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Download my album - free from the link provided.

I will provide a physical handmade copy to anyone that donates towards the release.

"Itís been several years since Silber released mwvmís debut Rotations. Itís one of those classic indie ambient records that you can put in your car & not realize itís the only thing youíve been listening to for a month. Which of course makes a follow-up daunting. In fact, we werenít sure if mwvm would abandon the album format altogether in favor of occasional single songs. So we are super pleased to bring you Had Yr Pash.

mwvm is drone music for sure, but what makes mwvmís drone music stand out in the pack is Michael Waltonís ability to pour his emotions out through the drone communicating things words never could. Walton returns with a guitar tone that sounds like glaciers cascading onto the desert plain armed with a telecaster, a handful of effects, & a metal rod. His lonely cowboy sounds may seem odd coming from the English countryside rather than Texas, but maybe the wild west of dreams is more real in England than it could ever be in the states. Calming, peaceful, ominous, foreboding. The lone gunman messiah riding his horse out of town as he bleeds to
death. Victorious, heroic, but ultimately more self-destructive than self-reliant. On careful listening this is not pretty ambient music, but angst ridden ambient music as it explores all the tumultuous emotions associated with staying alive in the twenty-first
century while wishing for the simplicity of the nineteenth century."

Hello all,

Hopefully one or two folks might have heard mwvm - rotations.

I've uploaded some new songs for you folks to download.

They will (probably) feature on the next album. No plans for a label release yet, I haven't decided.

Hope you enjoy them.

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