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Everything and Nothing / Compose. Composition.
« on: April 17, 2018, 02:32:46 PM »
Compose. Composition.

What is it? I always look at the Latin word stems. Compono. Componere. Composita. Compositio.
Compos means "involved in something". Compono means "put together, form, shape, build".
Componere means "compose". However, composition is called "modi" in Latin. "Modus" means type and tune (musically).

What a fine art of composing is evident in every symphony or opera, melodies in layers, interacting, counterpointing, merging and transcending.
Pitches, instruments, depth, overlays, connections, similarities.
The string instruments, for example, and the wind instruments, as well as choirs, complement and overlap in pitches. That is very fascinating.
The reverb is also a real instrument in compositions. Sometimes a similar play of several directions arises from the strings and combines into a reverb-like effect.
Echoes work just as well out of the instruments and notes.

Composing is really being involved in something. Somehow the theme (the tune) is the cause of a whole series of independent developments.
These can be controlled to a degree. Everything else is part of the whole, larger. The orchestra, the room, the ambience.
The notes are just one of the parts of composing.

That's what I wanted to say.

Everything and Nothing / A world full oblivion
« on: March 12, 2018, 01:09:41 PM »
A world full oblivion.

How I grow older and wiser, I experience different shades within the shades. Sometimes I am lightweight like a bird of the skies.
Sometimes I am devastated when I see a tree in its full life to be amputed to its bones by stupid people, only to give it a last week before felling.
This tree must have been 100 years old.

There was someone who planted this tree, and watched him growing. Now the one is maybe gone and another one decides to fell a 100 year old entity.
I love every tree, every animal. The pigeons in the city are called rats. Pigeons are so sprightly birds. They reminds me to cats sometimes.
The rats are tiny or really big, just as different as humans. But it is my view. Or is it a forgotten or never lived view?

Attention and mindfulness to one another, a rare thing? Skin-deep soul searching for nothing, reality?
Sometimes I would be a Samurei, and I fight against the oblivion. Sometimes I would be the bird of the skies and glide over them.
Sometimes I realize that how I get older and wiser, the shades within the shades deepend.

Marketplace / CD search: Klaus Wiese - Maquam
« on: March 07, 2018, 11:05:55 PM »
I search for the original CD of "Maquam" by Klaus Wiese, released on Umbra (2004).

I would love to have that piece of transcendental art.

If anybody knows where I can get the original CD, I would be happy.

Everything and Nothing / Some thoughts on time and volume.
« on: December 15, 2017, 06:34:53 AM »
Some thoughts on time and volume.

Over the years, one experiences changes in one's environment and, of course, one's own ego. One constantly tries to reconcile the relation between the development of the self and its environment. If there is no longer agreement, you actually ask yourself where the cause lies: in yourself or in your environment. Then there is a time of observation and contact to find out where you stand. For me it was time again that I thought: the world has become louder and hectic. Am I more sensitive or are others less sensitive?

A week ago, I received a new phone: a Nokia DS 130. When I picked a ringtone, I almost fell off the stool, so loud was the ringing tone. I ended up using only one ringtone, which I could then endure at minimal volume. That was the proof, I'm not deaf yet. But are the others actually deaf? Every day I see people with their smartphones, hear the phones ring, so loud! Now we have adapted my phone with own ringtones in normal volume. But it makes me wonder why this development?

Recently I heard two albums by an artist. An album from a few years ago was very balanced. Earlier, I heard his latest work: way too loud. After that, his old work was just balm. I know, we already had some topics in the direction here, for example "volume war".

Time, another topic that concerns me. My motto is actually to go through time very slowly and thereby extend the time. In principle, it is the case that time is space, and thus the longer the way, the longer the time. Of course, time goes by differently, relative to one's own feelings. But I have learned, the slower I move, the more intense I experience, and the slower the absolute time passes. The faster and more unconsciously I move, the faster the absolute time passes. The "time limit" is used up faster, without I enjoyed the way.

I have the feeling that time and volume are connected. I imagine a kind of compression (similar to music) that increases. Maybe it's because of the globalized diversity of the earth, the fast availability everywhere, too much information overload to really learn something. On the contrary, we unlearn a lot due to this flood of information and forget very fast.

