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Other Ambient (and related) Music / Sylken CD wanted!
« on: August 13, 2013, 12:34:53 PM »
I am looking for a CD or CD-r of "Illusions of Light" by SYLKEN...  If you have and are willing to sell or trade a copy of this CD for a nice price let me know, please!  (

While I am "known" for founding and running Backroads Music for 28 years, I have developed other interests and exprtise from my experience in so many aspects of the music world. For the past 12 months, I have been preparing to launch my own "LLoyd Barde Productions".  As of yesterday that became official with the appearance of my new web site, which I am very proud of.  Please visit:  CD sales continue, and I welcome requests or want lists, even for titles not shown on the extensive list that can be easily downloaded from the CD Shop page.  Additionally, there are over 200 reviews of featured titles.  However, as is obvious, CD sales are not my only interest, as I offer many services for artists and labels, writing, DJ services and even more.  So browse a bit, lemme know what you think, and how I may be of service in expanding your musical horizons!! --  Lloyd  (415.924.4848 / /

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Where's Lloyd?
« on: February 19, 2009, 03:14:41 PM »
When Backroads Music "left the planet" last Fall (web site gone, 800# gone), there were no doors closed, as I have diligently continued in the same office, and am in the patient process of launching Lloyd Barde productions.  For the loyal and devoted customers (thanks to all!!) I still provide an amazing list of CDs for sale, current, older, rare, both new and previously played, and as stated, will continue to do so over the next couple years at the very least.  Simultaneously I am putting out feelers for music journalism/review writing (which i do extremely well), event production (I host a concert series in berkeley @ Rudramandir), artist representation and consulting,. DJing (aka DJ Heartbeat), and hosting events with my collaborator Elizabeth Rose Raphael, such as "Journey into Dance" etc.
If you would like to receive a list of CDs, simply send an email to me:  And watch for the web site to appear in the next month:
So what was the story?  The changing of the music biz was a big contributor --  I liken the music biz to a chalk mark on the sidewalk now -- as are the financial woes that have affected all media, business and aspects of the current state of things.  Gratefully, there is more great music now than ever, and lots of access.  I am still one of the sources for CDs, even though it is not my sole focus nor will I keep up with every title as before.  And the import titles, in particular have become difficult and too expensive to come by. 
Please note I consider this all to be a blessing, so while I have appreciated the sympathy, tragedy dramas, and "Help, where am I gonna get CDs now??" (I dunno, you haven't ordered from me in 4 yrs...!) these tunes do not need to be sung. As I said, it's a blessing and a chance to really expand and use my creativity and experience to do many of the things I love. Above all, everyone's wishing me well and expressing gratitude for the 27+ years of musical service are greatly appreciated.
I would love to hear from you --  new email:
It has always been all about the music, and that is not about to change, now or ever!
Blessings,  Lloyd

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