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Underground ÄxpÄrte from Rotterdam(NL) from 20.00 - 0.30 / 7pm - 11.30pm(UK) / Guest
Saturday 21th of May

For those who never heard about a program called "Muziek uit de Kosmos" Belgium on-air mid 70's -- Listen and tell what more tracks you hear-- In this program you hear Isao Tomita, Age, 21 and 23 years old! Klaus Schulze, Cluster etc.

Playlist: Erik Wøllo and Byron Metcalf, Gerd Emmens & Ruud Heij, Electronic Sound Project, Eagle(Synth.Music), Barry Neilsen(Modal Synths), Muziek uit de Kosmos, Bernd Kistenmacher, Graham Getty, Zanov, Detlef Keller(live), Borders Edge Music, Altus, E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr(live), Kebu, Giulio Aldinucci, Alerick Project, Xyrion, Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart, Mythos, M.Christina & W.Gsell

WavemansUnderground on Chat Radio / Guest. Friday 29th april 20.00 - 0.00 / 7pm - 11pm(UK) Playlist:

T'iwu, Wim, Rainer Struck, AWM, Romerium, Arpegiator, Steve Moore, Sylvain Carel, Xyrion, Ujjaya(live), 555, Von Haulshoven & AEM, Frank Rothe & Mario Schönwalder, E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr(live), Fratoroler, Ian Mantripp, Jeffrey Koepper, Johan Tronestam, John Kerr & Ron Boots, Zanov, Venja, Kikai, Phochos, Rhea, Stratosphere, Steve Roach & Robert Logan, Remy....... NOTE! All tracks you hear are in 128 -192kbps solution

Again On-Line in a 4 hours radioshow, Synth / Ambient etc. Chat Radio / Guest   See the play list..... over a couple of hours you know it.

WavemansUnderground 4 hours EM / Ambient / Drone / Sequencer friday 26th from 20.00 - 0.00 / 7pm - 11pm(UK) Chat Radio, guest or subscribe. NOTE: Only in the chat info about the played music and concert info and some long tracks! playlist in following order:

1. Howard Givens & Craig Padilla, 2 from12. 50min. of PPG music by Michael Wehr(see foto) 13. Between Interval, 14. Picture Palace Music(live) E-Live 2010, 15. Darkstar83, 16. (*)Lounasan, 17. Simon Stockhausen, 18. Realtime, 19. Anders Jorgensen, 20. Free System Project(E-Day 2010), 21. Forrest Fang, 22. Louigi Verona...... you are welcome ! (*) Over one hour track !

About Michael; Volker Barber: His FGTH remake on the PPG system was epic. Wolfgang Palm: He was very talented. Wolf Zechiel: "Lebenskünstler"

Our 1st "2+2" radio show together...... Spacy07 & Waveman from The Underground ÄxpÄrten / are on-air friday 29th january. From Rotterdam Waveman plays: Wim(live), Steve Roach(live) Hagen von Bergen, Airsculpture(live), grum-pe, Mark Jenkins(live), Spiraldreams, Polar Circle, John Battema, MarcE & GerdR, Alpha Wave Movement.

Spacy07 plays: Loom, W.AdePhul, Dweller At The Threshol, Tim Blake, Code Indigo, Klangwelt, Ken Martin, Nautulus, Mind Flux, Tangerine Dream, Robert Schroeder, Pyramid Peak, Computerchemist feat. Nemesis  8) In the chat only info about the musician(s) and track info ! Stay tuned from 20.00 - 0.00 / 7pm - 11pm(UK)

As usual our 2+2 shows are complexed in EM / Ambient, Pixelsplitter(Köln) and WavemansUnderground(Rotterdam) friday 11th radio Chat / Guest, or subscribe 7pm - 11pm (UK) time....... see the playlist:

Synth / Ambient / Drone / Sequencer
Pixelsplitter & WavemansUnderground
Friday 29th 2+2 hrs music

Synth / Ambient / Drone / Sequencer:

