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Just a short clip from the new comercial album "transmissions L'amour"

Off the cuff live recording.


It may not be to everyones taste ..............but it's different !!!

Hello everyone ,my name is Trench and i have been a musician for over 30 years playing everything from big band jazz to punk.
I currently have 4 free download albums available for you.

Depending on the feedback that is received i may post the other 3 at a later date.

The music is a mixture between ambient and soundtrack with a little psychedelic thrown in for good measure.

Here is the 1st................................


Part one   Upon arrival
Part two   Main theme (for Claudia)
Part three Red brothel
Part four   Dusts of Xaaxis
Part five   Solartrain
Part six   Interior campfire dance
Part seven Keeriehay
Part eight  Claudias song
Part nine    Chorale coral
Part ten    Once were tribes
Part eleven  A colony is born

It is one continuous piece of music,a soundtrack to an imaginary western set on Mars.

Best listened to on headphones as there is quite a bit going on in the background.

As i say depending on the feedback thre is more to come 8)

Enjoy..............IT'S FREE

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