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Greetings Hypnos assemblage. Those of us at Install don't normally post on forums, but you may remember us from recent releases by The Caretaker, Peter Wright and Aidan Baker, as well as those handmade David Tagg splits. We wanted to drop by to announce our first release on the vinyl format, which we thought some of you might like. Here are the details:



After much deliberation and work, Install is proud to unveil its first vinyl release: Milieu's Phosphene Weather LP. Notable for also being the first time Milieu's work has appeared on the vinyl format, Phosphene is a special affair, limited to 150 copies on randomly colored vinyl inside custom silk screened sleeves with hand-numbered inserts, sporting a modern design by David Tagg. Musically, Phosphene Weather inhabits a similar universe as previous Milieu ambient output, such as A Warm Wooden Hollow, Of The Apple or Brittle Paper Cathedrals. The record's three songs walk slowly through an Autumnal landscape that is as colorful as it is eroded, and over the course of 40 minutes the listener is treated to liquid sunset immersion, surrounded on all sides by soft wind sweeping red leaves over orange fields and cloudlike formations of chords that arrive right on time with the warm hum of a pedal bass. Swells of log cabin isolation, woodwind and guitar drones and pure sleepy thought filter through the horizon line. Phosphene Weather is total night music, and quite possibly the pinnacle of Milieu's ambient output to date.




And also, a promo video clip for the track "Aboir" can be viewed .

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« on: October 07, 2008, 01:18:24 AM »
Another fascinating label to fawn over...such wonderful designs and sounds. Is that a wooden box?
I think it is, since the Pill Box was also made out of wood.
Or am i wrong? It feels like wood, but perhaps i am to stupid
to realise that it isnt. ;D

Pyramids - Sleds

It's made out of plastic, actually. We've wanted to do wood for a long time now but sadly it's very hard to find the right kind of wood that won't crack when you put bolts into it or just splinter all over your hands if it's been cut thin. Glad everyone is into the new design, I'm sure Dave will be happy to know people are appreciating it!

Oh and...since I can't tactfully come into this thread without posting what I'm listening to, I'm currently playing Komeda's CD Kokomemedada.


Dammit, Brian, you mean to say that of the 50+ albums you put out in the last year or so, I had to go and choose virtually the only one that didn't use guitar as a sound source?!

I mean it could be guitar on there,... it sounds more like guitar than accordion, or euphonium.
Can you be sure that Filedtriqp didn't use a guitar in the first place?
Or perhaps the spirit of your guitar was playing through you when you were manipulating Fieldtriqp. ;)

Hah! No I hate to burst your bubble on this but you can be sure Mr. Triqp didn't play any, granted, my PROCESS on that record was one very similar to something like Of The Apple, which DID have alot of guitars, but no that one was completely sourced from synthesized-melodies.

And I hope my guitar isn't manipulating me at this point...I need to put it down if it starts to get that way...

Like those nice peeps at Norman Recs, I'm a fan of Dan the Apalusa man, and included a snippet of a track from Obadiah on my Great Axescapes compendium.

For those who missed my previous transmission...:

A series of ambient drone-gaze tone-haze guitar-wranglings topped and tailed and laid end-to-end into 5 immersive long-form episodes" [Here->]

Was checking this out today and I noticed you included a piece from my Fieldtriqp Reconstructions record...I'm flattered that you included it but to be concise there is/was NO guitar at all in the production of that album. The sole source-sound was all from Fieldtriqp songs...

Also, not to be a thread-hijacker, this record looks amazing Gareth!

Thanks for the encouragement Mike and Joe.

Alan, interesting response, but we totally wouldn't agree. Gareth has a very distinct style that we feel is much more a different trip than Stars Of The Lid, much more based on improvisation rather than arrangement, but thanks for listening.




The newest release in our ongoing Installation series, drone-poet Gareth Hardwick graces our catalog with 2 beautiful livesets he performed in Spain and the UK last year. Both extended pieces are gorgeous examples of Hardwick's lulling technique with a guitar and a soothing improvisational listening experience for those of us who may live too far away to see him perform. The first set, recorded digitally, is a very clean and soft bed of billowing cloud-like tones, while the second set, recorded on dictaphone, is a much more hazy trip with a field of textures beneath the ever-evolving drone-swells. Gareth owns and operates his own Low Point label in the UK, which produces alot of great music in it's own right, and we're both honored and excited to be able to bring his newest record to you at Install! Limited to 100 copies.

Listen to samples:

$8 for orders within the US:

$10 for orders outside the US:

For a longer sampling experience, please enjoy 7 and a half minutes of "Vidreres" on our Myspace player as well.

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