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Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / New Album by Ambiscend....
« on: March 10, 2020, 05:48:45 PM »
Do not operate machinery when listening to the new Ambiscend album, Tranquility II: Mind and Soul which can be heard and bought from Bandcamp website:

I have released a song from my upcoming album, Tranquility II, called, The Calling of the Sea, for the new year. It is free to download over at my Band Camp:

Other Ambient (and related) Music / To starving new age/ambient artists
« on: December 25, 2018, 06:24:18 PM »
I have decided to join the great ranks of being a New Age/Ambient music reviewer. As a fellow musician who has created many albums over the years and got numerous reviews of my albums, I know what itís like to be a starving artist and trying to find your voice out there on the loud and noisy internet and trying to get people to recognize your music.  You can check out my music over at my Bandcamp page:

You can also check out some of the reviews of my music:
A short review: Richard GŁrtler "The Future Approaching" is a very solid driftscaping deep space installment by Darren Rogers, who masterfully commingles on this 56 and a half minutes long journey magnificently engrossing nebulousness with soothingly relieving heavenly quietudes. Good job, Darren, and keep on voyaging!!

These are just a few reviews of my music.

Even though I know that just a review might not help get your music out there, but I know it does help to get exposure for oneís music.
A struggling musician trying to pay the bills and create music also must decide what to pay for, bills or a review. Therefore, Iím offering a written review for a low price of $10.00 and I will post the review to your band page, Facebook page, or Bandcamp.
A new unique way of doing a review is a video review. I will video tape myself discussing and playing song selections of your music on the video for $25.00
If you are interested in a review by me, please use my PayPal at and after payment has been received, I will send you a link for you to upload your music.  I will take a listen to it and review it for you.
Like many other musicians, I have a full-time job to help pay the bills, etc. so I wonít be able to get to the review right away.

I am pleased to announce my latest promotion. If you purchase my latest album, Tranquility, on physical CD, I will give you for free my last physical CD, Interstellar Love.
If you purchase my album, Tranquility, via digital download, I will give any of my past albums via digital download for free.
Enjoy my music and thank you for supporting me.
My current album can be purchased over at my Bandcamp page:

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Tranquility Physical CDs
« on: April 21, 2018, 10:00:28 PM »
Great news fans,
Tranquility is now available on physical cd on sale through Bandcamp and streaming sites like Spotify, Iheart radio, Apple music, Google play store, etc. It is also available for digital download through my bandcamp page, CDBaby, Amazon.
So get your copy now:


Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Tranquility Album Release
« on: April 12, 2018, 08:58:54 AM »
I have released my newest album, Tranquility, under my pseudo name, Ambiscend.
You can purchase it over at my bandcamp page:
and at cdbaby:
Physical CDs will be available in a couple of weeks.
Thank you.

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / The Future Approaching
« on: May 04, 2017, 05:18:58 AM »
I am pleased to announce my newest album, The Future Approaching.
You can check out samples and purchase it from Bandcamp:

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Gone Not Forgotten
« on: December 17, 2016, 09:11:59 PM »
I have released a new song in collaboration with Vance Sheaks called, Gone Not Forgotten.
Check it out over at my bandcamp page:

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Giving Thanks
« on: November 24, 2016, 07:38:20 AM »
On this Thanksgiving day, I just want to say thank you to all of my fans and listeners who have supported me through the years, so I am giving back to everyone by making my entire discography completely free to download.
All of my albums are free to download from now until the beginning of next year.
So please go download at:


Hi there,

I just finished the tribute song for Jeff Kowal and I thought I would share it with everyone

It's the journey in life that we take, the people we meet, and the many roads we travel upon in life to fulfill our dreams and goals.

I hope you enjoy it:)

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Interstellar Love review
« on: April 15, 2016, 07:20:10 AM »
A review of my album, Interstellar Love, over at

Hi there,
My newest ambient album, Interstellar Love is now available for order at:

Also promo video over at Imagineer Records facebook page:


Just thought I would remind everyone that this upcoming Friday at 7:30pm CST, we will be having an internet listening party for Vance Sheaks', Winds of Hope full album to be played live over the internet and we will also be chatting with everyone, so stop on by and give his album a listen this Friday.

So join us over at:

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Another small teaser video for Vance Sheaks upcoming album:

We are also having a internet listening party of his full album on July 10 at 7:30pm CST over at:

come by and listen to the entire album and chat with both me and Vance Sheaks.


Hi there,

It's been 10 years since Vance's last album and he feels his album, 'Winds of Hope', will speak positively to many.
The songs are mixed and mostly mastered and will be available soon

Below is the link to see and hear a small trailer for his upcoming album:


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Synth Wobbly effect
« on: December 16, 2014, 08:55:31 PM »
Hi there.
I was wondering if someone could guide me on how to create this synth wobbly effect, what filters, etc.? I know it can be applied not just to synth but to other samples, etc..

It's Jon Jenkins, A Word with the Vine here:

The effect starts around :57 seconds into the video.

Any help to guide me on creating this effect would be most appreciated it. Thanks..

Hi there,
After life got in the way, I am proud to announce my newest release, Floating White Abyss.
You can check it out over at bandcamp:

so head on over there and check it out.

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / For the Sci-Fi book lovers
« on: July 05, 2012, 03:32:47 PM »
They arrived many centuries ago, wanting only to help us.

Mark is an average, if not even a little bit nerdy, teenage boy.  He does well in school, does extracurricular activities, has a good relationship with his parents.  Quiet and uneventful was the name of the game when it came to his life.  That was enough for him to be content for now.  That all changed the day that Tonya walked through his classroom door.  The minute he saw her, he knew his life would be different forever.  At the time he had no idea how different it would be.  There was no way he could have ever prepared for the changes that followed her entrance into his content life.

Today, Agent John Atash is filled with questions. What is the mystery of Christie's son Steve? Why are they here?  Why does the Government want to question him?  What is their involvement in all this secrecy? John Atash gets caught up in an immense coverup, but whose coverup is it?
With Chaos surrounding John, he struggles with his emotions.

As all of the satellites rain down back to earth, the great super powers of the world go to war, but is it their war after all?

Video Promo Trailer:

Alien Tears is available in paperback and Hardcover edition at Also available electronically at 

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / who likes to read sci-fi??
« on: May 24, 2011, 06:39:38 PM »
Finally with bated it is on Amazon in Kindle format:
at Barnes and Noble Nook format:
or just as a good old paper back edition:

Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Alien Tears E-Book now available.
« on: April 19, 2011, 06:04:51 PM »
I am excited to announce my book, Alien Tears can now be purchased at:

Look for the announcement about the physical edition soon....

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