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New Alpha Wave Movement CD Released 2016

Kinetic - "art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the listener or participant depends on motion for its effect".

A spectrum of emotional melodic electronica permeated with forward motion pulses and a tincture of aural atmospheres. Drawing on the classic electronic music mentors of 1970's and 80's in sound tools and compositional attributes.

Sonic vistas that traverse the canyons and inner cosmos with synthetic mindfulness.....

Audio samples are now available for your listening pleasure......

Recorded in the Sound Cave 2015/16.


The latest Alpha Wave Movement "Harmonic Currents" is now available on CD or Digital Download.

A harmonious two track release primarily created in silent reflection that is 90% live and in the moment. All music was conceived on a very minimal arrangement of electronics mainly one analog and two digital PCM synthesizers with little to no use of a computer except for the final recording stage.

"Inspired by the hypnagogic lure of the vast ocean. A two composition ode to the muse of the liquid cosmos of deep enigmatic allure. A crystalline molecular matrix of electronic sound and gossamer timbral aesthetics. A subtle quietude of articulation that oscillates within the harmonic currents."

Earthen originally released this year (early 2015) is now available in a jewel case version with new artwork. The music is identical to the original pressing which went out of print early this year.

Available at

H.R.R. December Bandcamp Download Special

During the next few weeks to celebrate the end of 2014 and the arrival of a fresh new year i.e. 2015  every 2 purchases (cd or download albums) get a third download of your choice for free.

That's 3 full album downloads in the format of your choice for the price of 2.

Alpha Wave Movement "System A"[/i]

Arriving in January 2015 Alpha Wave Movement "System A" on cd & digital download format.

Space themed electronic music for you ear-magination and lucid listening!

"A variable region of tonal highways where the stellar fields are the central force driving create muses. The cryptic particulates of matter co-mingle with electronic modulations and distant murmuring throbs of pulsar emanations. Music that ventures beyond this mortal coil into deeper stygian vistas and fringe archaic cosmos."

Pre-Orders and audio samples at the HRR Bandcamp Page


The latest release by Alpha Wave Movement "Horizons" is scheduled to be released at the end of August 2014

Horizons is a melodic uplifting suite of compositions with an emphasis on textures and rhythm. Combining the elements of the "old school" 1970's synthesis together with cinematic like thematic intonations.

Sonic tone poems reflecting, refracting and channeling the dynamic and fluid nature of the physical world.

A evocation of emotional melodic and cinematic compositions intended to transcend your listening vistas far beyond the dying light particles on the horizons ear.

Pre-orders available from the Harmonic Resonance Recording Bandcamp site:

** Please not that the release is longer in length than the three tracks available for preview during the pre-order period.

The debut release from the Alpha Wave Movement side project Within Reason - Subtle Shift was released in 2011 in a special hand made tin box package on the Anodize label. The release went out of print the same year having been a limited edition of 100 pcs.

Subtle Shift is now once again available in 2014 as a professionally made cdr with full on disc printing and jewel case artwork. All the music is identical to the tin box version.

Within Reason is a ambient/dub electronica side project venturing into more down-tempo music retaining the ambient soundscapes of Alpha Wave Movement. Influenced by the music styles of GAS(Wolfgang Voigt), BVDub, Yagya and Rod Modell.

You can purchase hard media and downloads here:


A further trek into the dominions of dusty red terrain and enigmatic crimson sunsets. Canyons and plateaus that echo a shamans motif of tribes lost in the mist of time & forgotten history. Music infused with improvisation and imagery channeled thru electronic medium and carved into form. Refractive tone clusters and their rhythmic counterparts vibrate thru the sediment and stone on the Archaic Frontiers.

Any music reviewers or dj's interested in promotional copies please feel free to send a PM note.

Available on CD + Digital Download at the HRR Bandcamp Page:


The latest Alpha Wave Movement release moves forward into the deeper voids of space, time and audio permutations. Drawing once more from the genre's of classic space music, ambient music and new age music of revelatory past.

Guest musician Mark Steiner performs on the Steiner EVI (electronic valve instrument) adding extended electro harmonic voice to the audio narratives of the Celestial Chronicles.

Travel across space within the womb of warm synthetic sound and rhythmic symmetry. Twilight horizons on distant shores echo signals of ancient light pulses emitting streaming knowledge of forgotten star tribes. AMbient music drawn from the well of influences past, filtered thru the present time continuum and refracted into the ether of the cosmos.

Release date February 7, 2014, Pre-orders are being taken and cd might ship prior to the release date.

Available on CD + Digital Download at the HRR Bandcamp page

Hello Electronic Music Aficionados,

As 2013 comes to its end I would like to reach out and thank all my fans for supporting the music throughout the year and offer you some sonic tincture to carry you thru into 2014!

For a short while Harmonic Resonance Recordings is offering ALL digital downloads on Bandcamp for the price of $4.99.

If you are not familiar with the music of Alpha Wave Movement, Open Canvas, Thought Guild or Within Reason here is your chance get acquainted and get a full album download in any format you choose be it Mp3, WAV, FLAC etc all for $4.99.

Those who purchases 2 downloads will get a 3rd download of Alpha Wave Movement "Cosmic Mandala" or "Mystic & the Machine" absolutely free.

Free download will be emailed to you after your purchase within 24 hours.

The latest release on HRR Thought Guild "Electric Curios" will also be included in the $4.99 download deal.

Please visit the Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp site:

Thank you Everyone and have a safe New Year!!!


From the Harmonic Resonance audio vaults found recorded vestiges that predate the debut Context. This release is a compendium of unreleased music.