On friday 30 january on (radio chat / als gast einloggen, or subscribe) Only in the chat info about played songs and musicians, join us
from 20.00 - 24.00 CET / 7pm - 23pm(UK Time) John Valk

Friday 31th october, the latest day Noby & Waveman in a show(stream) together! Thank you Norbert with 1000 times kindfull help from Elke......Join this show on and say hello to them / radio Chat / als gast einloggen(or Subscribe) Only in the chat info about the musicians, label etc. !  Cool
20.00-22.00(CET) Norbert plays : something from Münster , Gandalf, Freiklang, Remy, Sina Vodjani, Liberation thru healing, Georgina Brett, Klaus & Lisa(Amsterdam 2009) , Bernd Kistenmacher , B.K.& S. and „vor der Flut“
22.00-24.00 John plays :16 songs all together and 10 of them from 2014 !!!

Kamifukuoka, *Ruud Rondou, **Syndromeda, Lefthand, Sequential Dreams, Moogman, *Rhea, EMG Lux Ohr, Contact, **Fratoroler, Spiral Dreams SD, Amir Baghiri, *Neuronium, **Bouvetoya, Cosmic Hoffmann, Tetsu Inoue

* are from Ambient Nation 4
** are the latest releases from the Syngate label
See you all.......

More than happy I am to play from France(3) again, friday 29 August thanks to all who hase send me their new and latest compositions.
Waveman 20.00-22.00 CET: Didier Bocquet, Node, Lounasan, Bernard Szajner, Fred Yargui, Space Megalithe, Alpha Lyra, Christian Richet, Roland Bocquet, (*)Zanov, Colin Rayment, Annemarie Borg Antara, Phobos.........(*)Zanov, he is back after many years Cool His new CD "Virtual Future" wil be released in September 2014. On friday 26 September I'll play from this album 1 or 2 tracks, but now his very 1st one "Green Ray"
Norberts KapriOlen 22.00-24.00: Anna von Hausswolf, Valley Forge, Hagen von Bergen, Peter Gabriel, Cluster, Michael Brückner, Thomas Jung, Traumklang, Pink Floyd, Tilo Voigthaus.......... / radio Chat / als gast einloggen or subscribe ---Note--- Only in the chat info about musicians, labels, Concerts etc. ! Your Welcome

Waveman and Noby on friday evening 27th 20.00-24.00 CET on / Radio Stream / als gast einloggen or subscribe
John Plays: Alio Die & Zeit, IAM., Distance Fire Burning, Premonition Factory, *Remy+Free Arts Lab (Live) And Part 2 from: Who is playing here ?? Non stop Mega SynthMIX.
Norbert Plays: Walter Roos, Leonardo, Hagen v. Bergen, Michael Brückner, Andreas Kontremba, Alien Nature, Xenophonia, Gerd Weyhing, *Wolfram Spyra's "Staub"
A very good compillation.....Dark Side of the Moog Serie von Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook

*Remy and Wolfram are performing that day in the Netherlands

Note ! Only in the chat info about the (long) tracks

Other Ambient (and related) Music / B-Wave Festival Belgium december 2013
« on: November 14, 2013, 01:21:32 PM »
Hi all,

In 3 weeks time B-Wave will present a Festival, names from Belgium: Age, Nisus, The Roswell Incident, and from UK: Ian Boddy(his first appearance in Belgium) 8)   see full detail here, order your ticket a.s.a.p.

Listening: Podcasts, Mixes, and Music Sample Clips / Synth/Ambient/Drone
« on: August 12, 2013, 12:40:45 AM »
Hi all,

Like to introduce myself: Waveman(John) is a musician and likes to play by stream many styles of music on the internet, to explain what and how I wil direct you to one of my greatest show ever about Oöphoi(Gianluigi Gasparetti)  "Gigi" I did !    Suggestions or questions are welcome on this wel sorted forum  8)  Meanwhile I ask you to visit the weekly friday show from 20.00-24.00(local time) Synth/Ambient/Drone music at / Radio Chat / als gast einloggen.

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