A world of oblivion, that's double-edged. On the one hand you should forget, but on the other hand always remember. This mystery is it not, if you absolutely go the time and the way, dream your dreams, and appreciate the moments and memories. Today's society is between cosmic departure and digital madness. I look forward to the future, in spite of everything. :)

Everything and Nothing / Music for the people of the underground
« on: November 11, 2017, 03:15:06 PM »
Music for the people of the underground:

There has always been a lot of music and a lot of it was boring.
I think that's why we're in the underground.
I used to play vinyl on small parties.
I liked the people who went dancing because of the music.
We did not want to stand in the center, we were unconventional.

Today there are digital media, plugins and autotune.
And we are still at home in the underground, more than ever.
We look to the world, and when people share something out of warmth,
when a positive sign from the world resonates, we are confident.

It is always special to filter music from the underground.
Music of the underground is something meaningful.
I can not remember ever playing music with clichés.
And whenever a cliché is created again, I dive deeper into the underground.
When I see that music is created for money, when music loses its originality, I go on.

Ambient music is a niche, is underground in itself.
Let's go on to classical music and folklore, underground is their birthplace.
People who make authentic music and create authentic notes, they are the underground.

When music becomes famous, it tends to be commercialized.
How often do we experience artists starting second projects to stay authentic.
How often do we worry about pursuing music that falls into commerce.

I found a guiding idea for myself:
Music is like a bird, it sings because it lives.
We recognize this music because it corresponds to us.

The universe in a single note - a guide back to the roots of meditation:

There was "Nada Brahma - The world is sound", one inspiring and ambitious project. There were the Far Eastern and Eastern culture where people listened to the voice of the Inner Sound connected to the Universe. There were music researchers, who translated musical octaves into stars frequencies. There were the sacred chants of the ancients, the rhythms of the prohibited underworlds and the airs of the inter-worlds. All tried to meditate, emerged from meditation and found meditation.

So, what is meditation. This concept is a universe in itself, for meditation is achieved in a thousand different ways and practices. Not every way can be the right one for all people. Man is shaped by experiences and, of course, by the place where he was born und where he lives. But not only his parents' house and the country where he lives, but also the stars are part of the geography that continues his life.

Meditation is the point at which we return to our original self. Some are born in this way, some need practices, some are experiencing a changing moment, and so they remember themselves. Everyone has it, the inner calm, which strives to the surface. Music is the transformation of waves and yearning. Music has been always used as a means of expression and also as an aid to lead to higher and deeper understanding. But also the forbidden worlds, which lead to occult knowledge, used the music to lead to our own inner self and to our origin.

Meditation can be viewed naturally or scientifically, the result always leads to a natural goal, because we are natural.

Meditation is the point at which we release the here and now and arrive there where we are free and without thoughts. Once we are there, a whole universe unfolds before us, the experiences of the world pour on us and we suddenly recognize. Our perception is concentrate and no longer distinguishes between important or unimportant, known or unknown, good or evil things. We are now at a point where we are free.

A single note can describe a universe, if we dive into this note, if we created this note properly, if we allow this note. An important theme of meditation and music is the admittance. It is only by granting access that we allow access to our innermost being. It is difficult nowadays, because the world has become very noisy. Especially in big cities it is very difficult. I've moved to a smaller town for this reason. You have to know your limits.

And just as you know your limits, you are able to know your freedoms. Everyone has to do this for themselves, but this can begin with music you can dream with. More over, this can be done by omitting prejudice, by making mistakes and finally recognizing that we have an incredible freedom. The freedom to let go. Then you will be able to hear the universe in a note and you will feel the breath of the universe in a single contemplation.

All your best,

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Jaja news
« on: January 01, 2017, 01:50:19 PM »
Happy new year to all. I thought I would better make a "news" thread to minimize the future amount of threads for single "release announcement" and for further updates inbetween the times.

This new year started for me with two new years eve releases. Both albums are different but also very much related to each other. I post-produced them both in the two last weeks and both fine tuned them until yesterday. This is ultra quiet music with some audible noises from the hardware gear.

My album plans for "Arcturus" are delayed until the mid/end of this year as this is a double album and needs a bit more intense work and some additional recordings.

Beyond the horizons

01 - Reflections
02 - Horizons
03 - 1001 stars
04 - Eternal space

Beyond the horizons is the third part of the contemporary EP-series which features piano and classical music. It is a contemplative musical interpretation of thoughts and worlds beyond what can be said and refers to the Japanese aesthetics Yūgen. The four songs were composed and played live on my Roland JD-800 synthesizer in winterly nights of January/February 2016. Main frequency of the EP is 429,0 Hz.

