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I read the guidelines. Hi, I'm new here, and to a degree this is somewhat copy/pasted..but not spambotting. I really want to get to know you as an human being and emerging label, and figure out what you're up to as artists, and if a chance arises we can work together, even. Do not hesitate to email me, as I am accepting Ambient artists most of all. :) Thanks, Hypnos!

Free Muse op, in a couple days from today, the 16th of October 2013.
Be online during the day/night of the Full Moon. I think you'll be glad you made it to your computer, at some point. [This relates to both audio and visual art].
I'm very happy to be presenting this offering to the world.
Much love and an unforgettable 2013 Autumn.

First album on the emergent ARS Volitae Independent label.
Look for J.M Von Kotterhausen profile on facebook, and you'll see me and what we are all about!
Take care; Ive got my work cut out for the next...forever. lol

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