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This is a 30 minute live improv recorded at my recent gig in Nottingham UK, The Church of Sound is a small intimate venue in the basement of a tea shop. Usually, on a once per month basis, there are 3 x 30-40 minute acts on during the evening, with visuals projected onto the back wall of the room. It has a number of comfy couches and chairs to relax and the ample PA fills the room with sound to take you into another world.

Most acts are experimental in their approach, providing live music using a variety of sound making instruments and FX, for my visit I used just a Mutable Instruments Shruthi 4 pole mission desktop synth and 5 FX pedals, one of which was a Boss DD20 looper to build the sound and ambience around the improv whilst changing parameters on the synth.

There are a few short video clips on you tube but this link is to the whole 30 minute piece, it was recorded direct from the stereo out of the mixing desk and into a boss MicroBR digital recorder.

This is a 28 minute dark ambient drift I recorded live last night on to stereo tracks in Cubase on my PC. I used my Korg Volca keys, MI Shruthi 4 pole mission and a Nintendo DS lyte running Korg DS10 going through a Boss ME50B pedal, Boss DD20 delay and Boss PS-2 pitch shifter/delay. It is uploaded as a wav file so sound quality should be good, its also downloadable so wont tie up your PC if you have other things to do on the net whilst listening to it on your preferred media player. :-)


Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Volcanizing Shruthi Analoguekid
« on: September 28, 2014, 02:59:31 PM »
This is a 16 minute improv I did last night using just my analogue gear, live recorded one take stereo into Cubase, more info on the SC page.

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / deep dark ambient
« on: September 22, 2014, 12:59:45 PM »
This is Mariana Trench, 30 mins of deep dark drifting along the worlds deepest trench :-)

Everything and Nothing / A viewpoint of ambient EM music
« on: July 03, 2014, 09:54:07 AM »
Heres one, see what you make of this. I have recently hooked up with a very old school mate on FB, we got chatting and it got around to music, he asked if there was anywhere he could listen to some of mine, I directed him to my sound cloud page and a few nights later I asked him what he thought, his reply was "well its ok but all sounds the same" he is into death metal, throat music and stuff like that ;-)

So my reply to him was this "have you ever seen those beach front artists in Tenerife and holiday places, the ones that paint pictures using spray cans and templates and end up with a space scene or a moonlit waterfall and stuff" and he said "oh yes I know those, some very good, think I brought one on a holiday a long time ago" I then said "well, aren't those pictures all the same, same content, same colours, same templates used, with just a few slight variations in the scene, well that's a bit like Ambient EM music" "My music uses the same tools, same format, etc." His reply to that was, "yes but they are paintings that can be used to decorate your room and stuff, music is just music" :P

Where do we go from here :-)

 :) :) Very pleased to be given the opportunity to play live again, this time taking my frequency shifting ambient music to a Tea House in Nottingham UK. I will be playing for about 30 mins, using 3 small sound devices, these being my Korg Volca keys, a Nintendo DS lite with Korg DS10 synth, and my recent Yamaha CS01 synth, also a few FX pedals :-)

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