Through the belt of Orion

Part I - Through the belt of Orion
Part II - Amorphous void
Part III - The stars and divine forms
Part IV - Red blue shift
Part V - The solitude of space

This album was written in late winter nights in December 2016 where our companions were the stars of Orion every night until the early morning. Orion is one of the mystic old star constellations and carries an amazing world of deep sky objects. This album is premiering my new Roland XV-88 synthesizer. Besides I used several outboard equipment by TC Electronic, Akai, DBX and Allen & Heath. The main album frequency is 429,2 Hz.

There are no CD-plans right now but both releases will be available in the future as limited CDr-editions.

Best, Jana

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Tech Talk with Jaja
« on: October 30, 2016, 02:04:28 PM »
Today we launched our Tutorials section in our Cyan website.

There you can find tutorials about hardware service and, for now, a tech talk with me that I copied for an easier access in this thread but you can also visit our website of course:

Tech Talk with Jaja:

German synthesist and stargazer Jaja now successful explores the space ambient universe for many years. Besides her free digital releases she offers physical releases in form of Audio Compact Discs.

Jaja has a very close relation to her synthesizers, the Roland JD-800 and the Roland XV-88. Her compositions are always played and recorded live. As experienced and passionated hardware synthesizer user, she talks here on CYAN about her inspirations, loudness and production techniques.

Official Website  | Bandcamp

Which 3 points are most important on writing a new track?
Inspiration, composure and inner peace. Above all, its about: Why there is music and what is it made for? The answer is quite simple: Our inner voice, which plays an instrument. The instrument, which tells our melody. So, the selection of the instrument is the prerequisite for successful playing. Everyone has different requirements, talent and passion about. But is always the inspiration that drives us. Composure which opens us. Inner peace which lets us.

Which role plays loudness on writing or recording a track?
Loudness is a very important topic, but overrated most times. Its important to find a value which fits the needs of hearing and feeling the music in equal measure and creates an own room sound that keeps some free space for inspiration and leisure. In sumn, it is a loudness the room can reflect at this moment. In addition, the post production has to handle the results of the recorded room sound sensitive.

What influences most while playing music?
The sound influences playing music most. It is uplifting and catalyzing to work within a perfect soundscape. When the sound returns to you and affects itself through this, because you hear and feel. It really can create something very unique.

What techniques are used most frequently?
Its the simple techniques: One device, one track, one composition and few recordings. Most times, simplicity makes music authentic. And extreme important: A perfect preparation and knowledge of the used sounds and gear.

You are working with the Roland JD-800 and the Roland XV-88. What moved you to this selection, and how are your experiences with those two devices? What are the differences between those both?
The search for the perfect possibilities of realisation of my dreams and musical preferences, which brought me to my both perfect synths. Only synthesizers with keys and much sliders came into consideration. Both Roland synthesizers offer a varity of sounds through digital samples and the assertiveness of hardware gear. Those both devices are heavyweights and true Rolands. The differences are 9 years in developement from 1991s JD-800 to 2000s XV-88. The JD-800 only offers 24 voices, but is an absolute sound blaster while the XV-88 offers 128 voices and sounds super silky. The JD-800 simply invites to create sounds through its many knobs and sliders, the XV-88 comes as contrast with a 7 octave keyboard and weighted keys.

Play music when inspired and research the room sound.

Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Jaja - Milky Way
« on: June 21, 2016, 09:05:21 AM »
Imagine the stars above the sky, imagine you could see them all day and night long. The world would be so much nicer and more peaceful.
The Milky Way is main inspiration for my music. Everytime I get a chance, I look at it and let myself fall. This feeling is immense, calm and universal. It makes me feel complete.
My latest album, released today at summer solstice, is dedicated to the Milky Way. Tuned to 429,2 Hz and containing three different parts.

Part I - Under the stars
Part II - Approaching Infinity
Part III - The creation of stars

PS: Part II is the piece that I mentioned in the Lovecraftian music thread by Mike Griffin. I love Lovecrafts cosmic visions/experiences,
and after listening all available audio books, I bought the book collection (6 bands) and read a lot of Lovecraft lately. Part II reflects this a bit.
Also, Part II contains my voice (some choir-like sounds) at some certain points. I ever wanted to do that. But it is very subtle.

OK, I have read the guidelines and will stop self-promoting now. The stars for you.

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