether  6:58 
2. A Fragile Shift  13:24 
3. Meridian Wave  11:20
4. The Light Between  12:42 to preview all songs

Ray Carl Daye has been recording electronic and ambient music since 2006. His first album "Spectral Navigator" was released on the Magnatune label in 2008. It was chosen by the radio program 'Galactic Travels' as one of the Top 20 CD's of June 2009.


A new album release on the Magnatune label: 'Spectral Navigator' by Ray Carl Daye. These quiet minimal pieces are inspired by the music of Brian Eno's early ambient work. Shimmering soundscapes, ethereal and soothing, these 'light' ambient background pieces create an excellent atmosphere for relaxing both body and mind.

An 'entire' album preview is available at Magnatune as well as downloads (in MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and AAC) or as a CD.

'Spectral Navigator' is in the top 5 of Magnatune's 50 best-selling albums of the week...

"we are absolutely crazy about your music..."
John Buckman
Founder/Owner of Magnatune


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