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We’re happy to announce that some of the Slo.Bor Media catalog can now be found on Bandcamp. For audiophiles Bandcamp is a great choice because they offer albums in a variety of digital format including including MP3 (320, VBR V0), Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, FLAC and AAC.

Keep in mind that Bandcamp is just being added to the list of digital stores (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Rdio, etc.) where Slo.Bor Media releases can already be legally purchased or streamed.

Peter G. Brown:
Jason Sloan:

Rob Jennings
Slo.Bor Media


We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of jason.sloan’s 15th solo album Fall of the Fifth Sun, available August 30, 2012. The album will be available in hard copy CD format or as a download at all the major digital outlets.

About FOTFS, Jason says:

“The majority of material on Fall of the Fifth Sun was conceived during the multiple live concerts I gave throughout 2011 and early 2012. These song sketches were reworked and then recorded in the studio over the past year.

While still sonically similar to my last few albums, FOTFS was created with only hardware. Going into these sessions, I wanted to create a record that had an edge and felt fresh, but also an essence of nostalgia for the classic electronic music of the 70′s and 80′s, so hardware was the only way to go. Equipment used to create this album: Roland SH-101, Korg Poly-800, DSI Mopho, Juno-60, Yamaha DX7, Korg Monotribes, Roland TR-606, Alesis Wedge, Boss CE-3, Steinberger GL and Fender Stratocaster guitars.”

Fall of the Fifth Sun has a 56 minute running time and will be packaged in a gatefold wallet style sleeve.

You can stream a 16 minute album preview at the below links:

Track Listing:

Black Corona / Fall of the Fifth Sun / Ash and Snow / Pulsar / View from a Hill / Blue Kachina

Slo.Bor Media celebrates its 10 year anniversary. Matt Borghi has posted a great blog discussing the first decade of Slo.Bor Media. There's also lots of new releases and concerts planned for this year too. Check it all out over at:

Friday August 5, 2011, from 11pm-12am EST, jason.sloan performed live on the Sadayatana program for StillStream radio. The audio was simulcast live on 93.5MHz in the Baltimore metro listening area and consisted of three all new electronic ambient compositions created for this broadcast. If you missed the concert you can now stream it at jason's site or over at slo.bor media. Jason also made available a free download encoded with ID3 tags and ripped at 320kbps with index markers for easier navigation. If you didn't get a chance to hear the music, I personally recommend you check it out. Fans of jason's late 90's and early 00's pure ambient work ie: Shoreline of an End, Space Between Beginnings, Still will no doubt be into this set.

jason.sloan will be performing live on StillStream Ambient Radio tonight, August 5, 2011, at 11pm EST [-5GMT]. The 60 minute set will consist of three all new, pure ambient space/electronic drone works; musical territory jason hasn’t visited in its purest form for close to 5 years. hope you can tune in and check it out.

"Ten Years of Dust" will be featured on Star's End Radio this weekend. You can also read host Chuck Van Zyl's recent review of Peter G. Brown's debut album here:

"Ten Years of Dust" can be found in all good digital retailers. [ie: iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Amazon etc...]


SloBor Media is proud to announce the debut release by Peter G. Brown.

Ten Years of Dust reminds us that good music composition transports you – it changes your world. Like any great art, it can take you from where you’re at to someplace else. It can evoke feelings and places, other cultures, other worlds and maybe other universes. Subtly reminiscent of Budd and Eno’s The Pearl, Ten Years of Dust blends delicately layered piano with guitar, strings and electronics to create a sound world perfect for late night listening.

Peter’s ability to unify synthetic and organic timbres is unlike any recording that we can recall. Ten Years of Dust has moved beyond the territory that Tangerine Dream had broached and Radiohead attempted with Kid A, but neither of these masterful collectives were able to move beyond. Peter’s done it and then some. The freshness of this recording is quite rare these days and long overdue.

Peter G. Brown: Ten Years of Dust is a download only release that is now available in all good digital retailers, itunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, etc.

Track Listing
1. Last Pilgrimage
2. Beacon
3. Arrival
4. The Gwynns Falls
5. Northernmost
6. Cross in the Mountains
7. Archipelago
8. Between Name, Between Face
9. Yet To Come
10. Empty Graves
11. Overland Route
12. Ten Years of Dust
13. For James Whittaker
14 Youth

For two full track samples please visit:
To purchase via iTunes visit:


jason.sloan's new studio album corruptedHorizon is now available. we just got the discs back from the plant the other day and they look great!
Stylistically, corruptedHorizon picks up where jason's 2009 studio album [ -- ] left off. Inspired by his live performances over the last decade, corruptedHorizon melds bits of IDM, ambient, pure electronic, glitch, shoegaze and subtle tribal leanings to spin a complex but enjoyable listening experience that defies easy classification.

corruptedHorizon is available both as a hard copy disc and as high quality digital download with full artwork.
to purchase, head over to the store section of

Just in case you missed Jason's 60 minute concert on STILLSTREAM last night, it's now available for free streaming at:

The performance was an awesome mix of both the ambient soundscapes he's created for nearly a decade while also exploring the rhythmatic and grittier electronic ambience of the last few years.