Rare live recordings (we never performed but 3-4 times live and even then they where very short improv's), droneworks, soundscapes and live studio curios. We used everything from old analog drum machines, Moog's, ARP's, primitive samplers and early digital synthesizers to carve the music out that was spontaneous and driven by the moment's inspiration.

The music is never pre-calculated or composed although at times it may seem so the intention of Thought Guild was to let things happen and ride the wave of momentary inspiration.

As with many improvised music the recordings on this release are not intended to be perfect capsules of conservatory mastered musicianship. Instead the end result is the beauty of creative spontaneity caught in a moment of time.

Available on limited CD-r jewel case with full art and digital download format of your choice at the HRR Bandcamp site



A body of collected Within Reason (Alpha Wave Movement alt project) tracks created prior to Subtle Shift and in-between Transient Broadcasts. Also included is the rare and never released Group Think - Within Reason (Within a Dub Mix) of the track "Does it Dream" from the Group Think release "Of Microcosmic Origins".
Malibar Bay is one of the first proto-type Within Reason tracks and is a more uplifting down-tempo electronica track which is itself reveals the varietal nature of the Within Reason project.

There will only be a limited micro run of 25 cd's

Cd's and Digital Downloads available at]Bandcamp [url][/url]


The debut release from Thought Guild "Context" my collaboration with synthesist Christopher Cameron is available once again for a brief time period.

This was originally released in 2002 and has been unavailable for many years. Context was a the genesis of a trilogy of releases before the project finally came to an end.

Thought Guild was an improvisational project of instant ideas and parallel influences caught in the digital medium. Instrumentation was from the bygone days of Yamaha CS, ARP and Moog analog synthesizers intertwined with some more "modern" gear.

Most of the music was a two-track jam session where spontaneity was the music and conductor.

I have only pressed a very minuscule quantity.

Available at my Bandcamp page:

Jose Salamanca who operates the music review website Synth-Caresses recently wrote a review and conducted an online interview for the latest Alpha Wave Movement release "Architexture of Silence".

Here's a link to the website and review/interview page:


The latest Harmonic Resonance Recordings release Alpha Wave Movement "Architexture of Silence" is now available on Bandcamp.

Architexture of Silence is the 18th Alpha Wave Movement release and it is an excursion into the realms of ambient music where interlacing branches of timbral topography expand across the subtle macrocosm of silent reflective inner landscapes.

This release hearkens my return to using a very minimal hardware(0% software synthesis) setup and no computer based sequencing. In other words I used an ancient(by today's standards) hardware sequencer as a sketch pad. Composing in a limited medium beckoned the creative and spontaneous muse to sculpt the musical movements that became Architexture. There are no track titles per se and the music is volatile  with a sense of distant openness in so much that labeling and forcing any title upon the listener would distract from the sublety.

CDs will be available later this week. Downloads are available immediately for purchase.

Link to the Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp site:] [url][/url]

Harmonic Resonance Recordings


Yasumu is a Japanese term, which translated means to rest, to suspend or to relax.

The latest Alpha Wave Movement recording is a contemplative electronic trek that traverses onto that path of tranquility. Music designated for relaxation, meditation or the inward journey of self-realization.

Streams of gentle synthesized sound are entwined with reflections of distant Tibetan bells, wind chimes and string instruments. Echoes of the orient are speckled throughout and used to accentuate a remote eastern aesthetic.

A aural excursion of a quiescent nature.

The new cd & digital download is available at the Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp page. Just click the link below.

Dj's & music reviewers interested in reviewing the release please contact me at

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow Saturday January 12, 2013 from 6-8pm EST I will be guest on Boston's Unregular Radio show "Citywide Blackout" hosted by Max Bowen.

The show will feature music from my recording project Alpha Wave Movement as well as the ambient/dub music I compose as Within Reason. Listeners are always encouraged to call in and ask questions.

Please visit the links (see below) to the shows website where you can stream the show live. There are also free apps for your smart phone to stream the show live.

Listener call in line: 617-606-4122

New Release from Harmonic Resonance Recordings.

Exiled Particles Volume I - Archive 1997-2005

Music recorded from 1997 to 2005 that never found an enlightened path to a actual physical release. Most of the compositions can be compared to early trance electronica. Effort has been not to mimic that genre per se but rather use the style as a compass. Also inclusive are two long lost ambient tracks.

Full digital downloads in any format and cd's are available for purchase
at Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp


The entire back catalog of Alpha Wave Movement and assorted side project releases are now available on the Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp site:

I know many of you have a dislike for the low quality files sold on I-Tunes and affiliated pay of music sites so all the music is now available in high quality WAV, MP3/320 & FLAC for $7 an album.

Thank you for your continued support!


Thought Guild Third Voyage is now available as a limited edition cd-r.

The music is mainly based around improvisation and use of vintage synthesizers with a slight nod towards the berlin school movement with a dash of ambient aesthetics.

These are all handmade and packaged in beautiful "retro" 5.25 floppy discs all hand numbered with a limited edition of 50.

These are only being sold from the Harmonic Resonance Recordings website and are not available to any mail order company anywhere.

Internet dj's and music reviewers please feel free to email me for a review copy of the music.

Enjoy the Voyage!


The new Alpha Wave Movement release "Myriad Stars" is now out and available of I-Tunes and affiliated digital download sites. The cd-r is also available direct from the Harmonic Resonance website and it is a limited pressing.

The music is a continued voyage into the realms of space music and music of the "cosmos". Serene, dark, introspective and influenced by the mapping of the night skies.

Feel free to stop by & listen to samples and purchase music:

Thank you for Hypnos for continued support of electronic music here in the US!

Harmonic Resonance Recordings

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