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Other Ambient (and related) Music / FAX Re-issues
January 06, 2016, 05:27:12 PM
I have received several notices from artists websites recently about FAX co-productions be available again.I think the rights are reverting back to the artists or some deal was struck with the Namlook estate.Several of them involved Pete such as the Richie Hawtin or Biosphere or Sultan project.Lets hope more become available but none of that will replace the FAX original CD releases,both in terms of the hard copy value and nostalgia factor.

Anyone see anything new re-issued?

In Canada on Apple Music,all of his projects are available to buy on Itunes but only 4 are available to stream so someone must be still controlling it,his family I imagine.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Biosphere on BC
December 30, 2015, 12:35:22 PM
Biosphere are putting up most if not all of their catalog on BC.All the Touch releases.Plus one really strange one on his Biophon label.Trap/hip hop!
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Steaming services
November 29, 2015, 05:23:47 PM
Maybe I am behind the times but I just subscribed to my first streaming service today with Apple Music.Choose them simply because I use Itunes and Idevices and it was easy.
I have always owned my music with thousands of CDs and hundreds of purchased downloads and will continue to do so but what are your thoughts on streaming as far as the listener,not the artist ?(another subject)
So far,after a day,it would seem to me,why would anyone buy anything ever gain,if they can stream it.I have always been a lossless user so will probably go over to Tidal if I stay with this.
I know it has been many years you can stream for free as well,You tube being a prime example.
My original idea was to have a service where I can sample whole albums (similar to Bandcamp) before buying,including major artists.Then if interested,buy.I listen mostly at home and with my portable device (Astell & Kern AK 240,look it up) where I have no internet access so streaming does not work in that capacity but at work,stream while there.
Does anyone have a preferred service that caters more to ambient and electronic artists that we listen to here on this site,maybe Spotify or Tidal?
So far,on Apple,there have only been a few artists I could not find.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / AWVFTS Live
March 18, 2015, 06:44:54 PM

If you want to see a 6 min clip of AWVFTS,here it is.I prefer the first LP to the second but I would see them live if I could.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Alio Die on BC
February 07, 2015, 02:26:42 PM
Alio Die is now on Bandcamp.Expect a ton of releases.Not sure why he is only posting previews of certain songs,sort of defeats the purpose as I wish to hear all the tracks before I purchase.But I have been an admirer for decades so there will be some new additions to my collection I am sure.
I read about this today.Though it does not affect me (for now) as I am in Canada, my understanding is that any music sold on BC including downloads will be subject to tax for the buyer.Seems it depends on where the buyer is located,not the seller.I am not sure how I feel that tax is to be collected on something like digital downloads when I am in another country.Nothing physical being transferred.More expensive for everyone involved.Plus you already have to deal with currency conversation.For myself,when I pay in pounds or Euro,it is way more.This will not stop me from purchasing on BC,love the site as they do not rip off the consumer by charging more for lossless and you can stream full tracks,both a huge plus.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Grassow on BC
December 23, 2014, 02:48:18 PM
Saw this today.Mathias Grassow is on BC.Now you can enjoy his drones as a lossless download.Mostly box sets are available.Morpheus is of interest to these ears.He is certainly the master of drone with a gigantic amount of output.

I just read there is a new Pink Floyd LP coming out in the Fall.
Based on The Division Bell sessions,modified in 2014 by Gilmour.So featuring 3 of the 4 members.
All instrumental with maybe 1 vocal.
I remember seeing them live in 1994 and the pre show music was about 30 min of ambient sounds.Still ranks as one of the best.
Who would have thought.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Grammys/Kraftwerk
January 27, 2014, 11:10:03 PM
Watched bits of the Grammys yesterday.Since I am not into MOR music,it meant nothing to me.Actually sad what passes for music now. Daft Punk are kinda of cool with the robots( hmmnn wonder where they got that)
At the televised introduction,LL Cool J goes on and on thanking no name hip hop artists,American Idol,current rock acts- all of whom will be forgotten more or less in a few years about their influence on music, no mention of Kraftwerk.
However I saw that Kraftwerk got a lifetime achievement award. At a seperate ceremony along with Ringo Starr,Isley Brothers and others.
Ralf spoke for a minute. That is 55 seconds longer than he has spoken to the public in some 30 years.
Kraftwerk are so under rated for what they have contributed to modern music. No hip hop,no EDM,no electronica,no ambient without them.
If you are lucky enough to see them live in 2014, you should.I am.Granted Ralf is the only original member left but I saw them last time think it was 2007, and it was mind boggling amazing. In fact, I was the local contact on behalf of the promoter as they knew I enjoyed their music. Spoke to Ralf and Florian when I could. They were very civilised and cultured. Ralf actually knew the current acts and wanted to clubbing. Yes,they wanted to know about cycling in Montreal and where they could rent bikes.
I have heard about this artist but finally got around to read reviews. I am may behind the trends after 25 years of collecting but just getting to this guy.The reviews,especially the Loops series,are so positive it is nearly unreal. 5 out of 5, 100% plus,music from the heavens,ambient king ( better than Eno)The hype is unreal. So,where do I start? A 90 second sample on itunes is not the best place. I understand the technical end of the Loops series,to me nothing new there  Disintegrating tape,I still have used tape from my old Revox,I should check the tape out. Thanks.
Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Dredd film
September 25, 2012, 10:53:09 PM
Saw this tonight. Normally I am not into comic book adaptions that are made for teenagers or geeks.
I did not know the UK comic or have seen the Stallone version.
It was great. Dark and it stays dark right to the end,amazing 3D shots which were there more as atmosphere than blantant effects,especially during the Slo Mo drug induced parts.
Music was well sequenced,some of it based on early 80s industrial electronic music.
Incredibly violent. Not in a PG way,in an R way.If you want to see what someone's head looks like smashed to bits while directly looking at it,this is the one. More artistic violence if such a thing can exist.
You cannot take it seriously but our world as it is,we are not far off.
Just read that Kraftwerk will be performing 8 nights in NYC in April,each night playing an entire album from their catalogue. Never been done before.I will for sure be checking out one of the shows,worth the trip,maybe even two.WOW.No one performing or listening to electronic music now cannot say that Kraftwerk did not influence their their music in some way.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Touch app.
December 09, 2011, 09:41:27 PM
Just got the Touch app on iTunes.
Well worth it.all their radio shows are there,plus samples of nearly all their releases.
Yesterday,I listened to a 40 minute Biosphere chris Watson with a 60 min show talking and playing field recordings.
I always enjoyed the touch aesthetic. Can be difficult listening but many interesting artists,of course for me the above two included.
Curious who uses any download stores,and if so,which ones.I have always been a cd person,before Lps,and use iTunes for my iPod in lossless. I have started recently to try Downloading a few songs from various stores,and with so many formats,it can get confusing.usually I go for wav but started trying out others such as mp3 or aac, used iTunes store,emusic,beatport,boomkat,other music .To my ears,results all over the Map.emusic was the worst,the rest in the middle,so far beatport the best.none of them come close to cd or wav or flac.but what are your experiences?
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Emusic anyone?
June 26, 2011, 07:44:28 PM
Has anyone used the mp3 site emusic? Just was browsing through it and the prices are unreal,one track can be 70 minutes and it can cost a few dollars or even cents. Including many titles sold here,such as alio die or Steve is not for me as I do not buy mp3s,only cd or flac files but still...just curious...
Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and Brendan Perry ( Dead Can Dance) tour USA Canada in June,I will be there.
Here is a book I recently read which was very informative:
Appetite for self destruction ( the spectacular crash of the record industry in the digital age)
By Steve knopper.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Alio die purchase
December 13, 2010, 10:13:24 PM