Hope you enjoy,

Rob Jennings
Slo.Bor Media


jason.sloan's 13th studio album corruptedHorizon is set to be released on august 20, 2010.
this album picks up where his 2009 album [ -- ] left off with lots of atmosphere, mood and churning
minimal electronic rhythms and beats.

album preview clips + one full track have been posted over at:

jason will be performing live on StillStream radio saturday evening july 30th.
for info visit:

also look for a handful of live dates in support of corruptedHorizon this fall.

Figured some of the people on here might enjoy this. Kinda reminded me of David Parsons with beats.

jason.sloan & DJ Dubble8:
free 20 minute spaced out, fractal groove dronescape.

grab it here:

the second installment in jason's series will be available this friday, february 12, 2010. like the first e.p., this will be a digital download only available from in the store section of the site. it will also be available in itunes, emusic and all good online stores in the next couple weeks.

to hear samples from either the first installment, E.P.1, or the new release, E.P.2, head over to

more info about the genesis of these works is posted on jason's site, but all the recordings were created exclusively on the iphone in various geographic locations.

thanks for reading & best wishes from a VERY snowy baltimore,

rob jennings
slo.bor media

jason.sloan's new generative work "ONE_thousand.four.hundredANDfortyFour.minutes" will begin this morning, feb 2, 2010 at 4:34am and last until 4:34am feb 3, 2010.
to read more about this project or to learn how to record you're personal version of this "album" visit:

Just an FYI.
The first e.p. is now available at for $3.99.

Get it here:


Rob Jennings,
Slo.Bor Media


For the past year jason has been using a variety of sound apps on the iphone during his live performances. A few days ago, he decided to attempt creating a series of works that used only the iphone as the sole sound source.
What resulted is the “” series. Over the next few months slo.bor media will be releasing jason's trilogy of iphone music as digital/download only e.p.’s titled:

-.. — – … / . .–.
-.. — – … / . .–. (2)
-.. — – … / . .–. (3)

Each release will run between 20-25 minutes. the first e.p. due for release 12.12.09.
For more info and to hear samples from the first e.p., visit:

Anyone interested in an advance copy for review or airplay can e.mail me at:


Rob Jennings
Slo.Bor Media

If you missed Jason's concert last night on STILLSTREAM radio, do yourself a favor and check it out. it's now archived here:

it was an awesome set.

Rob Jennings
Slo.Bor Media

Just a quick reminder about Jason's live set tomorrow night on STILLSTREAM. From what he told me yesterday, the set should be starting around 10:30pm (eastern) and last for about an hour. I heard a bit of him rehearsing yesterday, and it sounded pretty awesome. Be sure to check it out.

Slo.Bor Media

Jason will be performing a set of new material in the vein of his new album [ -- ] live on the evening of June 27th on STILLSTREAM radio.
for more info visit:

Please join us Saturday June 27th for a special edition of Zen Caffeine, with a live concert by none other than electronic, ambient maestro jason.sloan.
Jason returns to StillStream to give us another brilliant live electronic ambient performance. If you missed him last time, do yourself a favor and
pencil in this date - his live sets are not to be missed!

You can also see photos from Jason's recent GATHERINGS concert this past April with SAUL STOKES at

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: jason.sloan [ -- ] NEW ALBUM!
« on: April 26, 2009, 03:13:40 PM »
just a heads up that [ -- ] is now available for ordering.

all the pre-orders were shipped on saturday! [ -- ] is going quickly, so order now if you want a copy of the limited edition.
mp3 download is also available through the store at and soon in all the regular digital outlets [amazon, itunes, emusic, rhapsody etc...]

remember you can preview the whole album over on the news page at

Other Ambient (and related) Music / jason.sloan [ -- ] NEW ALBUM!
« on: April 20, 2009, 11:34:38 PM »

jason.sloan [ -- ] will be officially released april 27th. pre-orders are now being taken at:
visit the store's limited edition section to place your pre-order. this first edition will sell out quickly.

the first 100 copies will be a signed and numbered edition with the disc housed between two 1/4" pieces of perspex. those attending this past weekends gatherings concert in philadelphia with jason.sloan & saul stokes had the chance to grab these up first. we took about 30 copies and sold them all very quickly. once the limited run has expired, [ -- ] will be sold as an unlimited standard jewel boxed edition.

review of [ -- ]

Jason Sloan's explorations in sound, texture and atmosphere go a bit further on his cryptically named CD [--] (41'02"). Until his performance at The Gatherings Concert Series in 2008, Sloan's music was smooth and spacious. It opened up and filled ambient areas with the slow motion of sustaining chords and a gradual metamorphosis of timbre. By adding the elements of rhythm and melody, his live set provided a surprisingly deeper examination of the interior landscape - and most probably led to the realization of [--]. The six tracks are more song-like than previous works. With layers of reverberant e-bow guitar over sampled percussion loops or cloud-soft synth pads churning alongside digital-age beats, Sloan's musical ideas posses a shimmering exuberance. Expanding beyond the uniformity of structure found on his past albums, the energy of the new fuller arrangements is subdued by dreamy atmospherics. Sparking then smoldering, this album plays out across an ever-changing landscape - and deserves praise for aiming so high.

- Chuck van Zyl / STAR'S END

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