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Finally got a new splash page up for Terra Ambient. I started building out a full fledged website, then i was like...why? In the interest of letting my social presence work for me, I decided to let my page be a portal to my online presence... no reason to be redundant after all. Here's a link if your curious.

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« on: July 03, 2013, 08:57:52 PM »
Hi all. I know if been unforgivably "dark" for the longest time. Honestly I needed to take a hiatus from creation to deal with real life for a few years... however, I am trying to get back to what is important to me. to that end im doing my best to start working on (and sharing) "experiments" from the studio. Warm up sessions, demos, etc from the confines of my creative space. This is an attempt to not only re-engage my music making skills, but also to be a little more proactive in sharing "improptu" and "un-rehearsed, un-inhibited" music. Those that know me know that i have a tendency to over fixate on the post production of my music to the Nth degree. This is an attempt to break that habit and go for more inspiration, less polish. I will share, when possible, my work on this forum, however if your someone whose interested in my work, I encourage you to visit my soundcloud space @ There you will find that i've already started compiling some "sonic curiosities." Hopefully these sketches and experiments will result in some more evolved thinking that will culminate in the form of a new release, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the chaos.

I offer up this as an appology for so much time being dark - a test i just pulled from my new pedal board rig. No multitracking or editing... one take right out of the box.[soundcloud][/soundcloud]

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