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Ambient Collage #7:


Grey Frequency - Transmission 7
Gas - Pop 6
Kammarheit - The Starwheel (Clockwise)
Robert Turman - Flux 1
David Colohan - At the Confluence of the Mitta Mitta & Murray
Caroline K - The Happening World
Stars of the Lid - The Artificial Pine Arch Song
Mytrip - Less
Pulselovers - Two Many
Nubiferous - On Iron Mountain
Elizabeth Veldon - Why Are You Still Listening
Marlo Eggplant - Smooth Out the Creases
The Wind Harp - Cycle One: Circle's End
Tuonela - Chronar I
Rafael Anton Irisarri - A Great Northern Sigh
Grey Frequency - Cascade
Black Thread - Contemplation I
Alessandro Cortini - Passatempo

Ambient Collage #6:

Grey Frequency - Transmission 6
Dave Morgan - Meditation #2
Jase Warner - A Morning in May (Oxford, UK)
Robert Rich & L. Lustmord - Elemental Trigger
Sara Ayers - Winter and the Sound of Nothing
Phaedrus - String(s_prim);
Modulator ESP - Zeta Reticuli 2 (excerpt)
Peter Challoner - Music For Cloud Watching (excerpt)
Illusion Of Safety - Eyelids
Swollen River - Desolation Road
Helena Gough - Ossel Hitch
The House in the Woods - Mountains of the Sea
Yellow6 - My Favourite Corner
Brian Eno - A Clearing
Lea Cummings - Mytochondrial Eve
Éliane Radigue - Jetsun Mila
NGC 4414 - Soft Pattern
August Stars - Two Queerly-Placed Melancholy Windows (Remix)
Merricat - Clipping at the Heels of Madness

Live recording of Grey Frequency at The Church of sound last week.

Free download on Bandcamp:

Audio with projected visuals:

Two dark ambient / drone mixes for your listening pleasure...

Ambient Collage #1:

Ambient Collage #2:

A new 2-track Grey Frequency album 'Immersion' is out now, released by A Year In The Country. Limited edition 'Day' and 'Night' versions available with wonderful, hand-finished packaging.

More information and order details here:

Listen to the album here:

The new Grey Frequency album, 'Cold Geometry', is out now. Six tracks of haunted soundscapes and dark, brooding ambience.

Digital download and limited edition cassette available via Bandcamp:

Any questions / feedback welcome!

I thought I'd share some recordings I've produced for a new dark ambient project, called Grey Frequency.

I use layers of found sounds and field recordings, which are played on personal cassette players, feeding through a series of FX pedals. These are manually mixed in one take. The end result, I hope, creates a melancholic mood and tone, with an ominous undercurrent.

I've set up a Bandcamp page, where you can download the tracks for free:

There are also a few tracks to preview over on my SoundCloud page:

Finally, there's a Facebook page and YouTube channel:

Any feedback or comments would be welcome.

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