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As we head into 2022, a thank you for 20 years of listening and an end of year gift for listeners of atmospheric #ambient #electronic music.

All my releases are currently free.

The work is said to be great for concentration and creative tasks and it includes: - A collection of music made between March and October of 2020 at a rate of one track per week.

If you are inclined to pay (you really don't have too) perhaps consider making a donation to these causes instead?

All the best in health and inspiration,


Tune in to the world premier broadcast of music from my new album: Wasteland Signals.
Grenzwellen Radio - 9th of December 2015 - 21:00 (CET)

Wasteland Signals

Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me sharing some news on an album I have been working on for over three years. My first new release since los.

The Kult radio-show Grenzwellen (Radio Hannover) will host the very first broadcast of music from Wasteland Signals; a brand new album in development since 2012 by ambient.environment.soundscapes artist, Matthew Florianz.

"Curiosity has always been a motivation for discovering and exploring new sounds." says Ecki Stieg, music journalist, host and producer of Grenzwellen on his website. Matthew Florianz adds: "When Ecki Stieg offered to play my work on his show, I immediately thought of sharing my work in progress album. Sending Wasteland Signals into the ether would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a sample for the very first time. I hope you can listen live!"

Grenzwellen airs in the Hannover area on 87.6 FM and is also broadcast on an internet audio stream on December the 9th 2015 starting 21:00 (CET) (links below). Wasteland Signals will be released on Bandcamp soon.

Listeners of the show will also discover a unique discount code to the entire catalogue on Bandcamp, valid till the end of the year. Tune in for more details!


more info

Grenzwellen Radio

Matthew Florianz Website

Matthew Florianz on Bandcamp


Rather than starting new topics, I'll add a reply to this one, and update the Subject whenever there's an update. Scroll down for latest and thank you for listening.

Hello everyone!

This year an invite came to create music (and sound design) for a series of short documentaries about our universe.
I am very proud to have been part of this series of short films and though it might be of interest to you also?

All films feature prominent scientists from NASA, SETI and many other respected scientific institutions:

Is there life elsewhere in the Universe:

Do we live in a Multiverse?

What is the Universe made of?

Why does time pass?

The album release isolates music and is available as a (free) stream here:

In the 80's we would often visit the city of Klagenfurt in Austria and go to a reptile zoo. My younger brother would immediately dash of towards the snakes to have a huge constrictor put around his neck.. those no-care 80's right?

My 8 year old self was more interested in the building next to the zoo: a planetarium with sight of the universe and my first exposure to the likes of Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre.

That memory has recently been rekindled as not only does the town of Cambridge, to which I moved recently, presents a stunning night-sky. Also I am lucky enough to be working on Elite: Dangerous, a video game set in 3300 which is all about the exploration of space within a newtonian correct star/flight model and really great sound from the audio team consisting of Dan Murray, Dan Varela, Joe Hogan, Duncan MacKinnon and Jim Croft. Hope you guys don't mind me promoting it a bit ?

The Galaxy map in the game simulates our entire galaxy, complete with moving celestial bodies and proper dynamics: 

All known stars and celestial bodies are accurately mapped wheras the rest is procedurally generated using the best current knowledge of our universe.

The in-game backdrop of stars that can be seen in the video is true rendering of the view from within that part of the galaxy.
Fly to Sol and you'll recognize the familiar constellations. Go anywhere else and you can view those same star signs distorted and warped.

Or you could, as I so often imagined as a child, find a star.. lock the ship onto it.. engage the hyperdrive and explore the solar system on the other side of the warp tunnel not knowing what wonders or dangers await.

With Star Citizen, No Man's Sky and many other space simulation games on the (event)horizon, it's great to see a genre revitalized.


It's been a long while since my last visit and I hope you don't mind this first post to be of a self promotional nature.

los on Vimeo

There is no cost, fee or signup, though if you have some time I would like to learn how you experienced it.

All the best,

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