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My first official release of 2010, "Premonition" is a live performance from March 25, 2010. This is a dark ambient meditative journey using a mixture of processed acoustic and electronic instruments.

"Premonition", on Earth Mantra, is a free high-quality download released under Creative Commons.

Celebrate the Spring Equinox with us at tomorrow!

with Shane Morris

Ambient/Electronic Performance Radio

Atmosphera is live streaming or pre-recorded music composed, performed, and improvised each week
by Shane Morris in the ambient, electronic, experimental, and musique concrete genres utilizing acoustic,
electro-acoustic, and electronic instruments.

Tune in at

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Wednesday Nights at 00:00 GMT / 6:00 PM CST


Shimmering : An Evening of Ambient Music 3


Saturday February 27th 2010 from 2100 to 0300 GMT (4pm - 10pm EST)

2100 - Muied Lumens and Shane Morris
2200 - OCP
2300 - Howard Moscovitz and Bill Fox
0000 - Blue Hell
0100 - MusicMan 11712
0200 - Les Hall




Saturday November 14th 22:00 to 04:00 GMT

6 Hours of Dark, Atmospheric, and Ethereal Music

Time GMT:
Modulator Esp   22:00
Desert Mystic    23:00
Shane Morris     00:00
Muied Lumens   01:00
Emerald Adrift   02:00
Stephen Philips  03:00

Visit: Radio electro-music

Visit: Stillstream

Greetings Everyone!
I am very proud to announce a new release:

Blue Hell / Shane Morris
"The Words/Step Away" Edp018

This is a free download released under the Creative Commons Laws and can be
found at the Edp website.

Please Download:

Excerpt from the Album Notes:

Originally recorded Saturday, September 26th, 2009 as a live streaming
collaborative performance on between Blue Hell
(The Netherlands) and Shane Morris (USA). The performance was nearly five
consecutive hours of live improvisational electronic music. There was
nothing pre-conceived, arranged, or composed for this performance. In
fact, neither performer has ever physically met or spoken to the other
performer. This recording is entirely the product of internet relay chat,
streaming audio, and a friendship that exists beyond a material realm.
This recording is the highlights from that session boiled down and edited
to two hours of engaging experimental ambient electronics.


Fridays 00:00 GMT / 7PM CST

Please join me for a 5 part conceptual ambient / space music series entitled: OutPost8:Triton-Neptune performed by myself, Shane Morris.

Sept.25.09.Part One: Sojourn to OutPost8 is a hyper-journey across the solar system to Outpost8 located on Triton, one of the 13 moons of Neptune. The surface of Triton permits the North and South Pole research facilities to operate non-stop, allowing for short maintenance trips to the diamond mines of Neptune. With recent innovations in hyperdrive technology, the journey to the outer rim is now relatively safe, and often completed in a days flight.

Oct.02.09.Part Two: Triton will be an expedition around the moon assessing future water and mineral resources for further expansion and colonization of the outer rim. Further research accross the Cantaloupe Terrain is also required to investigate new craters that have very recently developed on the moon.

Oct.09.09.Part Three: The Great Dark Spots is a journey into this highly volatile region of Neptune. These areas have the strongest sustained winds found in the solar system reaching speeds of 2400 km/h. The Great Dark Spots essentially are a hole in the methane cloud deck.  However, the interiors of Great Dark Spots are relatively cloud-free, and unlike Jupiter's spot, which has lasted for hundreds of years, their lifetimes appear to be much shorter, forming and dissipating once every few years or so. The Great Dark Spots supply 100% of the power needed to operate the extensive diamond mining operations. There have been several recent anomalies in behavior of the regions that require investigation.

Oct.16.09.Part Four: Complications at Neptune's Diamond Mines begins with an assessment of the current electrical activity in the Northern Ammonia-Ocean. Complications arise when the extreme cold and icey weather conditions begin to take their toll on the expedition. Emergency landing at DIM845 uncovers a "situation" regarding Neptune's surface, which was previously unknown.

Oct.23.09.Part Five: Space is Cold documents the return to OutPost8. Due to the problems on Neptune, further research is required in the region. The realization of a life in a hostile environment for a long duration sets in. The effects of solitude in space begin to affect the psyche of the expedition, convoluting reality and dreamstates.  

Greetings everyone!

I am proud to announce that I just have released a new album on the Earth Mantra net label entitled, "Magnetosphere".

This album is released under Creative Commons licensing and is available as a free high-quality digital download.

Please download here:

From the Earth Mantra Website:
Originally performed live on July 10, 2009 on Space Port Zero Nine, Shane’s ambient space music net radio program at, this album was a live improvisational performance done continuously in one take, with no overdubs or edits after the fact. What you hear in this release is exactly what the audience heard that evening.

I am very excited to join Earth Mantra and to be a part of a wonderful network of ambient electronic musicians. Earth Mantra has nearly one hundred Creative Commons releases of high quality superb music. I highly recommend checking out all that Earth Mantra has to offer.

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I have enjoyed creating and listening to it as well.

Shane Morris

Tune in at and join us in the chat room! 16:00 - 04:00 GMT / Noon to Midnight EasternUS

My set from Mysterious Semblance from Friday August 21st is now available to listen or download in the stillstream archives.


SPACE PORT ZERO NINE RADIO hosted by Shane Morris at is a weekly live ambient, experimental, spacemusic program that airs each Friday at 00:00 GMT / 7PM Central US.

The majority of the material featured on SP09 is live improvisational ambient electronic music by Shane Morris. On occasion, other artists or live recordings from the aforementioned genres will also be featured on the program.

Tune in on Friday's at

Or... on the forum at

Please download my first solo album "Ephemeral Live", released on the Portuguese EdP netlabel.

Visit EdP here:

Do not worry if you are not fluent in Portuguese, just click on the album to download. Also, please check out and download other experimental artists on the EdP label while you are there.

"Ephemeral Live" is over an hour of Live Ambient / Electronic music recorded from two performances within the last year.

This is a free download protected under Creative Commons law.

Shane   :)

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