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I dont know how many times I have been listening to this album (guess around 200+). Its so great. So much depth and texture. Sounds come in and out it such delicate subtle ways like other ambient producers doesnt seem to master. Its not loud and obtrusive.

Im looking for albums that posseses the same qualites or resamble this one.

I had this in my mind for awhile, even though I have enjoyed many ambient albums from the 2000's/2010's and up until now but is anyone else in agreement that there are a very small number of albums like Substrata (even disc 2 has really pecuilar and strong ambient tracks) 76:14 for example from the last 10-15 years?

Im talking ambient albums where the tracks also does have a strong charachter to them, like for example
the ticking beat of the clock in 14:31. I dont know how to describe it. These albums are almost like "pop" ambient. Not that they sound like popmusic, but the tracks are just standing strong on their own with alot of charachter and recognisability to them.

Surely Steve Roach and other similar "space-ambient" artists (sorry steve roach fans) has ever made an album with tracks that are almost like songs but still wrapped in an ambient package?

Personally I find these albums to be far and few between. Why is that ? Some ambient albums I can think about that uses similar approach is from Carbon Based Lifeforms, Circular, Irezumi, Secede, Pjusk,Solar Fields ambient works on top of my head but these still doesnt manage expand their sounds and give it as much colour and variety as in the above mentioned.

Snufmumriko - On Blue
Snufmumriko - Autumn Stars
Warmth - Hivern
Alex Bober - Alice Blue
Henrik B - Drifting pt2

Im thankful if someone could steer me to something based on these. Ive heard most of the classic/obvious stuff already. Been listening to ambient for about 10 years now. Most of what I bump into is this loud obtrustive harsh ambient. Im pretty sensitive to lots of noise and loud unpleasant tones you find in alot of ambient these days. Give me subtle but vast, gentle but ever-moving ambient.