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Hi all

for lovers of guitars-made light ambient ( ):

From today you can get my music also as FLAC files download.
All albums are available (including now Western Detunes).
Discount Bundle allow to get all my discography at a cheap price.
To download, go to:

enjoy solyaris music

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / How to delivery music? CDR vs FLAC download
« on: December 13, 2012, 07:35:06 AM »
Hi guys,
( btw, I please administrators to move where they want my post if it is in the wrong place )

until now I sold/gifted my music as CDrs.
That have been the natural way until some years ago, to supply the better audio quality.

As listener, I personally Icontinue to think that's  preferred way to listen music,
music that require "high-fidelity", possibly to be listened far from laptop/mobile devices/phones... argh!!!

In recent times, people (and myself mmhhhh :-( ) used to listen also from MP3 / FLAC files,
so I'm deciding now to deliver my music also as FLAC download.

I suppose this possible flow:
a) sell with a standard paypal payment a digital album
b) use or similar file store web services to let people download encrypted file containing FLAC encoded tracks.
c) get feedbacks from listeners/friends saying something like "Giorgio, was better your previous album..." or similar ;-)

Questions to both music producers and listeners too:

1. Do you retain FLAC a suitable format to delivery hi-fy digital music ?
Or it's convenient pheraps some MP3 high quality encoding (maybe because MP3 is more supported by portable music players)  ?

2. Do you have experience using or similar services (letting HTTP download) instead of using FTP old approach etc. 

3. What is the "market" price of a digital album in 2012 ?

4. Do you listen ambient/electronic music also using digital files (MP3 or whatever) ?
Do you really listen with mobile devices (tablet/phones/etc.) ?

Any idea is welcome / thanks

Hi all,

I allow myself a small advertisement here; for who love (slide guitar) floating ambient drones, my music at:
I updated my website, supplying free streaming and mp3 download.
Donation support is very welcome!!!

If you are a  (web) radio owners, or podcast dj and you like to add my music in your programs, please contact me.


since many months, indeed since many years,
I see no vitality, no creativity, no new interesting music.

I talk as listener,
I talk as musician of "this" kind of music (perhaps)
so please note my one is also a self-criticism!

I thought a lot about why I personally do not listen something that touch me by
some years and I admit I stop (temporarily) making music exactly some years
But I remember times when I was exited discovering guys as Robert Rich, Steve
Roach, Star of The Lid, Alio Die (just to name few) and them masterpieces...

but now I feel a big "void"
(and I'm not referring to the magnificent “sufi” concept of void in Klaus
Wiese singing bowls mystical music... and also I'm not referring to "magnificent
void" Steve Roach's great album ;-) )
NO! I'm referring to what appear to me a complete lack of artistic
“novelty”: the absence of the inner magic flame that light up on your soul
when you listen new beautiful music...)
BTW, the late lamented critic and my friend Gordon Danis could perfectly
understand what I mean... :-(

So why all that, I ask to myself?
And I forward my question to you, listener or music maker!

I mean: I feel a sort of decadence, a lack of new exiting new ways in
ambient/electronic music and that paradoxically mismatch with the new
possibilities of synthesizers and computer elaboration capabilities of nowadays
pc-for-the-masses... bla bla bla

So regarding the lack of new sonic explorations of “beauty”:
It's about the crisis of CD selling?
So it's about the global “economical crisis”?
It's about the lack of new "sensibility" in our so beautiful societies?

It's only my personal point of view, so pessimistic?
I'm perhaps lost something?
Or is a common feeling here?

Nevertheless, to conclude, let me overturn the plaint! let me be positive!
please suggest me new amazing musics/artists you just discovered!


Hi all,

I'm very happy Sir Eric Rorer ( ) used my music as sountrack for his amazing video (Backpacking America's Last True Wilderness):

I didn't know Eric and I discovered casually his video surfing the web, anyway he interpreted exactly the sense of Commons Creative licence ( I propose for all my MP3s files availebe for free download on my website : what I ask to people would use my music as soundtrack is simply to mention my data exactly as Eric did: inside the video an dpossibly also in the comment notes outside the video. I would happy that people could mention all details (title of track, album, my name, website URL), or at least the website link could be sufficient.

Generally speaking I wish my music could be used as soundtrack for a film or documentary concerning high altitude mountains climbing (snow/ice/rock/mixt) but, please note, I'm not too happy that my music could comment sport activities in a strict sense, indeed I'd be very happy that my music could be used to comment Nature in a general sense,  I mean the "Wilderness", the contemplation and the lack of hurry, the lack of time-counting ... 

I'd eventually please ask to be contacted via e-mail ( possibly before (or also after) publishing the video; just because I'm curious and I'm simply happy to see my music is listened and used. In cases of a project really interesting I'm available to gift my music (maybe the new one) also via CDr .. even if this is expensive to do my side and I'd appreciate if people could possibly purchase my CDs (even if this is a bit wearing), but that's a form of acknowledgement of value of my music... I hope you understand is absolutely not a commercial convenience because the niche of "our" market ... of my music especially ;-)

BTW, Another beautiful Eric's video with my music:

BTW, my new work coming soon (2011) I'm restoring the fender rhodes! ;-)


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Sheila Whittaker music
« on: September 21, 2010, 06:03:55 AM »
Hi love the way she play gongs:

BTW, on his website, Sheila talk about "powerful healing & stress-relieving properties" ...
mmhhh... indeed I feel her beautiful music do not have (fortunately!) these new-agey relaxing features ...
or maybe yes ...

Anyway the most important think, for me, is her ability to use harmonics of a single piece of metal to explore deep realms ...
in a manner I think very affine to the way I (we) love ... very Stalker-movie-compliant, isn't it ?

I guess administrators agree this is not promotion ... but share of musical knowledge .. ;-)


thanks Mike Watson, for your review:

Robino's music virtually glows with a soft, alien light. It's fitting that the artist's pseudonym is Solyaris because the music bears an unmistakable resemblance to Cliff Martinez's luminous score for Steven Soderbergh's brilliant sci-fi film Solaris (2002).

Honestly, my alias "Solyaris" is a dedication, a tribute, to Andrej Tarkoski (the Russain movie director)!
As I always specified in my website:

I also watched, but not so much enjoyed the Steven Soderbergh's Solyaris movie remake,
except for some Cliff Martinez's interesting soundtrack, that appear to me, rather far from my music indeed!


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / DX7II banks
« on: December 15, 2009, 08:58:20 AM »
Hi all

I just updated my dx7 page

with a bank for free download.

more details here:


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