Looking at the latest alio die ,la sala and Praha, do you buy his stuff in north america,including hsl, site has no links or do you just go direct,outside of the ones listed on hypnos.if direct,guess postage must be expensive in euros. Thanks.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / John foxx
December 13, 2010, 08:48:14 PM
Anyone here have John foxx- robin Guthrie mirrorball and John foxx dna? Looking for opinions. Thanks.
Emails being returned tried correct address mike how do I contact you?
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Immersion app
October 25, 2010, 10:32:09 PM
Anyone get the Steve roach immersion app yet? Looks interesting and of high quality audio loops. I often listen to the Robert rich app ( though as previously mentioned not the same as the DVD version) plus my phone is no hi fi listening device nice to have though if you really need a ambient break.
Went to see both this week,worth it if they come to your city. Massive played nearly 2 hours,incredible visuals and audio, reworked many of their songs with extended versions.They had thievery corporation as well, they did nothing for me.Roger waters, best visuals I have ever seen in 30 years of concert going next to pink Floyd division bell and kraftwerk. Quad sound, fireworks ,the pig,all of it. At up to $250 expensive but worth it. Try to get tickets in the middle to back of venue too close you loose the spectacle.this week too r sakamoto.
Interesting 1 hour program on Kraftwerk,as well as Neu ! etc... Current interviews with Ralf Hutter,Bowie,New Order taped a few weeks ago.Though there seems to be not much talk about Kraftwerk here on the forum,there would be no popular electronic or ambient music without them,period.
google or go to iplayer console
Interesting 4 page interview in this month's Wire,about Vladislav Delay and his alter egos.
He came from a Jazz background-unknown to me.Also,check out the picture of his studio.I noticed the quality of some of his machines,including Manley,Crane Song and PMC monitors.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Looking for Krautrock
February 09, 2008, 08:06:07 AM
Though I dislike that label,I am looking for music from that period,1970-76 or so.Though I have been collecting music for some 30 years,I have no idea about what these Krautrock groups sound like(I sound ignorant).I know the names-Can,Cluster,Harmonium,Faust-but not the music.I was listening to this newish group-Fujiwa & Miyagi(actually British)and liked it,as well as a bit of Kranky(label),both influenced by Can.Looking for that motorik beat I hear so much about as well as ambient passages but no freak outs or outdated sonics.
Any suggestions.Thanks.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Stars of the Lid-Live
February 06, 2008, 04:50:11 PM
SOTL is on tour April/May-with strings,should be interesting as they are playing non concert venues.I will see them in Montreal for sure.
Everything and Nothing / blade runner final cut
December 08, 2007, 11:40:22 PM
Just saw the final cut of Blade Runner in the cinema,limited run,if it is in your city,go see it,nothing new but the print is pristine.Sure beats a TV.Not sure how many saw it in 1982 upon release on the big screen.After 25 years,it still holds up(except in 10 years time,we will not have flying cars or robots)Or,buy the DVD when it comes out.Also of note,a 3 CD set of the Vangelis soundtrack being released in the next few weeks.For me,the soundtrack was always incredible,as around that time,I was into Vangelis.With Friends of Mister Cairo,See You,Chariots of Fire but had to wait until 1994 for it to come out.Not into him much anymore but I always wanted the extra tracks I heard in the film and where not available,now they are.